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Just got up after my 2nd fast I av lost 2 and 3/4 lbs since Tuesday and feel so much better :victory: Hope this carries on I will be soooooo happy .
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....and I daren't weigh myself, I feel heavier and clothes feel tighter. Fasting again today so might hop on the scales in the morning (is that cheating??). If i've lost nothing I will know why - too many calories on non fasting days, might try counting but really don't want to.

Highlight of last week - discovering a spin class (albeit I haven't been able to walk since!) Lowlight - my second fast day, went over by 200 calories and had the worst headache.
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Well I fasted on Monday and Wednesday as usual, and did not over eat on Tuesday and Thursday. I can see that my attitude to food and ''hunger'' is much better than for many years. I love the fact that on non fast days you simply have to not go beyond your total TDEE over all, and that's not hard. However doing the odd good thing helps get the weekly Kcal reduction to 3500 so that there need not be the pain of constant awareness as on calorie reduction diets. I am having slightly less for breakfast and not impulse eating as much. The fasting Psychology helps those other days. This forum has been so useful.
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Has been ok even if I have not fasted. I am happily back on my vegetarian diet but my insides are still protesting. Another week should see that sorted. I have been slowly cutting back on carbs, not something I can do too quickly being a complete addict. The final part of this week ie tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday I am going to have only fruit and veg with some cheese and egg thrown in. Breakfast is banana and coffee, lunch is cheese salad, dinner egg salad. I will have a small snack of some almonds and raisins. I have also reduced my coffee to just breakfast so will be drinking more water. Then next week I will get back onto 4:3 as this works best. I really do not want to count calories. I have started taking a multi vitamin each day and will be trying other supplements to help reduce my cravings. Not sure how this is going to work, I expect to feel hungry but I know that is nothing to be scared of. I guess it is a bit of a detox really but what I am hoping is I can get rid of the bread,...

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I have dropped 22 Kgs since I changed my lifestyle. Throughout this period I not only lost the weight, but also undertook quite a serious fitness regime to achieve a charity race over the distance of a marathon. I am happy to report that I achieved the goal of the race, but managed to injure my knee which meant that my fitness level dropped substantially. I was really concerned that some of my weight loss was attributed to energy burn and that my metabolism would slow. I have news to report. My weight loss has continued, which is great, and my knee has healed. Yesterday I booted up and walked the hills.

I have been following the progress of a couple of friends who have been on a different diet. They really lost huge amounts of weight in the early stages of their regimes. I have been a 5:2er since January, which is after they started. The results thus far. 1 friends has reversed and bloomed, and the other is weight gaining.

The message to myself is... This lifestyle feels...

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