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Hi, I am new to the forum, in fact new to forums. I am uncertain as to how I put all my info wt, bmi, age etc. can someone advise a technophobe 60yr old?
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Welp. new year... and today is fast day #3 since restarting after a two week break and two months overall into this WOE. I weighed in last Friday and had managed to only gain about 500g from the break I took over Christmas. That's not too bad, all things considered. I didn't overdo it over Christmas, but I certainly had more than my fair share of yummy treats, including a few nice meals out.

I don't quite feel as good and lean as I did pre-Christmas, however. I think it's partly because I've been having a few too many little treats on my feed days (even if I stay under my TDEE, I think too many treats are still not necessarily a good thing). I think for some reason my digestive system has been struggling to readapt to the system. No idea why... might have just been a bit of a fluke last week and we'll see how I do by the end of this week.

I do wonder if going on breaks from fasting can be worse in the long run--not so much because of weight gain but because of how the body adapts to the...

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My first fast day was Monday (8th April)

I had low calorie vanilla yogurt and blueberries for breakfast, and a chicken breast salad with 0 calorie hot sauce (Frank's) for dinner. My fiancee is also doing the diet and he had a cup of tea during the day and the same salad but with a chicken thigh too. Went to bed feeling a bit hungry but I didn't mind it as I was excited to weigh myself the next day.

Tuesday (normal eating)

We like to weigh ourselves every day to keep focussed, so I found that I'd lost 2 pounds and my fiancee had lost 3. Had some chocolate for breakfast to congratulate myself. Chocolate is my weakness and I like to have some for breakfast with a cup of tea...maybe this new way of eating will kick that out of me eventually but it hasn't yet! Then managed to wait until half 12 for lunch (not having a biscuit at eleven is a big achievement for me!), had a low calorie (250kcal) small cottage pie ready meal with lots of peas. Then had two healthy chicken wraps for dinner (about...

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I am probably the least patient person out there, so even though i was planning on staying well away from the scales curiosity got the better of me this morning. I was quite shocked to discover that after 3 weeks I'm still the same weight. OK one of those weeks wasn't so good due to a holiday but still a pound off would have been nice. Anyway I know that there are many other ways in which to measure progress including measurments and body fat percentage. my waistband is still measuring the same and I stupidly didn't take any other measurement, but I will now for future reference. However my body fat percentage has apparently gone down a whole 1% which is totally amazing!

Just to make sure I did three readings and they all came out the same so I'm pretty chuffed with that! There is still quite a way to go with my body fat reduction but finally it's heading in the right direction.

I know that I'm in this for the long haul, I really dont want it to turn in to some weight loss obsessional...

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Up and out early then home to lots of chores! Just taken apart the rabbit Eglu, cleaned it up and am setting it up in the chicken run. Rabbit hopped off to the sky last year so I am using it for the chicks. My incubated chicks have had some time without the broody lamp and now have nearly all their feathers. They are ready to go outside now. By putting them in the rabbit house and run they can integrate with the flock under protection. I have two hens sitting on eggs so may use it for them too if the eggs hatch. The current chicks are the last I shall incubate, I have now sold my incubator. Mother hen does a much better job. The ducks have also built a nest in their house and the last few days eggs are hidden under straw. I am hoping one of them will go broody too.
On the fasting front, I had to abandon my fast yesterday due to feeling unwell. I think doing 4:3 and 16:8 is too much for me. Today I have eaten normally but still feel very empty! I may not fast again tomorrow if I still feel...

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