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This evening I had steak pie, chips & peas for tea at a friend's house; tomorrow it's homemade curry at another friend's house... Good job my fasts are Monday & Thursday! But you see what I mean about not restricting on non-fast days - & still the weight creeps off. Of course, I could speed up the process by restricting on non-fast days, but then I'd be 'on a diet' & a sense of deprivation would gradually grow, until I gave up, as with so many diets before.

So far I've (more or less) stuck to this for 3.5 months; that's at least 3 months longer than any conventional diet I've ever been on. Hooray for 5:2.
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So my second weigh in was today and I've lost 4lbs!!!!! Yay! Even though I'd not lost anything a week ago I still felt loads better, and still do. Friday was my fourth fast day and it was by far the easiest one yet, even though it was chip day at work aswell, so I'm hoping they'll be getting easier from now on. Two weeks in and I'm as enthusiastic as I was when I started - that has never happened before, usually by the end of the first week I'm waning a lot!!
I think the fact that I don't feel as bloated and my stomach feels like its gone down and the clothes that were a little tight before are'nt now, I'm really not thinking about weight in this as much as how good I feel, so lets raise a glass (of fruit tea!) to the 5:2 lifestyle......... :lol:
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I have not been a blogger, but here goes. This WOE seems to suit me. So far,I have done 5 fasts and the scales are moving down. My belly is smaller.

Four years ago, I lost 30 pounds counting calories and gained 20 back. I found counting not sustainable in the long run. The only thing that saved me from putting even more was not having my fat clothes. The goal is to wear the size small/medium, and not wear, or fit into, the medium/large.

At 62, losing weight is more difficult than it was 20 years ago. But the scales are going down.

My goal is sustainable weight loss, keeping my weight in the healthy range. I want to keep the food cravings under control. The book suggests that 5:2 should/could improve health. I don't have issues now and keeping my body going is important.

My DH has a vending business and has a garage full of chocolate bars, chips, pop. I guess that would be sweets, crisps and sodas in other parts of the world. So the treats are always available. A big goal...

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fast day number 10 went fine yesterday, I've really got into the routine of not eating until an early evening meal. However weigh-in this morning was a bit disappointing, I've gained half a kilo ts week. I suppose that's the price to pay for the goodies of Easter. I think I'll try having an extra restricted calorie day, maybe I'll fast for 24 hours on Saturday but eat a normal meal in the evening instead of a fast day meal. This would make it kind of two and a half days fasting in a week. I'll also try this week to be more careful about what I eat on feast days, a bit less feast and a bit more normal! Rendez-vous with the scales at the end of next week.
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At this week's weigh I was 72.7kg. I'd been nervous because I was sure I was eating too much on feed days. I am considering myself very lucky because I'm not finding the fast days too much of a strain. I attribute it to having read about others experiences and so being forewarned. After a grand total of four fast days I have found that I can function quite adequately with just a green tea for breakfast but I need lunch and dinner. Thinking about how to get the most for my calories is a good distraction from hunger pangs.

My sweet craving killer is Healthries Be Charged tea, which is ginseng with blackcurrant and vanilla. It's only 2 calories and feels like I'm having a real treat. It's nice to feel like I have a tool to help me.

I'm also making an effort to do my 10 000 steps a day. On occasion this has resulted in me walking and run up and down my bathroom to get those last elusive steps. I also walk the dog for a couple of miles each day and I was thrilled that I wasn't stopped from...

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