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Sometimes this WOL seems too good to be true; here I am, able to have my yummies most of the time, and still lose weight! As far as any changes to my eating habits on non-fast days, they've been pretty natural and an inveterate overthinker, this is unusual for me. The main change has been to how I deal with "hunger" on all days, which has led to other changes--such as a major decrease in snacking/nibbling. Not that I made a rule about not doing it, just that when my mouth/appetite says, Ooh, that looks good!, I automatically ask my stomach/body "Are you hungry?" I don't need to be starving to have it, just assess where I am.

However, I will try not to look that gift horse in the mouth, just accept it as a gift!
For those who think they have pretty good willpower (that is, they could deal with 2 days a week of "deprivation"), but who DON'T think they can (or want to) deprive themselves every day for the rest of their...

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Fasting today & I'm really rather hungry. Just had another drink of water to stave off my evening meal for another hour or so - or I'll be eating too early & wanting more later, before bed. When I get hungry, I get very chilly, too.

Tomorrow, Friday, is weigh-in morning & takeaway night. Not sure what 'cuisine' I'll have yet, but already drooling at the thought! Having said that, I did neither last week, cos I was poorly with a cold. I didn't do my second fast last week, either, for the same reason.

Got a long to-do list for tomorrow, too; busy, busy.

Have a happy WGW, all those of you who are going & good luck to all of you in your continuing endeavours.
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So.... It is time to write all the pros and cons of thie new way of life (I hate the word "diet", it's a nasty word :wink: )

1 - I practise my English again. I am a bit rusted when it comes to write (I watch all my movies and TV shows in English so I understand pretty well) but it seems to come back, even if I am pretty sure I still make some huge mistakes

2 - I am more focused and I found an inner peace that I didn't have. This week wa really tough, my Honey lost his step dad and I lost a familly member the same day, I caught the flu but, during fast days I felt like a weight going off my shoulders. It's difficult to explain and even understand

3 - I am looking forward the next fast and am even disapointed to have to wait until monday for the next one

5 - The weight loss is smooth. I lost 12 kgs since february, I didn't weight myself since I began to fast and I won't for a month or...

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This is my 10th fast day and feeling quite despondent. First two weeks progress good, but I've been stuck since then!?!? Haven't recorded on my progress chart for a while because I can't bear to see the line going UP instead of down. The one thing that is keeping me on track is the thought of the health benefits so clearly demonstrated by Dr M. I have noticed that my arthriticcy joints are less painful and stiff. That is definitely worth the effort, I keep reminding myself. Oh well, read some more posts for more inspiration. My lifelong motto has been -"possible in the world, possible for me". Just not too feeling enthused about another hungry day for no visible benefit.
Ok, enough whingeing. :razz: Now get on with it!!
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one of my customers asked me if I had lost weight yesterday. He's a fitness instructor and we have discussed diets etc often. He helped me out last year with a food plan which did help me shift some weight. Very nice to get such good feedback.
My 10th fast went well yesterday and it is definitely getting easier. Except for the evenings which are still a challenge. My stomach doesn't tell me it's mouth does! Perhaps it's a hangover from when I used to smoke or I am really orally fixated lol. It's very frustrating for me to feel like this and I get restless wondering if I can squeeze a few more calories into me, out of my allowance. I go to the fridge, open the door and stare at the contents. I close the door empty handed, sigh, and walk away. The trouble is I crave bread and cheese....anything highly calorific. So I drink some more water or no sugar ginger beer and go to bed a little bit hungry. Not crying though, ...

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