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Hi Fellow Fasters,

I gradually put ~20 kg on after quitting smoking three years ago despite regular exercise 3 times a week. I tried cutting calories down a little bit, which helped to stop weight gain but was unhelpful to lose any weight. I have never been on a long term, scheduled diet mostly because I find 'diets' unsustainable for me. Besides, I am more concerned with the baggy skin after losing weight and stretch marks one gets from losing-gaining weight than being overweight. I am not usually bothered about being overweight unless I am trying a yoga posture that requires a deep fold. which is made impossible by my tummy or I am trying on new jeans.

I found out about 5:2 yesterday; researched a bit and today is my first fast day. I skipped breakfast and had a bite (literally!) to eat after swimming for an hour. Whenever I feel hungry, I've been drinking water. It seems to help.

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Ok so woke up dreading today because I'm still on Easter holiday and didn't have any plans today...not a good thing for a fast day! Started to feel very hungry at 10am and ate a fruit corner yogurt (175 calories). Then managed until 2pm and was starving! Had a mint tea but the hungry/sick feeling didn't subside, so made a soup using all vegetables/onions/ham left in the fridge and added a stock cube and water (I tried to calculate the calories in this and came to 250 calories for the whole pot and I only had a third). It was tasty and I was really full after a small bowl, so I thought great! Felt hungry again at 6'o'clock so ate an orange. Now I feel sick again with hunger so I feel like I'm snacking and that's bad, even though the snacks are healthy I'm not letting my body actually FAST/take a break i.e. I eat every time I feel very hungry. I won't eat anything else today so I know I won't go over my calories but hopefully next fast day I will be able to go longer between eating.
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It's hard these fast days, getting a lot of headaches. Weight loss is spasmodic but coming down. Are people having more success skipping breakfast, lunch? I'm not sure. Been at it a while now. Not sure I can continue. I dread the fast days now.
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OK, it's the second fasting day. Thursday went really well - pretty much as planned and I didn't go crazy over the weekend. Today I've had a couple of plums for breakfast and I'll probably have an apple for lunch taking me to 80 calories, if I include the milk in my morning coffee it takes me to 100 cals so I'm going to have to be careful at tea time. I suspect that some kind of fish and veggies will be on the menu.

It's dull and drizzly here in West Wales today. Fortunately the dog doesn't mind the weather so he'll still need a proper walk. I've found a brilliant calorie counter for walking ... alburn.htm and according to this a 4 mile walk for somebody of my weight is the equivalent of 500 calories - if I do that daily (and I do), that is the equivalent of a pound of blubber in a week. I...

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I have a terrible relationship with food. No, I have HAD a terrible relationship with food. What does it tell you that just writing those two short sentences brought tears to my eyes? Food has dominated my life from a very young age. I have been on diets since I was 18 - that is 26 years ago. I've had some success, my greatest was losing nearly 4 stone with Slimming World, but I've put 2/3s of it back on and re-joined SW after Christmas to stop the constant ballooning weight - it didn't.

My head wasn't in it. If my brain doesn't buy into the activity the body just won't play the game. From January to mid-march I was on just about the most self destructive food gig of my life.

Whilst going through the motions of 'following the plan' I was abusing the diet in ways that make me ashamed. I've told no one this and only write it now because this is anonymous. I was eating large bags of Revels almost daily, sneaking bread and slathering it in very, very thick 'Clover' and snaffling...

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