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Six months on from my last fast. In the final months of the PhD it was just too hard to fast and study. I've put weight on as a result, not sure how much as I dare not get on the scales. PhD submitted, viva over, but major revisions required, so I shall be studying for another year :cry: . However, I can't afford to keep on putting on weight. So, I plan to start again this week. Aiming for 4:3, but will be happy with 5:2. Starting with Monday and Wednesday this week, then up to Monday-Wednesday-Friday next week.

Part B of the plan is to increase my walking to 10,000 steps a day. I'm currently averaging about 6000 and plan to add 500 a day until I reach goal, by doing 500 more than I did on the same day the previous week.

Back on the wagon, I'll be dipping into the forums again, soon! :grin:
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When I started this way of eating back in September I was rather envious of those of you who had reached their target weight....I never thought I would get there! I now find myself only 2k off my target of 55k and I can't believe it! I am SO close now and feeling great, I just want to tell those of you who may be struggling it IS worth the effort and it does work if you persevere.
The next challenge for me will be when I reach maintenance. I cannot slide back into my old would be such a waste. Good luck everyone. :clover:
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Managed to stick to my Fast yesterday despite suffering from Brain Hunger.

It has been one of the interesting things about Fasting, I'm sure it had been many years since I was genuinely "hungry" and Fasting has taught me that a bit of hunger causes no real problem for me as long as I eat at the right time, which for me is around lunchtime on a Fast day - but craving something even though I know I have had plenty can threaten my Fast and I have had to learn to combat it - mainly through diversionary tactics! I think long and hard about what I have just eaten and buy sparkling mineral water just for Fast days, I find that the slightly salty taste helps with cravings for sweet things.

Anyway I was pleased to be back at Friday's weight this morning so I am hoping to break through with a loss this week. Did the housework, now I'm hoping to walk the dog this morning despite the heavens still being open!

Hope you all have a great day and for those who are Fasting try a bit of fizzy...

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Ok. So I joined the site just over a week ago. I have decided to only weigh myself once a week, and must confess to enjoying the 5:2. I really enjoy dipping into the site to read of the experiences of others. It is at these times that I catch up on some of the great comments from the site admin...Moogie. What a great site admin. One who really cares. Great comments Moogie. You are a ray of sunshine, and I love the red hair! :grin: :heart:
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I am now on my fourth fast day whilst being back at work; I have been alternating with eating days. How has it gone? Well, not too bad so far. Despite everyone in the office stuffing themselves at various times of the day, and constant snacking, I have avoided the need to grab them by their scruffs and steal their biscuits.

I was eating yesterday and had some yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a chicken and avocado turkish roll for lunch and a handful of nuts in between. Not a huge amount you might think. Got to dinner and I didn't feel like anything! I ended up having a couple of biscuits and crackers as I didn't want to feel hungry today. Very odd, this seems to have played havoc with my appetite. I have the remains of a roast chicken that I haven't finished yet, half an avocado that I was going to have for dinner; it is still in the fridge, and my four bars of finest English choccy haven't received much of a battering at all. I EVEN have two packets of mini cheddars still in my room!!!What...

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