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Even though my mood is often annoyed on the fasting days, I do get a lot more done because I get worked up more. Also, when I used to enjoy eating with my kids, I now rather think about something active to do to distract myself from food. So that's a great side effect as I wanted to get them more active anyway :like:
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I haven't even looked at my blog for the longest time. I guess I didn't feel like I emotionally needed to talk through my feelings anymore.

Well lets see what's happened since the last time I blogged. Well, in my life work is just busy busy busy. Christmas was chaos (as you can imagine with young children) I was grateful for the holiday. I got to spend New Years in Scotland with my love. Jamie and I have actually decided when he is going to be moving in here with me (beginning of April, my Spring Break) I'm so excited about this, it's great I won't have to wait 6-8 weeks to see him all the time. His family aren't especially taking it well, and honestly I don't think my family are thrilled about it but they'll just have to suck it up. We've been talking a lot lately about children and marriage. We've decided next year that we'd like to have a baby, but Jamie is old fashioned and would love to be married before we have a baby, so we would have to get married some time this year!!! I'm not...

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Desperate....yep that's the word I'm looking for, Nikkin told me about a blog recipe for beans on toast which I thought was on this site but it's not and I can't access it from this com.

I can't believe I just wrote that...lmao
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Can anyone tell me if taking two teaspoons of psyllium husk in water, first thing in the morning, would break my fast :?:
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My only remnant query about the happiness of fasting is: are you and I a bit meaner now?

Do we make pert cracks to our best friends: snaky little asides about their choice in food venues? Like: will the poor old lobsters in the glass tank scream in a Munch way at us when we go to a trendy Chinese restaurant?
Will the restaurant be so glam we'll have to pretend we don't know it is?

And my darling hubby, he is considered by all our friends to be The Saint, which makes me and my fasting peers, what?!*?

Ah well, humour is a virtue I admire and want to share. Do you? I also admire our fortitude and our Eudaimonistic traits. ENJOY! Everything :like: :heart:
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