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Fast day was going well until about 3pm when I suddenly felt incredibly tired. Tired to the point that I actually started to nod off at my desk. My eyes couldn't focus, My head kept dropping & my speech was affected.

I don't know if this was an effect of the fasting but it certainly wasn't normal for me. Had a cuppa soup & a walk around which helped for a while. However I found myself clock watching & willing it to be 5pm so I could go home & lie down.

Nor felt like this on other fast days.

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First of this week's 4:3 starts today. I had planned to walk Gemma the collie but it is WILD outside, in fact I'm pretty sure we're not in Kansas any more!

Unfortunately that means I need to resort to Plan B - Housework :cry:

I'm still noting down my calorific intake and was around the 2200 - 2300 both Friday and Saturday so that is around 125% of my TDEE. I had breakfast both days, and I was sure that I had eaten more in calories than I had, Dr Krista said that her subjects found it hard to eat more that 125% of their TDEE and so far I'm the same when I just let loose!

Right, where did I hide the vacuum cleaner.....?
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Food diary for day 2

I think i went wrong today by eating earlier than usual.
Usually i can wait until about 3 which makes the food spread across the day closer and me fuller!

12pm - New You choc shake with crispy cereal bits (134 cals) really filled me up.

about 3pm - a jar of cockles 105 cals
muller turkish delight yoghurt 91 cals

6.30 pm - a bag of salad 20 cals
basil leaves 1 cal
tuna weight watchers tin 76 cals

then at 9pm as i was starving and shaky i had - a pack of baby potatoes OOPS! 240 kc
2tsp of parmesan - 44 cals
and another weight watchers tuna - 76 cals
snacks - a rice cake at around 8pm - 25 cals

TOTAL - 812 cals

jeez i am not very good at this dieting malarky am i....
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So yesterday was my first fast day and this is what I ate:

Breakfast: Nothing, just water.

Lunch: A waitrose cup a soup (62 calories) and a pack of strawberries (63 calories).

Snack: Another cup a soup (62 calories)

Dinner: Some stir fry veg and a chicken breast with a home made teriyaki sauce (approx 250 calories)

So the total for the day was 433 calories.

It was surprisingly easy, I got quite hungry shortly after lunch and after dinner which was strange, but being busy at work was a distraction.

This morning I feel quite bloated, I wasn't expecting to given the tiny amount I ate yesterday! Despite barely eating yesterday, I don't really feel like pigging out, I thought I'd be dreaming of food...

I did weigh myself this morning (mistake!) and discovered that I had put on a pound?! I won't weigh myself until after my second fast day and see if anything has happened.

X o x
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Having fasted twice a week for a month, I have weighed myself for the first time since starting. Lost 7 lbs, 2 inches around waist, under bra, thighs and 1/2 inch around upper arm. I am thrilled. Hoping I can lose just 5 pounds a month for 4 or 5 more months. This is the first weight loss plan I have been able to stick with for years. If you have any social life at all, most other diets are impossible.
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