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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
My plan is to give this a reasonable chance: a solid 2 months.
I've already given up most carbs (sugar, starch, most dairy), and have been trying my best to follow a clean paleo diet for the past few months. I have had a few setbacks where I yielded to temptation (usually sugar: ice cream is an all or nothing deal for me) and I need something to get my body syncronized or something.
Saw the BBC program recently, and thought I could try this. I wasn't going to get the book, but I know me, I love to have written direction.
So after thinking over and over about when I would start, today happened to be it. Mind you, I have an elderly mother with dementia here at home that I need to either cook for or supervise meal preparation. She gets my dieting, so that's one less hurdle.
Started the morning with my coffee (it's a 50/50 blend of regular and decaf), 2 cups over a 3 hour period, with a total of 5 Tbsp of HWC between the two (260 calories).
Planning ahead, for dinner...

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So, I'm laying here supposed to be napping pre night shift and all I can think about is the 5:2 diet. Just downloaded the book to the iPad, so will read that over my next 4 night shifts. :geek: Aiming Monday to be my first fast day. It'll be pay day when I sit on do the online shop and they'll be next to nothing in the house except eggs! Plus Mondays are very busy. Just need to get my meal plan for that day sorted and can then repeat that on my 2nd fasting day. :grin:
In principle it seems simple. May even watch the horizon Program again via you tube on my break. Plan A.......get a plan! :bugeyes:
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So I weighed myself after having a very up and down week. I have been quite qnxious about not losing weight. I did only lose 700g this week and that didnt feel like enough. I am trying really hard to curb my eating today. I did some exercise before breakfast and have tried to eat low fat. My big problem is if I dont lose enough in time for my op. Last week I did two very strict fasts and only had about 250 cals on each day. I want to do the same this week. I will also exercise every day and maybe do an 8 hour eating window on Thursday. Let's see how this week goes. I think that if I can lose 2 more kilos I am going to start feeling a little more positive.

I am feeling a little down this week and just not myself. I will keep a check on things and try to focus on the positive. My Hubby was still shocked that after eating loads of fried food last week and having wine at the weekend I still managed to lose weight. My thinking is that if I can lose 700g like that, then if I curb my eating I...

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well just weighted myself for the last before we go away. Not going to be able to do it again for about 10 days. I never though I would be saying this but I am going to miss doing it, it has come to be a comfort to me as I enter the weight into my true weight app and I like seeing the steady decrease in the line even if my weight has gone up one morning.
Although I am tracking my progress on a Friday om my progress tracker I tend to look at my true weight as where I really am as I know that even though my weight goes up and down during the week it is always on a downward slid.

Hoping that when we get back my weight will not of changed too much and I know that I can get straight back into 5;2ing when I get back.
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At least I know why I haven't lost any weight in two weeks despite being well-behaved. My labs came back and my thyroid slowing meds are too strong - my thyroid levels are actually too low now. The doctor reduced my dosage by 25%, so here's hoping the weight loss picks back up :-)

The last time this happened, the doctor ended up steadily reducing my dosage and eliminating it over about an 8 month period. Wish me luck! :clover:
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