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Today for me is the official weigh day since I started this diet on a Saturday. I finished my 5th week and can't believe how fast the time passes and how easy (most of the times) this WOE is.
Today the scale verdict is 76kg.
Since I started this is a net loss of 3.4kg, an average of 680g per week, which is just a bit above the lb the majority is experiencing here on the site. Probably this is due to the fact that I have a quite heavy training regime that allows me to loose a bit more even if sometimes I, not counting calories on feed days, exceed my TDEE.
I have taken the six saturday's data and can see the slow descent of weight:
1- 79.4
2- 77.7
3- 76.5 (friday data. didn' tweight on Saturday)
5- 76.2
4- 76.9
5- 76
It seems to me that the weight loss is quite steady apart the first week in which I lost a lot, but that is normal, and an increase last week which I can't really explain.
Important thing is that overall the diet seems to work and the weight is steadlily going down. What I...

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Current Actual Weight: 71.9kg (11 stone 5 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 72.7kg (11 stone 6 pounds)

Blood Pressure Readings:- No Data

When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt a bit depressed after some yet more high blood pressure readings and because of that, I decided to take a complete break from taking these readings for now. Because of that, there are no such readings to show in this report which is probably just as well because I would have expected these results to be even higher as a result of yesterday's fasting day.

Anyway, the fact that I was a bit down and depressed yesterday meant that I wasn't really feeling like going through with yesterday's fasting day. Furthermore, I was also feeling a bit hungry yesterday morning, making me realise that I was going to be in for a very difficult day ahead. At that point, I drank some water to quell that 'hunger' and I was fortunate that I had my step class to make my mind off that a bit.

That step class went very well and when I arrived...

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Did I say that? Well it is how I feel. I am loving fasting just now. I feel hungry but that is ok.
Hubby keeps saying he wants to join me but does not feel he can fast all day. At the moment he is having a small breakfast and lunch and the same evening meal as me. I know he needs to cut back further but slowly does it!
This morning my five babies are thriving, mum was out of the maternity house with the chicks so I have set up a broody area so they don't get squished by the bigger birds. I still have two chicks in the broody pen but will today try moving them in with the flock in the hope new mum and babies can have the secure pen. If the other hen hatches her eggs soon it could get tricky!
Our distant farmer neighbour has asked us to clear some weeds as they are compromising his electric fence in places. A job for today, just nettles and a few brambles. Will keep busy and out of the pantry to help me fast!
Have to say I am feeling good just now, no sign of the black cloud. Oh, and yesterday...

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I have officially been a 5:2 convert for a year and nine days! Not quite the full 40 pounds I wanted but we just returned from 4 days in Las Vegas and as the weather warms for yard work and long outdoor walks with my four legged friends I know it is a done deal by summer! I feel so much better than a year ago and my husband and boys (30 and 22) say I look younger now at 55 than they have ever seen me look. Who could ask for more! I am a big proponent of this lifestyle, not diet! I encourage anyone to give it an honest go, even if you have to start with a 6:1 it is a step in right direction!
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As soon as I committed it to paper, I broke.....I have been listening to an I tunes podcast on weight loss for about two years, and the speaker really emphasizes that you have to learn from your mistakes. My problem started last the end of the school production my family wanted Mc Flurries....I'm not great with ice cream but with all the chatter about it, my brain went flick.... I want one too..... Didn't I then spend all night panicking that I won't lose anything and that my fasting will have been in today, same thing....why did I eat these potato chips ad then keep eating them and then eat 100g of rocky road?

I really want to be able to follow 5:2 CALMLY.
In fact, I really felt last week that 5:2 would work for exactly that reason.... That I could be steely and determined on fast days and eat calmly on the feeding days. I have been monitoring calories very rigidly...right up to my 2000. Maybe that is the problem....
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