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Just back home to Switzerland tonight after a week in meetings in the US. My goodness, it is amazing how important food is in the meeting culture. If there is not a huge selection of stodgy, sugary food on tap, then the meeting cannot proceed. But what really amazed me or should I say continues to amaze me, is the actual amount supplied per person.

So how did I manage this past week. Being 9 time zones behind, my seep pattern was in shock. This allowed me to get up very early and take advantage of some long walks along the San Fran waterfront. This program helped focus my mind away from the junk food, and kept me for the most part on track.

After a day of eating in the office came the obligatory team dinner at the oversized steak, steak restaurant. More huge portions to contend with, and very little salad in sight.

Please don't get my wrong, I am not turning into a food nazi, but I am a little bit fed up with the mentality. The mentality that is oversized pre-packaged junk...

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For anyone with a daft sense of humour I thought I'd start Nog's Blogs, never considered doing one before so no idea what I'm doing, but that's never stopped me in life, so here we go ....... a barmy way of looking at life without going 'off topic' or 'hi-jacking' someone elses thread :like:

Read these blogs at your own risk :confused:

Seeing as we've started to discuss Mankinis and there was a request for a picky of yours truly wearing said item :bugeyes: here we go ....... :heart:

Don't splutter on your cornflakes missus ...

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Struggling now :frown:
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Today I'm doing two exercise classes, so am glad that I planned it to be not a fast day. Yesterday was a bit hard for me with the headache getting me a bit down and not being so busy. I'm off to the supermarket to get more low cal bits and pieces and planning my fast day food better. To think that this time last week I had not even heard of this WOE and now I've lost 3lb and encouraged another friend to join in. I am also a budding clean eater so trying to combine the two. Anyway it's my day off today, the sun is shinning, and the BBQ is going to be in full use this weekend. Have a good one everybody. :cool:
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Quite inspired and excited today. Have been measuring out my 500 calories for today and doing heaps of reading and research about this new way of losing weight.
Food for today. Small portions of Japanese style chicken and udon soup, 1 coffee, 1 banana, 1 carrot and chai tea to be eaten over the day. So far so good. I'm not too hungry and it's 3-15pm.
What I like about this plan so much is that it seems to incorporate lots of other things into the 5.2 style eg relationships, finances, exercise, etc.
This very much aligns with how I want to live my life.
I really hope to succeed (of course!) :grin:

Currently my weight is 58.8 kgs. My goal is to achieve 55kgs in 1 month. The 4th march
I also am 33 1/2 " around the waist and 38 1/2" around the tummy.
Naturally I want to substantially reduce those horrible numbers so I can fit into some lovely leather pants my daughter has just...

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