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Amazingly, I am still staying on track on 5:2, can't remember the last time where I stuck at any kind of diet for this long since 14 years ago when I lost four stone on WW's.

My second liquid fast of the week tomorrow and I find the mornings the most difficult and I feel like I am missing something (I am, my breakfast!) but once I get to 2pm I feel better mentally. Evenings aren't easy and the other night I took myself off to bed at 9 as I was only torturing myself by watching a cookery programme! But when I wake I look forward to my first meal in 36 hours.
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I heard about the 5:2 diet from my sister and was initially sceptical but having read the book and watched the Horizon program it really started to seem like a good idea.

Having yo-yo dieted for years and become fed up with the constant monitoring of, and therefore constant thinking about, food, it seems a great idea to be able to only stirctly monitor two days a week. Let's hope it works!

So Monday 18th March 2013 was the first fast day. I had prepared in advance and made a red lentil, tomato and chilli soup for the evening. I was expecting to eat something for breakfast but simply didn't feel hungry at the time so there seemed no point in using up calories.

Had the day off work unexpectedly so was able to go to the gym in the middle of the day which was helpful. Didn't feel hungry until about 3pm so had a bowl of soup then which was lovely!

Was starting to get really hungry by 5ish but made myself hang on until 6 when I had another bowl of soup, two boiled eggs and some low fat greek...

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Last Thursday me and the computer couldn't get along and try as I might to post on the forum, nothing worked. I tried to write a blog and that didn't appear! Computers!

My Thursday fast was interesting because I was 'out' instead of 'at home'. I went to a Tapestry workshop and we had to bring lunch to share. I decided to skip breakfast, which I never do and to eat a small lunch and dinner. I took 41 Degrees South smoked salmon as my contribution and had some of that with some quinoa and vegetables, some cucumber and a fig for lunch. Prior to that when I was feeling ravenous, the host had brought out cheese and nibblies as people were arriving at the workshop at 11 am. I didn't like that! I suggested to her that we get the workshop happening straight away and stop for lunch later and this was supported by the people giving the workshop. Phew! Then in the afternoon I had to cope with cream lemon crisp biscuits put out on the table right in front of me. I coped. I just kept on stitching....

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This week showed a loss of 1.6 lbs, which makes my total loss so far 10.8 lbs -- down another sugar bag for 2 sugar bags lost in total!!!! 1.6 for the week was less than I was hoping for, but still numbers to be proud of and pleased with! Checking my daily numbers, this looks like a tiny plateau, so I'm taking some time to consider what steps I will take when I experience plateaus in the future. Haven't decided yet, as I don't feel rushed, as I'm not in one yet really. I'll start worrying when the scale doesn't budge at all for a week, but it's good to have a plan in place.

Lessons learned this week:
-as much as I like to think that I'm not effected by the number on the scale, I absolutely am
-low 160s is when I start to feel like me again, like somehow my personality hides inside folds of fat. I'm feeling sexier and more confident and it's crazy to think that I used to weigh more than 20lbs less than this. No wonder my old self was a confident powerhouse. I'm starting to feel good naked...

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Not that it means so much now I am retired! Somehow I still think of weekends as special which is why I am doing 4:3. In my head I know I can have all the treats I want. The key is ' if I want' and that is where I have had my biggest change.....I do not want! I realised last night I cannot remember when I last had any chocolate. I no longer crave it. Whilst I still enjoy cakes, biscuits etc I don't crave them. It is so simple this 'I can have it tomorrow'. I wish I had learned this years ago. Think of all the money I would have saved.
This morning I am going to a market where I know ducks and chickens are sold and will hopefully buy a couple of young ladies for Mr Bob ( a duck)They will be Muscovy, not my favourite Rouen, but at least he will have some company again. It breaks my heart to see him waddling into the empty house and settling into the empty nest alone.
Then this afternoon I am going out with two daughters and grandson to a craft shop. Something we all love. We will leave the...

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