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Well, I was amazed to see how i looked in a photo last week, all about which I posted on the forum. Gee it made me feel special to get so many compliments from other forumites. You don't get that many people in real life saying how great you look! I think middle aged women are somewhat invisible. And people who see me a lot haven't noticed because my weight loss has been so slow.

However to return to the pants' saga. I have documented here my big moment when I purchased size 15 pants, a few months ago. Now those pants are loose. I can put my fist into the waist band.

I have just made a bold step and bought some pants in size 14. I always used to be size 14. When I learned to sew in my 40s, I used to perfectly fit size 14 patterns. IT's been a long time since I fitted into that size.

These pants are red!!!!!

It's a huge statement of confidence. I don't know if I'll fit into these pants, but I know I will one day and probably this summer. Perhaps this is my Christmas outfit.
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Hi all, you can follow my fast diet diary here - - lose weight fast, any comments, suggestions, please chime in. Thanks
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Decided to do a 4:3 this week as my major reason for starting this life style is weightloss, and because I've not got anything planned today. Managed to rope my other half in to giving it a go too, he's more interested in improving his seasonal asthma but I'm sure he won't object to losing a few pounds either. We went shopping yesterday and have stocked up on soup, fruit/herbal tea and skimmed milk (he really doesn't like black coffee). We're giving Truvia a go as it's calorie free, but initial impressions aren't great and I think I'll go back to having my coffee straight up.

As an added complication, the littlest minibeast woke up vomiting this morning. So today is going to be spent chasing a toddler around the house with the "sick bowl" - not feeling particularly hopeful as we're on sleepsuit number 3 already!

Anyhoo, OH is having his first meal of the day now (I'm not jealous of his extra 150kcal, honest)and keeps checking if I'm k with that. Not sure what's more irritating...

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I weighed myself yesterday (getting in the swing of Friday weighing for the Valentine's Day Challenge) & my scales say I've lost 5.49lbs :-o

It must be more to do with time rather than actual weight though. It was a brand new set of scales & I must have weighed straight out of the box in the afternoon rather than my usual morning. Even so, it's a nice boost & an encouraging start.

I will have to amend my Valetine's Day Challenge target though :grin:

Am eating healthily on my feed days. I've always have a problem with portion control so weighing/measuring is slowly becoming my new obsession. DH doesn't get that yet & just ladles food onto the plates. He has slowly put on weight too & found the new scales very scary.

We are looking after our darling grandson for a few hours today while his Mum...

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I have 3 and a half days remaining before embarking on this new adventure, and I am already brimming with new found positivity!

At first when my sister announced she was starting the 5:2 lifestyle 4 weeks ago, I was very dubious. All based on minimal scientific research, I was worried for her health. She encouraged me to watch the 'Eat, Fast, Live Longer' documentary to try and understand why she was following 5:2, and it just totally made sense. I have decided to follow her lead and try it out myself.

My Reasons For Starting 5:2

- 1 - At the age of 21 I discovered I had a Melanoma (now removed) and it has been made apparent that skin cancers run in the family. So the idea of reducing the risk of developing further cancers particularly stands out to me, along with all the other suggested health benefits.

- 2 - I haven't really ever found myself totally comfortable with my body. The regular dieting/healthy eating methods just don't work for me, but this is only...

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