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Okay, so here goes...
Day one
No hunger at all until 1pm ish. Have decided to split calories in half for a lunch and dinner. I don't do well with grazing as I can't stop once I start.
Was given the top tip of saving 50 calories for an emergency.

Porridge for lunch with soy milk and coconut oil. I'm a coconut oil disciple. It's my new wonder food. It's also very energising and amazingly good for you ( organic unrefined only).

It's now after 3pm and I'm starting to have a bit of a head ache.

I've been drinking lots of lemon water and had one cuppa.

Will check in later...
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Had porridge today and then went out in the garden to cut back and tidy up. It was 11am when I started and 5pm when I finished and didn't feel hungry at all. I had green tea and cranbury and raspberry and strawberry tea and then a chicken salad and a banana for evening meal. I've a load of Easter chocolate in the cupboard but haven't been tempted. Looking forward to a bit tomorrow!
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... for tonight.

That's what I said yesterday when second- born asked if I wanted something nice from the supermarket. His father had a family size packet of potato chips. Even when I was offered ice-cream, crisps or chocolate I still said 'No, thanks'.

Yesterday was a feast day and I could easily have carried on eating, but I'd driven for six hours and sat in a long meeting so felt that I had been sedentary all day.

I was really proud if myself for 'drawing a line in the sand'. I stopped eating at 7pm and then didn't eat until 7pm today (my fast days) so went 24hrs just on coffee and water AND I walked between 6-7 miles.

I really enjoyed a whole food salad with some prawns and avocado. It hit the spot!

I'm going out for lunch tomorrow so will have gone 41hrs on 500 calories.

I've lost 10lbs in two and a half weeks but I was doing three fast days in a row so I need to calm down a bit on the fasting - I guess I'm still frightened about slipping into bingeing - but yesterday's no-more-food...

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Morning and I hope you all had a fab Valentine's "weekend". Isn't it amazing that something that once consisted of a card to your sweetheart has now become a full weekend of debauchery....oh just us then.... :oops:

So now that birthday parties etc are behind me (literally according to the scales) I have two clear months where I can really get into the swing of things and create a good quality calorie deficit. We are fasting today and Thursday and next week we have the chance to make it a 4:3. I have already been out for the big walk with the dog and I plan to get out again tomorrow and Thursday. I just hope the Plan Fairy manages to stay away from the Somebody Needs a Favour Fairy and I can keep to it!

Have a great day X
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I'm noticing that underneath the hair on my forearms, I've clearly got a vein that protrudes on both forearms. The underside (as pale as it is) has always had visible veins. However, this is the first time I've seen a vein on the top of my forearms. This may be as a result of converting significant fat to muscle these last 12 months. Before I was this active, I captured the following note over 2 years ago:
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##### ENTRY ##### 2011-07-17,
Measured in cm its 390.75

Current BMI from my Tanita scale is 20 (its known to fluctuate widely). Apparently back in 2006, I was measuring BMI at 22 using the Tanita scale. I just remeasured the 'total inches' metric (as described in 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss): 154.0 inches.

I've got some mild strength loss. Probably due to being at the gym only twice in the last 30 days. I started to lose my grip on the barbell when dead-lifting 295 pounds today ...

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