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So today I did my second fast this week. I totally wasn't feeling it today, at all! Maybe waking up to a grey London sky didn't put me in the best of moods, and stress at work probably didn't help. But to my surprise I persevered and now it's 9:15 and I have completed another fast day (huzzah!).
I told myself that I wasn't going to be obsessive about weighing myself but I can't help but jump on the scales every now and then. Yesterday I appeared to have lost 2lbs (although I had just eaten and it was late in the day so it could have been more) so this is encouraging! I really can't wait for my weigh-in on Saturday to see if I have actually lost any weight. Although I think I need to switch to my digital scales because the traditional bathroom scales I've been using are rather inaccurate IMO.

I found today's fast pretty easy actually, even though I wasn't in the mood. I was starving all day, even though I drank bottles of water. It made me feel pretty miserable actually, so I decided to...

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I am at the end of Week 3 of my return to fasting. I eased myself in gently on Wk 1 with a two day fast. After months away (& very much out of control food-wise, hence the 2 stone gain :confused: ) I was amazed at how easily the habit came back. When I left fasting, I had got to the point where I could go all day without food & only eat at dinnertime. It was not a hard slog, it was just what I did. I was even at the point where I only ate around 300 cals per day (a fresh Waitrose soup) and didn't feel deprived. Am pleased to report that it all came flooding back....and Wk 1 went very well on the fasting days....though not so well on the other 5! Cue massive snacking & scoffing...comfort eating for the world! Net result was a whole 1lb loss - which even I knew I didn't deserve....given all the naughtiness! Thank you very much.....I'll take that!

At the end of Wk 1 something...

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Hi I am completely new to the program! I decided to start today, my ,main problem is I have huge cravings. I am studying abroad in Italy and since I came here I gained 5 kilos about 12 pounds. The food is just so good! The problem is now I am officially chubby... It is really evident on my body frame since I am usually very tiny. I thought this diet might help me since I can basically eat whatever I want for 5 days and then just have to fast for 2 is that correct or am I dreaming? Ho healthy do the 5 days have to be in order for the diet to work?
I would love to hear tips and suggestions!!

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Well the third day is upon me and it doesn't seem so daunting . A bit hungry already but going to drink some water to suppress it. A pt friend of mine once told me the brain cannot distinguish between thirst and hunger so always have a drink first if feeling hungry and it might work! My non fasting days this past few days have not been to good unfortunatley the devil biscuit inside me decided to rear his ugly head yesterday and to my shame throughout the day I devoured a fair few . These bad boys are definatly my down fall with my coffees :( going to stay on the weetabix method as per day 2 however on a 15 hour shift tonight from 6 so I will see how that goes! As I stopped eating at 10pm last night maybe I could start at 10pm tonight ( I'm telling myself).. But will try and go through to 9am Friday morning if I can when I finish my shift.this weekend is hoing to be tough have a retirement party on Saturday...

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When you look at the title of this blog entry, you would think that such a scenario was extremely unlikely as a weekend of binging on carbs on alcohol saw my weight shoot up to 75.5kg, at this time last week. Last week's results did however, mean that I didn't want that to be repeated today and so, last week brought about my first ever taste of 4:3 instead of the usual 5:2 in order to ensure that this was the case.

As my fasting days would be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that also brought me my first ever taste of ADF (Alternate Day Fasting) for the weekdays of last week. All of my feeding days would then be 16:8 days where I would only eat between 12 noon and 8pm but the most important thing about the week that has just passed, is that this would be extended over the weekend as well.

My first two fasting days went extremely well, and since I had a small lunch of scrambled eggs and couple of pieces of meat, followed by a small evening meal of a piece of meat with some salad, those...

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