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Today is the 2nd fast day , but it's the first proper one. Last Thursday I had my eye surgery so I had to fast. Now I am choosing to do it. I am not very well. I can't see properly; one eye has a patch over it. The house is in dis-array because we are having renovations. I am holed up in the bedroom. In bed. Reading with one eye. Muesli for breakfast and a fig; black tea. When I get up I will have a black coffee. Tony is doing it too. But he hasn't read the book, which worries me. When I was weighed at the hospital last Thursday I weighed 78 kg. I should also weigh myself on our bathroom scales and measure my waist. When I get up .... There's a plan.
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Yesterdays fast day went well, I waited till my evening meal to eat so that it would be a full 24 hour fast, which I've heard is the optimum length of time. I had zero noodles with a creamy garlic musroom sauce and salad, absolutely delish! One thing I did find yesterday is that I was craving bread and chocolate, I wasn't hungry but I was fighting the urge to eat these throughout the day. Because my evening meal was only 200 calories I decided to have a slice of toast with dark belgian chocolate spread and it was devine!

I descussed this choice on the forums and I was surprised that I was advised to lay off the carbs on fasting days. I have low carbed in the past loosing 3 stone on the dukan diet but as a lifestyle I didn't find it very sustainable. Short term I think cutting carbs on fast days would be easy but I think I would soon get fed up with it and reach for the bread. So a I'm in a bit of a dilema on what to do with that information though I might give it a go but accepting that...

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Does anyone else have others that try to sabotage their efforts be it unconsciously or not?

I tell DH my aim is to eating healthily which he takes to mean I'm on a diet & to him, diet equals deprivation. We go shopping & I put an item in the trolley (crisps for example) & he immediately asks if I can have that. I tell him I can have whatever I desire as long as I account for it in my daily plan. It's not like he couldn't stand to loose a few lbs himself. Take Tuesday (my fast day), he orders pizza which I ate. Felt so bleugh later. I cook from scratch everyday & have been known to say it would be nice if someone else did the cooking so this was his answer. I've discussed this with him many times but it just doesn't seem to sink in.

I'm sure he means well but sometimes I wish he could see that healthy eating means more than just a lettuce leaf :doh:
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Yes...sometimes fasting is difficult. Making meals for others without tasting and planning out the 500 calories takes time as well as self-control but I absolutely love it! This is the first time in my 51 years I have really felt I can stick with a plan. One more fasting day and I will have completed one month of 4:3. I not only believe fasting is good for health but it is also good for the soul as I have drawn closer to God during each fast.

The biggest surprise to me is how fantastic I feel the morning after the fast. When I started this journey I thought I would eat all my day's calories at breakfast after fasting. I am so intrigued by the way my appetite decreases naturally and I fill up so quickly. I am learning to eat slower and enjoy my foods. Best of all...I have self-control for the first time in my life. I love this reward better than the weight loss (although that is very nice too).


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So, 16:8 is a doddle. Not like dieting at all. If I miss eating my breakfast ( my favourite meal) I can have it for lunch within the eating window. I probably ate too much still but it cannot be as much as I would have eaten in a full day. I just love this. Obviously I have yet to weigh before I know if it is working but that is not due until next weekend. I have to keep control of that though or the scales will rule my life. It is like an ephinany, that may seem over the top to some, but I am in control at last. Me, not weight watchers, but me making my own decisions on what I eat,
So today, I am happy starting my third week of 4:3 and I will do 16:8 on the in between days and I know I can do it. That is powerful stuff.
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