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So, today was my weigh in day.

Last week I weighed on the Monday morning, then on the Tusday morning, after my first proper fast on Monday 3rd June. There was a 2lbs difference.

I say Monday the 3rd June was my first proper fast day, as the week before I had had two fast days, but realised I was probably way over calories, as I did not measure or weigh anything, just guestimated! Bought food scales over that weekend and started properly on the 3rd June.

This week I am starting 4:3 with at least one of the fast days being a liquid only fast. I am going to try and do that today.

I have a lot of weight to lose, 6 stone at least. I would love to get to 10 stone (even though my BMI would still be touch a over 25).

But it is going ok at the moment. I even enjoyed birthday cake and take out at the weekend due to DDs birthday.

I weigh on a Monday and that is 2 days after my last fast day (being now Mon, newly added Wed, and fri) That way, it seems better to me to still see the weight...

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Well a week over and it wasn't as easy as I thought but that is done to all the temptation from left over Christmas gifts . But lost 3 lbs I think it's prob fluid but will keep reading book and tips on forum to understand 5.2 better :like:
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Week 3 almost done..and down quite a bit of weight...Loving how clothes are fitting better..and in some cases..not fitting at all..

I think I will do 4:3 until I hit my interim goal..then 5:2 to reach my UGW..and then 6:1 when I am at goal..
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Weight: 8st 10.5

No point in counting last week at all- it was a disaster - full of food. I didn't drink at the weekend though and I did exercise lots. I am going to write it off and start again.So the last month since I got the gastritis has actually not been successful at all. So I've decided to start again with 5:2 and move up to 4:3 when I am doing better. So back to Mondays and Thursdays as I'm finding the rest too hard. I am going to try and keep carbs low but with no alcohol I am spoiling myself with tea and 2 chocolate biscuits- I won't beat myself up about that. The weight above is defo some bloating as had chinese takeaway last night -I can prob knock 2lbs off as I change so much - also 4 days before TOTM won't help. So roll on this week where I have to be good. I have one night out with dinner Sat night so will give myself the night off on food that night. I will be driving though. Today has been easy so far

8am-1pm tea
1pm: frozen veg with yogurt and cheese (250), 3 chocolate...

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On the second week of the fast diet so done 3 fasts so far. The days are easy enough although I did fail on one and did it the next day instead. However, I have noticed that the next day I am feeling a bit wobbly and headachey, despite eating my normal diet. Anyone else experienced this? Will it go away once I get used to fasting? Or is it just coincidence?
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