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knew there was something else I had to do when I visited last, forgot to post stats. Damned if I can remember them now, not to worry in a few days I'll be as "normal" as I once was ....
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Well like most people (women in particular)in my position (overweight, obese actually) I have tried all kinds of diets strangely enough as my title might allude I haven't actually tried 'Lighter Life' but have tried many, many others.
I have had some success from Weight Watchers in the past and have gone back to them time and time again but it just won’t stick with me

3 Years ago around about March 2010 - funny I always diet at the same time of year, what’s that about? anyway......I weighed 16st 4lb and started back at WW for about the 10th time in my life! Well I was successful and I lost 1st 9lb and was down to 14st 8lb not bad eh?
But I just cant do the everyday watching what I eat, I was now paying money for a meeting that I couldn’t stay to because I have kids and no-one to watch them and not doing the diet properly so not losing weight but putting it on so guess what? That’s right I QUIT!

Eventually put some of the weight back on and over the next 3 years I was ping ponging between...

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Fast days have got easier since my last post. I have egg on toast for breakfast and then a large crunchy salad (which takes ages to prepare and eat) in the evening. I am definitely noticing that my clothes are much looser. I have a couple of dresses which going to need taking in soon. I will also need to buy new jeans as without a belt I have to keep hitching them up and with a belt there's too much material around my stomach. Hooray!
However the scales aren't reflecting this at the moment. They are stuck when they really should be going down. However I'm not despondent as I know this is a pattern for me. What I must do is stick with it and then there will be a sudden large drop. And that will be so cool!
I'm doing more exercise, Pilates twice a week and outdoor swimming twice a week. I may also start venturing out on my bike as we have a cycling holiday in Brittany planned in June.
Exercise makes me feel so much better as well as re-shaping my body.
Fasting today and looking forward...

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Signed up to Easter Challenge 6th Feb :like: weighing 64.1kg :grin:
Fri 7th Feb exactly 64.0kg :lol: Evening meal 10th(Harvester Havoc)resulted in MASSIVE 65.8kg :confused: :shock: :razz: :cry:
FRI 14 FEB 64.5kg :neutral:
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Well, the struggling paid off...
Yesterday I wrote that I had only 532 calories by 3 pm - however, this was a calculation error. I had had a steak for lunch and on MFP, I used an entry for steak that I thought was correct, but it listed much fewer calories than it likely was. So in the evening I felt I wanted as close to the right number as possible. I searched further, found a steak entry that seemed to match, and it gave me a much higher number.
At that time I noticed that my carb count was ZERO! Wow - I'm trying low carb but I've never had zero carbs before! It was a wonderful feeling. Then to get my through the rest of the evening, I said to myself, "just wait till tomorrow - then you can have ___". But how could I remember this in a moment of weakness?
I used a fine point Sharpie and wrote a note on my right hand that said "it's just till tomorrow". It worked.
I did have macadamia nuts for a late night snack (which are mostly fat, but did give me 9 carbs). MFP...

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