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Started 5:2 mid February this year and it was difficult to get into my own "rhythm" of whether to eat 1, 2 or 3 meals a day for my 500 calories. Eating fruit for breakfast and an evening meal at about 7pm worked for me.

Then had a spanner in the works with an unplanned holiday to India for 2 weeks in March. (Husband thought it would be good time to visit - before the monsoon).

5:2 went out the window as we travelled to 7 cities/towns around Rajastan after 2 days in Mumbai.

Was miserable on my return to UK as it was dark, cold, wet and boiler decided to pack up! :curse: Didn't get back on the 5:2 as I felt so down.

Finally picked myself up and dusted myself down and got back on the 5:2. I was very reluctant to weigh myself OR measure my waist as I had been comfort eating.

Well today was the day I had promised myself to do the weight and waist measurement. I was pleasantly surprised...

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I had my fasting blood work tested the other day, 1 year after starting the 5:2 diet. First, I will post my results from my starting blood work, which was taken in February 2013, about 6 weeks before I started 5:2, followed by the results from April 2014.

Feb 2013 results:
Glucose Fasting- 5.0 mmol/L (reference range 3.6- 5.5)
Total Cholesterol 6.7 mmol/L (reference range 2.0- 5.2) -High
LDL Cholesterol 4.2 mmol/L (reference range 1.5- 3.4) -High
HDL Cholesterol 1.7 mmol/L (reference range >1.1)
Chol/HDL (risk ratio) 3.9 (reference range <4.4 -lower the better for less risk)
Triglycerides 1.7 mmol/L (reference range <2.3)

April 2014 results
Glucose Fasting: 4.6 mmol/L (reduced by 0.4)
Total Cholesterol: 6.69 mmol/L (negligible change)
LDL Cholesterol: 4.17 mmol/L (reduced by 0.03)
HDL Cholesterol: 2.04 mmol/L (increased by 0.34)
Chol/HDL (risk ratio) 3.28 (reduced by 0.62)
Triglycerides 1.06 mmol/L (reduced by 0.64)

HDL is 30% higher
trglycerides are 37.6% lower....

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The Valentine Dinner was not the fortold disaster of 23 years ago :victory: In fact it was most delicious and most enjoyable according to OH and myself :oops: - :frown: However Garlic Bread/Pasta/Dessert and a glass and a half of Chianti = QUADRUPLE WHAMMY MEGA BLOAT- FIT TO BURST (Bhudda is not a good look or feeling :lol:) Lowest this month 64kg Today 64.6 :doh: Fasting Today
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Inspired by my sons weight loss with 5:2, I have started today with a fast day!
I followed weight watchers to lose 42lbs. six years ago, since then, delighting in my ability to look many years younger than my (now) 74 years, I have persevered with yo yo dieting but never more than an additional 8 lbs.
I now enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean lifestyle in full but active retirement, and would love to have one last shot at getting to the weight I was on my wedding Day, 54 years ago!!
Happy to help and motivate others and happy to accept today's thinking and advice!
Please help! :heart:
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My discoveries, well not really discoveries, but truths in hiding.

Pre 5:2, always felt like I'd blown the diet, when I indulged in calorie laden food and was all for the mentality of all or nothing. If I eat this cake, its all down hill from here on and would be in a new mindset of, I've done it, now, so what is the point.

I was always good at losing weight, but clueless with maintenance, and for me, the feast days sort of resemble a kind of maintenance free winging it, hoping I do the right thing.

The other pit fall I have, and hope there is a solution, I was born a foody, I'm convinced I have super taste buds. No offence to anyone, but if I had to be fed by port through tummy, I would chose not to survive, cannot imagine not tasting food again.

This is deep, but I need to dig deep to find out what I'm doing, because I am not losing that bit more weight, I still have cellulite around my stomach and derriere and probably need to be a healthy 2 kilos less. I've given up the fight...

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