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My strategy for my 2 feed days was to eat "normally"; I was successful. I have read enough blogs on this site and enough info on the internet and in the forums to know that one cannot eat "normally" on feed days, and normal for me is not normal for the average weight human being. If my eating were "normal", I wouldn't be here writing this blog! Ergo I am going to have to manage my feed days in a better way. Regardless of the diet, program, weight loss system you follow, the bottom line is this: Calories in must be less than calories out. If I fast 2 days and eat my normal meals, I'm going to maintain the weight I have and I'm here to tell you that just ain't gonna happen! Ergo (again) I'm going to have to eat less on my feed days . . . not DIET, but be cautious, aware, sensible, mindful and careful.

This is just my second fast day and so far so good. Drinking lots of water with fresh lemon juice.
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Another disappointing week. I have lost 4/10 lb :neutral: but my waist has gone back up again to it's starting measurement, and my hips have gone up 1/2 inch :confused: . I am bloated again this morning which could explain it, but what has caused the bloating is a mystery (food diary shows no obvous culprits).
Exercise wise, usual amount of dog walks, and 8.5 miles on the treadmill over 3 sessions.

Weight 9.96lbs overall loss 1.8 lbs (almost back to where I was on 25/1)
Waist 31 ins no overall change
Hips 39.5 overall loss 0.5 ins
Thighs no change
Fat % 34.4 0.3% loss on last weeks new figure I think.
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I pretty much ate what I wanted over the weekend, which was all junk! Except for Sunday when I had salad for dinner. It seems a bit too good to be true that this is a diet!

I know the point of this diet is to not count calories on your feast days and that's great for me, I can do without the obsessiveness that comes with weighing/measuring/stressing over every single calorie that goes into your mouth. However, I do kind of worry that this won't work if I eat like I've always eaten the other 5 days a week. I don't eat excessively, I get full up very quickly, but I do eat junk. For example, on saturday I had a chicken breast burger and chips for breakfast/lunch from Wetherspoons and then had a curry for dinner. I don't even want to know how many calories I ate that day!

So I'm thinking I'll start making some healthier choices at the weekends. Whenever I cook, I will always cook something healthy and use wholefoods. Maybe that balances out my junk food love!

Today is Monday and it's fast...

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Something I have noticed is that before 5:2 my husband was always complaining that the treats had all gone before he got a look in. Namely a bar of chocolate or a cake, would be bought and his share would be eaten within hours, before he decided he fancied it, 3 days later. In other words he has a normal relationship with food, sugary, treat foods are just that treats.

Now, I have a cupboard of treats, bars of chocolate, mini muffins, biscuits. Talking about biscuits, I used to have to BAN biscuits from the house because I didn't have any control over biscuits. Open the packet and I would eat the whole packet, to myself, dunking them in tea and whoosh, 10 minutes later they were gone 700kcal+. Half the time I didn't remember or realise I was eating them. But now, there are 6 packets of biscuits in the house, I have eaten 4 biscuits in the last week, four individual biscuits, not four packets in the last week.. This would have been unheard of in the past. We have had to stop buying in...

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So... I have had the absolute failingest of failure days over the weekend. I intended to fast on Friday but broke it by picking at the sweets I cooked and then having dinner as well. I knew I was going to a friends place on Saturday night so I didn't eat much during the day (a few rice cakes, some crackers, a couple cups of coffee) and took my sweets with me that evening. I didn't overeat at dinner but I definitely ate more of my own cooking than I meant to. The worst part is that I made too much, took the leftovers home with me and now there are chocolate toffees and coconut ice in my fridge! Yesterday I grazed on them all afternoon and into the evening (as well as eating meals!)

I told myself it was all ok, because I planned to fast today BUT I'm not feeling the greatest (sharp headache, slight nausea, very tired) so I just had a coffee and soup, essentially breaking today's fast at only 3:30pm. I'm trying to decide if I'll keep today as a relatively low-cal (but not quite fasting) day...

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