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Weight: 70,5 kg :like:
BMI: 24,7 :like:
Waist: 82 cm :like:

Healthy BMI again! Weight goes down very slowly, but it is going down. Fasting in a more relaxed mode seems to work for me. Normally I fast on Monday and Thursday, but this is not a law. So, for example, on Ascension Day I didn't fast. The feeling of too much suffering causes an opposite reaction in me: I start feasting on non-fastdays. Since I am more relaxed about fasting, my feastdays have almost gone.

Almost. I am still learning and trying. On top of that, I am getting better in 'planning' my feastdays. So today I am going to a beerfestival and will allow myself to enjoy.

I am also trying a more mental approach to food. I...

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Well this is it. Got up, had two coffees, taken the dog for a run with his girlfriend (don't worry, they are both "done") and am now brewing the first green tea of the day. The plan is to go through till tea time on green tea then have a light meal of salmon in tomato sauce and purple broccoli. I'll add some pasta to my wife's meal but leave it off mine. Let's do this thing.
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Does anyone else have others that try to sabotage their efforts be it unconsciously or not?

I tell DH my aim is to eating healthily which he takes to mean I'm on a diet & to him, diet equals deprivation. We go shopping & I put an item in the trolley (crisps for example) & he immediately asks if I can have that. I tell him I can have whatever I desire as long as I account for it in my daily plan. It's not like he couldn't stand to loose a few lbs himself. Take Tuesday (my fast day), he orders pizza which I ate. Felt so bleugh later. I cook from scratch everyday & have been known to say it would be nice if someone else did the cooking so this was his answer. I've discussed this with him many times but it just doesn't seem to sink in.

I'm sure he means well but sometimes I wish he could see that healthy eating means more than just a lettuce leaf :doh:
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Known as lanky as a teenager, and when I first got married,joined the Fire Brigade for 28 years & was quite fit, I've had the same chest measurement & waist measurement for years, but in 2003 aged 55 I had to retire from Fire Service, and gradually over the last 10 years have let myself slip, where the only exercise I do now is walk, and to be honest that isn't very often.
So now I am aged 65, weighing in at 22st, and a waist measurement of 50ins, still feeling fit, but knowing I can't be, my hobbies are photography, playing bridge, and going to the theatre, all quite sedentary.
Today is 9th January 2014, from now my life will change. :like:
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It's blowing a gale here - not a euphemism! If you are South of Scotland you better go and tie down the garden gnome because it really is horrible and it's coming your way!

Anyway, good calorie deficit again yesterday with an intake of only 1153 and that included pasty and chips for tea and a double hot chocolate - I've been spending my calories wisely.

Fasting today for Mr LJ and me - soup is the word of the day Image

Try not to get too excited! Have a great day especially if Fasting in the Gale X
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