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Have I turned a corner ?
At last today being my second fast of week 3 and actually sailed through it ! If it remains like this from now on then the idea of it being a life time implementation is no longer scary ! Did at times have some hunger pangs but more importantly remained feeling energised and no light headed spells due to calorie crisis's I really hope that after a lifetime of my body eating when hungry is now getting use to this new experience . Will weigh in tomorrow morning , not expecting miracles but its not a sprint , it's a marathon that I am sure I can see to the end ! Ate 3 times , porridge for breakfast 100 cals , mushroom soup for lunch 100 calories and tuna stir fry for tea 300 calories ! Actually all felt quite adequate ! Now can look forward to the weekend with cream cakes and chocolate ... I'm joking but maybe a takeaway and a few glasses of wine (-: :wink:
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Weight : 8st 5.25

Whoah, my interim goal is so close that I could possibly meet it next week if I keep this up. Clearly liquid fasting is paying off as is not eating late at night as I have not really managed to exercise this week with too many late work nights unfortunately. I fully expected the scales to be up this morning so pleasantly surprised. I'll weigh myself again tomorrow and see if I'm down again but officially I'm not weighing again to put in my tracker til next Friday. My personal goal is to get below 8st5 which will be the lowest I've been on this diet but my interim goal on my tracket is 8st 3. THis weekend isn't too crazy so I should be not be too bad either. So yesterday looked like this in the end:

8am:250g Quark (168)
1030am: 2slices Atkins bread (140) & 2tabls spoons peanut butter P2B (45)
1pm: sweet & nutty peanut bar (150), cashew nuts(170)
4pm: 125g Quark (86)
6pm: 1.5 chicken breasts(160), red pepper (20), coconut oil (50)
8pm: gin & tonics -280


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I'm inspired by the way this diet is lighting up so many people who have struggled with food and weight. And I must admit cautious to venture down another path which could reveal its not going to work for me or success.

Take the blue or red tablet for magical changes.
I'm on the fence still, but I'm doing something joining this site. I think I'm doing something.

Lately I've been experimenting with saying no to food urges in the late hours going instead for water. It's a nice feeling to be in dialogue with the desiring one. She seems to not know the difference so far.

That's a start.
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Like many people on this and other forums, I don't really trust my scales.

I have 2 - an antique 'dial' style which may be 40 years old, and some more recent 5? 6? year old digitals

When I first step on to the digital I get a low reading. I have learnt to curb my enthusiasm, wait a few minutes and then step on again. I then get a reading which is about 5 pounds higher, which stays the same after the step off, wait, step on process is repeated. They are supposed to tell me my body fat and water percentages but all I get is ERR even after changing the batteries. This higher weight is what I record on my Tracker.

The analogue? Scales, in so far as I can see them, seem to put me at a pound or two higher. This is why I don't worry about being underweight, who knows they may be correct!

Buying yet another set of scales is not the answer, reading the reviews on Amazon, just about every model suffers from the same inconsistencies, for at least one reviewer.

So for now I rely on my tape...

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I did "better" yesterday. I was able to resume activity, so walked the dogs and went on the treadmill. That kept me busy until lunchtime. Went out to lunch, had Thai beef salad, a nice glass of red, and then sticky date pudding, I was fine with that choice. Didn't eat again til dinner, tho did have another small glass of wine. Chicken curry with 12 veg, peanuts and sultanas. A large bowl full. And didn't eat again that evening. I kept busy with coloring in and drank some decaf, but I didn't feel hungry so it wasn't difficult to not eat. Though I do think not having anything after the main meal - usually I will have at least some fruit - may have helped, by not triggering the chemicals that make me want to eat more sweet stuff. I wasn't hungry as such at bedtime, but it did take me ages to get to sleep.

Another motivator was that I as deleting some photos from my phone - it is almost at capacity, about 10,000 photos... I came across the ones I took when I first lost weight - a...

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