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I started my fast day yesterday. march 22nd 2013. Up until 5pm I was going ok, then I started getting a headache & feeling a little shaky.

Had a small tin of tuna 67 cals, with some lettuce & carrot. Had my evening meal at 6.15pm as I was hungry. Weight watchers lasgne, but at 9pm I felt really hungry and broke the fast. dry biscuits with cheese, 4 chocolate bikkies and coffee.

What a failure I am, but I have have vowed to get back on track. Next fast day monday. :confused: :cry:
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Tuesday - used a bit of self control and divided my day so that I did not overdo my calorie intake early in the day as I was taking Miss LJ out to tea before Parents Night. I restricted myself to 500 calories so that I had plenty left. By the time we sat down to eat I was starving and had to remind myself that on a Fast day I would have no calories left! Something definately happens to the brain on Fast day!

TDEE - 1881, Calories taken 1,504. 1.5 hour uphill walk, 1.5 litres of water, 2.5 hours at Parents Night (must count for something!) Weight this morning still 10st 6lbs that's good coming off a non-Fast day.

Well done to Miss LJ - excellent across every subject! - brains from her dad - bad sense of direction from mum :wink:

Wishing you all a great day X
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I haven't even looked at my blog for the longest time. I guess I didn't feel like I emotionally needed to talk through my feelings anymore.

Well lets see what's happened since the last time I blogged. Well, in my life work is just busy busy busy. Christmas was chaos (as you can imagine with young children) I was grateful for the holiday. I got to spend New Years in Scotland with my love. Jamie and I have actually decided when he is going to be moving in here with me (beginning of April, my Spring Break) I'm so excited about this, it's great I won't have to wait 6-8 weeks to see him all the time. His family aren't especially taking it well, and honestly I don't think my family are thrilled about it but they'll just have to suck it up. We've been talking a lot lately about children and marriage. We've decided next year that we'd like to have a baby, but Jamie is old fashioned and would love to be married before we have a baby, so we would have to get married some time this year!!! I'm not...

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Starting weight (May 11): 63 kg
Current weight: 61.2 kg
Last week's "true" weight (May 22): 62.1 kg
Current "true" weight: 61.7 kg
Goal weight (Sept 20): 55 kg

Not much of a change yet in the ways clothes fit, however, did wear a pair of jeans recently that needed a belt. But they hadn't been washed in a while! ;) I have a dress that fits a bit tight over the hips, so that will be a good test. Will try it on in a couple of weeks.

Almost done with week 2 of the pushup challenge (tomorrow is day 3). Then I have to do a test, and then start week 3. It will take a bit longer than 6 weeks, since the days are shifted a bit (missed a day and the test takes a day).

0.4 kg in the last week, which isn't too bad, but not fast enough for my impatience! ;) But it's going down. I did indulge quite a bit this week, so...

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Have just had my 8th Fast day yesterday and got on the scales this morning and have lost another 1.4kg - so chuffed :grin:

I wasn't sure how the final weigh in would be today as I haven't really been that controlled on my feast days - lots more wine, crisps and peanuts than usual and not as much exercise! I have been busy with the new family room (decorating and constructing) and working non stop on that - so maybe that has used up some of the excess calories??

today my friend arrives for a 2 week stay and as the weather has improved we plan some days in the garden but mainly more days out on the bike. I've only got 6 weeks until the Charity Bike Ride and I really need to spend some more time in the saddle!!

My OH has lost 1lb this week - he put it on the week before so he is back to where is was - but he's also been busy in the new room - so he's pleased with his progress so far.

I've lost over...

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