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Last week because of live and commitments I could only 5:2 which meant I've had longer feed days all together- and I was BAD this weekend, lots of cream cakes and eating out and carbs carbs carbs. I'm paying the price for it today- I have pretty much gained back ALL of the weight I lost...Just in a weekend, is that really possible?????? I'm going to be super strict with myself this week- 3 really good fasts, low carbs, lots of water. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: ...

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I intend to use this blog to help keep myself on the straight and narrow, diet-wise by making myself accountable, even if it is just to a blog entry, and also to help NOT become a diet bore by putting my thoughts down here.

Just in case anyone else does read this, a bit of background.
I'm 32, married no children, working full-time in an opticians which I wouldn't call physically strenuous but I am on my feet quite a lot.

I have been overweight/obese for as long as I can remember but in denial for a lot of that time particularly during and after uni. In 2008 I joined Slimming World and was shocked to discover that although I thought I was 15stone, I was actually 16st 5lbs. Over a year I dropped to 13st 5lbs but then moved away and had to stop Slimming World as none in my new area.
Married 6 months later at approx 13st 8lbs and very chuffed to be in a size 16 not size 18 wedding dress.

A bit crept back on until about a year ago, beginning of April last year I decided to get serious about...

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No fasting this week. Too busy and also wanted to make sure that we enjoyed ourselves getting settled in and trying different foods. The range and availability of food is far superior to what we have in the UK and it's alot cheaper too (even in Whole Foods), so I'm going to have a ball. In fact, I'm tempted to go back to raw for a while, certainly midweek. I have never lived anywhere before where I can get young raw coconuts on a supermarket shelf. Incredible. My one complaint is that whilst I know Californian almonds have a good reputation, I can report that they are not a patch on Spanish ones.

I'm not sure how best to equip the kitchen given I'm fasting 4:3 typically. On the one hand it hardly seems worth it to spend alot of money on fancy kit, but on the other its good to make sure you eat properly. So I didn't get a Vitamix, I bought a stick blender instead (so I can make my bulletproof coffee). Not bought a mixer, but did invest in a decent coffee machine. I can't see me...

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Well I am still feeling very positive yes I know I am still only on day 3, but I have just signed up for the Valentine challenge which I do hope will help to keep my motivation and will power going, as it would be absolutely great to have lost 12lb's by then. :crossed: just hoping that not a little too ambitious :?:

When I woke this morning I was so very tempted to have another fast day but resisted the temptation as I would really like to know how 5:2 works for me first, instead of doing my usual hell for leather give it all in fist week or 3 then loose motivation and or will power. :roll:

So I am defiantly going to stick with 5:2, I am still a little undecided weather to do Monday &...

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Who would have thought that 12 days in on a diet and I would have lost 11 lbs and 3 inches off my wait, this is now becoming serious....

I am no longer binging yay!!!!

I am no longer saying one little bit won't hurt!!!

I am ignoring all the cakes and pastries at work, which I now call brown food, as it is not colourful it is not healthy!!!

I am saying no to it all!!!

Who is this woman that I see in the mirror WOW it's me!!!

I say say woohoo to the fast diet coming in to my life, I feel that my life is about to change forever.

My daughter left home the other day and I am now in the house on my own,I thought I would spend all the time stuffing my face, well I have proved to myself that my willpower is stronger than the need of food, exciting times ahead and I wish everybody else the same, it makes me feel confident, and that is a life changing moment in its self

Happy days x
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