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This might be my last blog entry... For a while at least.

I am at the end of my 6 week challenge, off on holiday tomorrow. Overall, I am happy with what I have achieved in terms of my objectives.

- I have had less mindless eating in the evening than prior to the challenge.

- In terms of gaining insight into my evening eating (in addition to eating out of boredom, for comfort and reward, which I already knew) I think that evening eating, particularly when I am not hungry, has a lot to do with the immediate pleasure of eating. Something that is difficult to get so easily from other sources. Not sure that that helps much tho!

- a glass of warm water with a squirt of lemon juice throughout the day does seem to help reduce the amount I eat each day

- a very filling dinner helps limit evening eating (most of the time)

- I am still able to use fasting as an antidote to overindulging (hopefully not needed too often...), but otherwise don't want to do fast days as a regular thing, though...

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More days gone than I thought since I last blogged!

Finished week 5 of challenge feeling fine, felt very good on Saturday and wrote some rather sanctimonious (??) posts, for which I was paid back in full yesterday with considerable overeating for no apparent reason, except possibly tiredness and horrible weather... Also, I think when my tummy doesn't look or feel bloated, somehow I give myself permission to eat more. Then I swell up like a balloon and feel awful. Is this telling me that I do need to be forever vigilant? Will it ever be possible to manage food intake like someone who has never been overweight??

I would normally fast as an antidote, but have son and g/f coming for lunch. Not sure how I am going to handle this one.

NB I do sleep better with a tummy full of carbs...
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Not getting the problem now...
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