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1-2-3-4 kilograms, gone, de nada, off the shared planetary ecosphere. Doctor's scales say 4 kgs less than first weight measurement at her surgery. :grin: (Ok that was about Xmas I, less than a kilo a month, p'raps? )
But the Doc's scales are atomic weight checked! They are without question! I mean, they are correct, unlike my little wobbly $1- shop ones which can scarcely make up their mind if I'm Arthur 80 or Martha 77!

Feels so good. Yes, more shedding of lipids. It's fast day today... even considering more delayed taste gratification.
I'm a 'gourmet' in my mind's eye: I often eat yummy veges with curry flavours or mustard seeds or stir fries or delish cheeses or chilli sauce.
True, I now recall these tastes vividly as I hydrate with water from the fridge-a-didge. Lovely cool palate pleasing H2O.
Just last night,I had...

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Weight: 8st 12.5

Just ignoring the weight and thinking this time tomorrow I can eat properly. I've had a fair few weeks of having to do two fasts in a row and I really find it tough to be honest. Yesterday was ok - I would have kept fairly low except at about 4pm I felt really sick so I ate a biscuit and that put me well over. I was hungry nearly all of the day aswell:-( It looked like this in the end

Bfast: coffee
Lunch:count on us meal from M&S (215)
snack: homemade cookie (145)
Dinner: burger (190), slim pasta(8), goatsmilk yogurt(40), readymeal garlic butter veg from tesco (100)

Total was 694 cals with carbs of 41. Not the worst but I know I snuck some chocolate in there so I'm prob more 800 which isn't great. Anyway, its a tough week with travelling so I'll try not beat myself up too much. I also stood for 3 hours and went for a 30min jog.

So today its 10am and I'm already struggling - I'm pretty hungry. I'm going to do 3 meals today but very small and try keep to 600 cals....

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Well doesn't time fly? I'm now 3 weeks in, and settling into a routine of fasting on Mondays and Fridays. I'm swimming 3 times a week as usual and walking more than usual, especially on fast days.

I've changed my weigh-in day after asking some of the longer standing members here how they did things. I'm now weighing on the day after my second fast (today) and I'm delighted! My total weight loss is now just over 6lbs, I've lost 2 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my thigh and half an inch from my knee, haha :cool:

I know it will probably settle down to a smaller loss, but I can feel the difference already. A favourite pair of jeans which had got very tight now feel a bit loose and I'm loving it. I've got a really piggy weekend with family now, involving lots of eating, so I'll be back with a vengeance on Monday!
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So thrilled and happy... After 10 days of struggling with a kind of a plateau, even though I have done 4:3 and kept my calorie intake on feastdays... finally this morning the scale showed 70,6 kg... :victory: :razz: .. My lowest weight since I was 18 years old ( I am almost 55 now )... It seems like a dream come true. :like: :heart:
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I was having a wonderful fasting day, always in a good mood on a fasting day as it turns out, browsing the forum for foody ideas :grin: . I came across the 'zero noodle thread' and thought..what a good idea I will try that off i went to nearest health food store. Just like one of our other 5:2 ers our particular store didnt stock it. I dont know how it happened but I came out with a pot of Raspberry Ketones instead!! :shock: How did that happen, I am so gullable. The helpful shop attendent did a really good job on telling me it was flying off the shelves, everybody is using it and an absolute must have. When I asked how it worked she didnt know but still I bought it, she was very nice so I felt I had to. So a few days later what are the Raspberry ketones doing for me, not alot...

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