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I should have posted yesterday or Friday and I tried on Friday but my MacBook seemed to delete everything I had written so I just have up and went to bed.

But yes, positive results again this week! I'm very encouraged with the sudden weight loss over the few days. I know it won't always be this much but I hope this trend continues for awhile. My jeans that I bought a few weeks ago are already loose around my waist which is great!!! I'm going to go to the local charity shop tomorrow (I'm refusing to buy new clothes, I have bought so many new clothes over the past year and I'm shrinking out of them! I'm waiting until it stabilizes more before I go on a mad spree) and buy a pair of size 18 jeans which may fit me now (I'm currently in size 20) and a pair of size 16 jeans to work towards over the next few months. If I can fit into a pair of size 18 jeans tomorrow it will be the first time ever that I can remember being that size and that makes me feel soooooooooo happy and excited.

I think...

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Yay I feel important...I have a blog all of my very own :like:

It's like a brand new exercise book at school, and I must give some thought to the words I put down, don't want just any old rubbish, don't want to spoil the pristine neatness of it all, oh blog I :heart: you.
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For whatever reason, today I felt the need to declutter some of my room. I have cleared my desk (which was piled high with junk), my dressing table, sorted out some of my shoes, and cleared and cleaned my bedside cabinet.....And the room looks no different *sigh*. I'm starting to organise myself for when Jamie moves in but I guess that's not going to be an easy process, I own too much rubbish!!! I need to go through my clothes again as well and get rid of things I haven't worn for ages or are too big (this will be about the third or forth time in the past year) I feel a little accomplished but looking at the room still thoroughly depressed by the state of it lol.
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So tomorrow is a big day....its my first weigh day since starting 5:2.

Im feeling quietly confident that i've dropped a few pounds, so i'm gonna give it a few weeks and see how it goes, i would like to stay on this for life, will slowly reintroduce exercise in the form of a dvd i once lost 3/4 stone using....altho that was when i was 16 and it was in video form! haha so have reordered it, its the only exercise program i actually stuck with, so gotta get back to it!

Wish me luck for tomorrow guys!!!
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Just coming to the end of my 2nd week.

So far, I feel like this is the easiest diet I have ever done.

My go to diet in the past was the South Beach, simply because of the amount of good food you ate, and the lack of calorie counting.

It is however a lot of work. And it usually phased out, due to that.

I have lost 1.2 kg which I am happy with, as it hasn't meant much modification to my every day eating.

Not that I eat terribly badly in terms of meals, as I cook daily. Although I am known to binge eat chocolate- my kryptonite.

I finally found something I can integrate and actually see myself sustaining as a life style choice.


I am sure stress doesn't help, have 2 finishing up college for the year (one going off to uni in Sept, the other doing GCSE/BTECH), another just started a new school, and two scallywags I home educate.

Must find another solution to replace chocolate :grin: ...

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