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The start of another week, and a weekend of food and drink:( I feel all the hard work put in has gone to waste , but I refuse to weigh in until I've completed a month. I fear if I did it now I'd be disheartened.. I could kick myself I had it all planned a couple of drinks then home but oh no I had to drink to excess and ended up in an Indian restuarant at midnight Saturday :( MIDNIGHT EATING!!! What was I thinking??? So this week is a penalty week , fasting Tommorrow and Friday and fitness training tues we'd thur fri AND sat this week with a picture of me at my greatest fatness pinned up on the fridge.. By the end of this week I hope that I realise that with a weight change comes lifestyle changes too and not to go to the excess that I did out of pure greed. I didn't need those drinks I didn't need that curry I DON'T WANT this body any more !!!
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Wmr309's comments have certainly given me food for thought. No pun intended.

Anyway, yesterday I ate my std brekkie and lunch, and had lots of veg with a small amount of bolognaise sauce for dinner, plus the orange. No cravings or wish to eat in the evening, but I made a conscious decision to have some chocolate, for emotional reasons (!) but I had no problems with that decision, and only had a relatively small amount (for me!).

Felt good this morning, have fasted so far, as per normal Wed fast, because it fits my routine not to eat til mid pm. I am deciding whether I will have a late lunch, or wait til dinner time. I will perhaps let hunger dictate??
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So, seems I have been naughty and not stuck to the 5:2 as rigorously as I should have been, a couple of fast days became low cal days, which became sod it I'll keep eating days! This has resulted in me putting on 2 lbs, tut tut to me, :angry: but I am putting my foot down now and having a sever chat with myself. Was better yesterday than my previous 2-3 fast days, had chicken and leek soup for lunch and casserole for tea, no snacks and lots of cuppas and water!

It helps that now I am back raiding with my Warcraft guild, keeps my mind and hands busy, (apologies if I loose the folks who don't Warcraft here!) since I've gotten back we managed to get to Nazgrim on flexi (gearing up a few new folks, so running flexi) didn't beat him but did get him to a good 16%, fear our skills!

On the subject of aches and pains, have the delightful infection known as cystitis AND it's my week off the Pill, so all...

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I've just read @mia87's blog. She is a new faster and has a lot of enthusiasm and emotion about 5:2 which is inspiring to read. It makes me want to write my blog.

It's Maundy Thursday - that is, the day before Good Friday and we are off to Cradle Mountain to celebrate 2 x 60th birthdays. I'm sharing a cabin with Lyndall and Maureen and Hilda. And I'm in a cooking team with Monica and Lyndall. Lyndall and I have spent all day yesterday cooking. She made Moroccan chicken and some kind of chicken soup for the Passover. and I made hot cross buns, sour dough bread, quince and apple crumble and a wonderful Italian thing with figs, raisins soaked in Marsala, walnuts and cocoa, held together with a tiny bit of flour. It looks scrumptious, but I haven't tried it yet, or cut it.

It's a fast day and I haven't eaten all day. I had coffee, tea, coffee and no miso soup. That's good. I was busy and now it's 6pm and we're having minestrone soup. Yum.

I am coming to terms...

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Wow! It has been so long since I started a blog that I forgot that I had done it. Interesting! I am so glad I went into such detail because at least it gives me a view of where I have come from.
Well, I kept up with the plan and got down as low as 132 lbs.--for at least a week or so! :grin: I hovered between 133 and 138 until this week when I found myself bumping up on the 140 lb. (10 stone!!!!!!) point. NOOOOOOO! :razz:
So, obviously I'm not making it down to the 135 lb. goal by Halloween, so I guess my new goal is to get down to 135 by Thanksgiving (Nov.26). It is doable if I get back with the program. I haven't gone too crazy. Instead of a massive fail, I've had little fails on my fast days. I get to dinner time not having done too terribly, and then just push it a bit and probably end up eating...

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