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I've had a sociable weekend what with an on/off fast/rest day on Saturday. My own views prevailed about 'no food wastage', so, I had to eat the healthy scraps in the fridge,didn't I? Couldn't allow them to rot,no no no...and I insist on the quality of life benefits of joining in celebrations,so, social meals trumped quiet repast, or fast. Plus there was a book launch and wine to be drunk, so food must be eaten to sop up the vino! Then, next day, a brunch table full of delicious homemade 'bring a plate' dishes.
The memory of all those tastes makes it easier to allow a sense of hunger to develop through the day.
I am still a lay down muzaire when it comes to social occasions and eye popping platters and up to mouth pleasures! The broccoli soup I'll swear, had cream in it, omg...the banana cake just asked to be buttered! But now, I can relish the rest. I can turn my attention elsewhere.
It's my all day all night light day. Saliva and enzymes can siesta a bit.
I'm on my day of fast/repair/replenish...

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Life goes on with its temptations.

Tried 6:1 for a while but it wasn't enough. Rushing about doing what you do. Temptation came along. Why do workshops have c..p food I ask. I must have eaten too many carbs over the couple of conference days while I avoided the sandwiches I succumbed to cake and fruits :cry:

Then the late March weekend away in a cottage by the sea with ex work colleagues was much laughter, memory lane stories and of course we had lots of food and wine. That was not fasting fare but was a weekend which fed my soul. By now I was in April, I missed a few fasts, ate a few too many carbs and the scales told me time to do something. ADF was the answer as I was on holidays so I could mooch around home making my drinks for liquid fasting and when not as disciplined I did window fast days. Desired results were to claw back a respectable buffer and April ended with 75 on scales again,...

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I'm declaring today a half fast as I'm entertaining tonight at home. I have puffer fish face. A week on the road, eating on the go with only bad carbs around. I actually have not eaten that much, but the bloat is quite dreadful. In between stuff, I have been reading 'The Plan' by this lady It's about tracking reactive foods. An elimination diet of sorts.

I'm not organised enough right now to follow the 20 day protocol, but I will do so soon I'm sure. But for now, I figured out that I'm not drinking enough water so that is one immediate benefit. She also suggests dandelion tea too which I know helps with water retention. I quite like it so had a very large cup of it already this morning plus half a litre of water.

With friends around tonight, I want to cook something easy. Knowing they are likely to be on new year diets, I'm probably going...

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Five weeks in and I have lost 6.5 kg and 8 cm off my waist. I can definitely feel and see the difference. My indigestion symptoms are gone and I have a lot more energy. I have also lost the flab around my face and can see my cheekbones again! Only another kilo to go and I am officially in the 'overweight' range with my BMI, no longer 'obese'. My goal weight (for now) is 13.5 kg away, and suddenly it seems extremely doable. I love how comfortable I feel in my clothes now!

I have not felt deprived in any way doing 5:2. I quite enjoy the fast days, and skipping breakfast and lunch to save all my calories for dinner suits my lifestyle. I find I enjoy chocolate and cake a lot more now because I don't eat them all the time. In general my food choices are better too. On non-fast days I have a fresh fruit salad for breakfast (something I was already doing before 5:2), usually a sandwich for lunch and whatever the rest of the family is eating for dinner. I seem to have lost my desire to snack (I...

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I just came back from my doc. I measured my cholesterol levels. The numbers were quite good actually. I am glad. Before my test I took time and searched online for cholesterol and cholesterol related information. Cholesterol is know to be bad. This is general public opinion. But cholesterol is not bad at all! Your body produces it! And it produces it a lot. If you measure cholesterol levels and get a number you must realize that 80% of that number is actually cholesterol that was produced by your body (liver). Only 20% of that number was introduced into your body by eating cholesterol rich foods.
If cholesterol was bad, than why would your body produced it?
Cholesterol is a wax-like substance which is found in all tissues of the body, since a significant part of all kinds of cell membranes, and form an integral part of some hormones as well. Cholesterol is produced in the liver and some other organs, a part of cholesterol can be entered with food. Cholesterol-rich sources include milk fat,...

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