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Not liking this diet today! I didn't get much sleep last night and hadn't eaten all day so I've been a complete zombie in work, and mum made carbonara for tea which was delicious but according to google it was like 500 calories per cup (even though it was homemade), it hurt me to throw the rest away, *cries*. Strangley enough though I haven't been hungry really at all today, probably because I was preoccupied with how tired I am :p So today:

Spaghetti carbonara - 450ish

Walk from home to Rock Ferry
Walk from James Street to work
Walk from work to James Street
Walk from Rock Ferry to home

I chickened out of walking back from Birkenhead, but I'm so tired and the sun is disgustingly hot today, I know I know excuses excuses, I hardly ever go to bed late though so it's unlikely to happen again. I'm going to bed early tonight and dreaming of...

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I have hardly budged the scales in a negative direction for the past 2-3 weeks. Maybe it is because of the long haul travel and the availability of so much food at meetings! The meetings ave been in a country where meetings and food go hand in glove. I do not wish to stereotype, but the US is a challenge to my waistline and my mind.

Saying that, my workout schedules are increasing and I am changing shape for sure.

I have today discarded so many items off XXL proportion.

Tomorrow, I will jump on the scales and will register my weight in the tracker!!!

I am loving the lifestyle, but just need to cut down on business travel to get some kind of regularity into my life.
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Today is the end of week 2 of this WOE. I am pleased, mostly, at how it's going. Even though I had a few bumps in the road this week, overall, I think this is a plan that I will stick to for the long run. I do not expect to drop huge amounts of weight quickly on this plan, slow and steady will be fine with me. I did sign up for an Easter challenge of losing 15 lbs though, so I must not have another week where a few of my planned fasting days end up falling apart.

I wanted to do 4:3 this week, but things kept coming up where I had to eat sooner than I planned. Now, even though I ate sooner than planned I was careful at the eating time, and I was very careful later in the day. I hope it all evens out; have not stepped on scale yet, I guess I should...OK: 229.2, I'll take it!

Off to accomplish something meaningful today....
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I am the slow and, I hope, steady racer!
I think my weight is drifting gently out in CO2 and water! I watched a catalyst science show answering where does fat from weight loss's as ephemeral as moondust.
I am a bit averse to scales still. Prefer to note size of bra down in number. Good.
Did you enjoy your fasts yesterday? I mostly did too...although I broke fast earlier than planned. Ah well....walking to the seafront beckons. And veggie lunch watching storm clouds pile up on a stepped roof outlook. Singing tonight. :like:
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I started off on this weightloss journey around Mar. 17, not fasting, but using the 17 day diet, which I'd successfully used to lose 30 lbs last year. I started to gain it all back as I went into stress mode eating during my mother's sad final illness which involved over 6 months of angst, worry, sleeplessness and bad eating. Then, after she passed away, I went into comfort eating mode mourning her. Over the holidays and after, I didn't deny myself anything and even binged occasionally, which is not normal for me. Weight just poured on, and I gained back about 25 of the 30lbs I'd lost, and very quickly. But... at least I recognized what was happening and now have found the will to take myself in hand.

By Mar. 30, I'd shed 10 pounds in 2 weeks !!! I knew that rate of loss wouldn't last, but wow... I hit the plateau wall big time. :frown: My...

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