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Well that is my third week done. This time round it has been much easier. I don't know whether it truly is or if it is just that my head is in the right place just now. I hope I can keep this going. I am trying to firmly establish Monday and Thursday as my fast days no matter what. I know it is okay to be flexible but I feel if I miss a day it will be a slippery slope.
It has occured to me today that I have not had a migraine since I came back to 5:2. I had believed hunger was a trigger but obviously not!
There are still people around me who think fasting is wrong and I won't lose weight due to my body going into starvation mode. I don't know what the scales are doing but today I have worn a size 10 skirt that a few weeks ago would go nowhere near me. That is good enough for me!
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Still so many sweets, nuts and candy around the house but holidays are over and that kind of eating is over too. Tomorrow will be my second fast day. I joined the Valentine Challenge and hope to be in the 140s by Feb 14th.So thankful for all the encouragement here on the forum.
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Fasting again today.

It isn't always easy, but it isn't as difficult as I thought it might be.

For example...take the packet of Mikado biscuit sticks I bought.

I was at the supermarket and saw the boxes on 'Special Offer' so I popped one into my basket. This was on Saturday. I wasn't planning on eating them on Saturday - that's one of my fast days, so I put them in the cupboard intending having them as a treat on Sunday.

Sunday came.....and went. I enjoyed some lovely rice pudding after my main meal, and then settled down for a spot of TV. After a while I remembered those biscuit sticks. Did I really want them? No, I wasn't that fussed to be honest - I might leave them until Monday.

Monday came....and went! I thought about the packet when I had a cup of tea - but decided I would prefer them later....and then forgot about them!

Tuesday came.....and went!!!!! I was engrossed in my knitting. I wanted to get the piece I was working on finished and ready for sewing up.....and so decided...

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Hi all I have been unwell over the last couple of weeks so haven't been fasting as such I haven't put on any weight but haven't lost any, hope to get back to it next Monday as Mondays and Thursdays are my fasting days. hope every thing is going well for you all :grin: :

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So I have decided to fast again today, after fasting both Monday and Wednesday. This is the first time I am trying three days of fasting in one week. The reason I am so motivated is because was able to get my twin sister involved! I wasn't originally going to fast today but because she decided to fast today (she only fasted Monday this week) I am going to do it with her! We are both going home for a week at the beginning of July and want to look and feel FABULOUS! I am just so excited to have my twin involved! It has been about 5 weeks since I've started and I am already down 8lbs and feel so much better, it's amazing.

It is only 10:24am here in Miami, and i am a bit hungry, but i'm going to hold off till lunch to eat a small bite, and then my twin and I will enjoy dinner together tonight.
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