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so I started this last Friday, today is my 2nd fast day I did start yesterday planning a fast but once I watched rick stein Indian food and the great British bake off I just had to eat! The flexibility of being able to switch my fast day to today has really helped me.

the realisation that veg oxo cubes has only 7 cals has helped me loads today I have had 2 when I felt like I wanted to eat but knew it was mainly boredom.

I've been fairly good over the weekend I did have Chinese Friday night and felt quite guilty the next day I need to get out of the habit of a takeaway on the weekend.

the only issue I had on my first fast day was a real bad headache, I'm hopeful that doesn't happen to me tonight as I have definitely upped my water, I am going to weigh and measure myself a week tomorrow by then I will have fasted this Sunday and next Tuesday so 4 fasts and hope to see a difference no matter how slight by then
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I proverbially booted my own backside this week after last week's pigout. I'm back to walking more and eating less carbs, and this week saw another 2lbs disappear :smile:

I think that the reason I like this WOE so much, is that I'm in control of my own destiny. I am a control freak anyway :oops: and last week proved that I can be a pig, through my own choice, and lose nothing. According to my progress checker, if I carry on like this I will be at my target weight on my birthday on 26th April, what a fab birthday present that would be!

I shall ask for money for my birthday and go and buy some new jeans :grin:
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Curiouser and curiouser, 2 lbs down this week which puts my Fast-5 average back to 1 lb per week and this is despite the following factors:

1. I have not increased my exercise, in fact rather the opposite as I am a fair-weather walker. I started doing 4 x 30 second sprints but only did it on 2 days out of my planned 3. I do strength exercises on 3 days a week but not in one session, I do them between chores or book chapters.

2. I overate on Friday and was not hungry when my window opened on Saturday but started eating anyway. Although I did 36 hour water fasts sometimes on 5:2 I'm a bit scared of going too long without eating if I am fasting every day. If this happens again, I will hold off until I either feel hungry or the end of the window approaches, and have a large omelette and salad.

3. No progress on going without pastry for a week!

Fast-5 works!
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I bought a new digital scale...
Boy, was the old one off in the numbers! Even though it is very frustrating to weigh 7 lbs more I can still say I lost 10 so far while doing the Fast Diet. My new scale is, however, closer to my Doctor's scale so it really was time for me to buy a new one.

Today is a fast day (and after the 7 lb news I really need one). I will have a salad with boiled eggs, radish, cucumbers and Italian dressing for tonight's meal. Almond meal chocolate chip scones and sugar free jello for dessert. This will be just over 500 calories.

For the first time I tried HIIT cardio on the treadmill and lifted doing Squat Thrusts with 10 lb weights. I only did 4 sets of each but that was enough at one time. I think I am going to like HIIT.
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Today is my 2nd fast day. I am really new to this site as well as to the fasting. So far so good. I am wondering what everyone else may be doing on NON-fast days :?: . I have been eating what is normal for me but I can't help but think that there must be more to this than just fasting at 500 calories a couple days a week :confused: . Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, and happy fasting!
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