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The human mind is an amazing thing, it has very interesting ways of convincing you and making you believe in mirages. I was always a petite child and a young adult. I ate like a horse and still didn't put any weight. I believed that I was just one of those lucky people who would stay that way all my life. My family genetics seemed to hint at this too as my parents and my sister are very slim. So imagine my feelings for being the odd one out.
After the birth of my son I gained a few pounds and went from size 8 to size 10. A lot of people would say that is hardly an issue as it is a healthy size and I would agree with it too. But I was in a very unhealthy relationship and my ex was very domineering and critical. He kept on criticising my very small weight gain. I was a sleep deprived full time working exhausted new mother who was raising my young son single handedly as conveniently my ex decided to work 400 miles away at this very critical time when I needed his support the most. I...

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Well the fifth week is nearly over, and I have the usual Monday and Wednesday fast's to look forward to. I have lost just over five pounds and do not seem to have too much difficulty with the fast days. I have fitted in an extra 16:8 day from Thursday to Friday as I was feeling a little bloated. I am determined to try and tackle the Sunday ''binge'' eating as a first step to improving the none fast days level of intake.
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And it is a bank holiday here and our village fete. And I am fasting!
Why is it the weather is glorious everyday except when you need it to be? Our village fete is very old fashioned, a couple of merry go rounds for the children, a big vide grenier ( sort of a boot fair). There will be food stalls, plant stalls, honey and wine. Every village fete you go to will have the same. It is rather quaint! The whole village comes out of the woodwork for this.
I feel positive about fasting. I have reached a new level with this....I could happily eat and feel mildly hungry. But I have told myself today I fast. It is as simple as that. My fast days are set and will not change. This works for me. I need structure and rigid rules. What is good about this is my feed days make me feel better. I can be strict with myself three days every week knowing tomorrow I can eat. I am not rapidly losing weight, in fact it is a slow plod, but I am ok with this. I think I have finally grown up with this dieting business....

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Had a good day yesterday, no brain hunger this time and I managed to get an extra walk in which may go some way to offsetting my extra calories. Cannot believe it is the third of March already, although the countryside is ready for Springtime with lots of catkins and spring flowers appearing.

Just under the 500 calories yesterday with my main intake being a low calorie ready meal (chicken dinner) with extra peas and a fat free yoghurt. And of course my 2 litres of fizzy water :geek:

Managed to dodge the housework quite nicely and when Mr LJ came in from work he complimented me on all my hard work :lol: I asked him what he thought was the best bet and he told me that "it all looks very nice" - I may tell him at some point that his observations were somewhat lacking....but not just yet maybe! ...

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I'm fasting today, and my first graze box is coming. oh my goodness, that's just such bad timing. Anyway I may just have a lunch today to make sure that its all ok :lol:
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