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Well, until today I have faithfully managed to maintain the 4:3 rhythm, fasting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've lost 2.5 kilos, not sure how much off the waist as I've mislaid my tape measure. More importantly, I'm feeling more comfortable in my clothes and myself. I do a short stint of yoga (only 15 minutes) every morning, and the rolls of excess baggage are no longer quite so much in the way.

I have realised that on a week where I am at work on a Monday, fasting Wednesday and Friday doesn't feel like too much of a burden. But when I am at home Monday (as I was this week for the bank holiday), it seems harder. I'm struggling today, though having just added my super healthy (NOT!) food for the day - a mini pack of Hula hoops and a Starbucks veggie wrap, I've noticed that I'm still under 500, whoop, whoop! So I could still make it...

Studying whilst fasting is really hard work. Sometimes, I find it gives me greater clarity, and it certainly saves time. At others, I find myself becoming...

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I am the icebreaker of 'no'. I get at least 20-40 'no's every day. Mostly I get 'no's in my professional work. Sometimes I get comments like, "You annoy me that you eat so little". Every time I hear someone say "No you can't do that". You are too young, too slow, not smart enough, not strong enough... etc.

I reply, "We'll see."

'No' keeps the riff-raff out -- the wannabes just wannabes -- and keeps me on top.

Now at 208.5 pounds.
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Whew! I haven't been able to login for 3 days and I was beginning to panic! I don't want to lose my new friends and the support I get here. Tried the login a couple seconds ago and got in. I was afraid I had totally forgotten my username or password and everything. Did anyone else experience such problems? I tried at home and at work. Go figure!

We celebrated Memorial Day, a day honoring all American veterans who died giving service to our country. This is a national holiday and the unofficial beginning of summer. I planted flowers on my deck and enjoyed the spring sunshine and the sweet smell of honeysuckle growing in the woods. Nothing smells sweeter! Enjoyed cooking on the grill but feel like I didn't overdo it which is sooo easy to do!

I'm fasting today and have a mild headache but am drinking lots of water (which I loathe!) with lemon in it. Tonight I will have a can of light Progresso soup which is filling and good. Something to look forward to. Going to catch up on the Forums!...

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I am coming to the close of my 4th week & I thought I would have mastered the calorie reduction on fast days. To be honest an average of 650 seems to be where I am at.

I'm still going for it as miraculously the weight is moving but I do a physical job & I'm training to complete a 6 mile obstacle course for Marie Curie which I'm running on the 12th may.

To compensate I have maintained on a 3:4 which I manage through the day with lots of water! I make and measure an evening meal within my calorie allowance but routinely sabotage with a little extra something. I'm sure it's mind over matter but in logging everything I can't help but notice a pattern.

I fast completely (other than the odd dash of milk to my tea - which I include) for at least 20hrs before eating. I also track exercise completed along with all foodstuffs throughout the week on MFP, which has been a huge eye opener

I tell myself that I must be gaining some health benefit from the fasted period but my head/body...

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Well a week over and it wasn't as easy as I thought but that is done to all the temptation from left over Christmas gifts . But lost 3 lbs I think it's prob fluid but will keep reading book and tips on forum to understand 5.2 better :like:
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