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This week showed a loss of 1.6 lbs, which makes my total loss so far 10.8 lbs -- down another sugar bag for 2 sugar bags lost in total!!!! 1.6 for the week was less than I was hoping for, but still numbers to be proud of and pleased with! Checking my daily numbers, this looks like a tiny plateau, so I'm taking some time to consider what steps I will take when I experience plateaus in the future. Haven't decided yet, as I don't feel rushed, as I'm not in one yet really. I'll start worrying when the scale doesn't budge at all for a week, but it's good to have a plan in place.

Lessons learned this week:
-as much as I like to think that I'm not effected by the number on the scale, I absolutely am
-low 160s is when I start to feel like me again, like somehow my personality hides inside folds of fat. I'm feeling sexier and more confident and it's crazy to think that I used to weigh more than 20lbs less than this. No wonder my old self was a confident powerhouse. I'm starting to feel good naked...

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I have completed another week with an additional 3 pounds down -- 167.6 to 164.6! When I typed that sentence I accidentally wrote 176 and 174. Apparently it hasn't quite hit me that I'm truly in the 160s (and entering the lower 160s at that)! At this point, I have lost a total of 9.2 lbs -- almost to my next sugar bag!!!

My lowest weight this week was 163.4!!! Oh my! Also, I love stepping on the scale and it blinks to lower numbers before settling on its final number. It means I'm getting closer!

Some fasting days are easy, some are incredibly hard. Not sure what makes the difference? But, really, I've just come to accept and expect that I'll feel hungry on a fast day. So long as I can get to my evening meal, I'll be fine. As I'm sure is the case for most people, it's more difficult if I'm at home on a fast day. On a work day, I have commuting and, well, work to keep me distracted. If I'm at home for fasting, it helps to have a project or just get out of the house altogether and run errands....

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With a fast on Tuesday, a partial fast on Friday, and fasts on Sunday and Monday, I did manage to counteract the over 4000 calories I consumed the day of my sister's wedding (saturday), and ended at 167.6 on my monday morning weigh-in (but then dropped to 165.2lb by tuesday morning, which bodes well for next monday's weigh-in).

Lessons learned:
-Fasting the first day of my period is a very bad idea. It wasn't my intention to, it just happened to fall on the same day. I was extra hungry that day, but I ended up eating more than the Fast Day allotment not because I was hungry, but because I started getting lightheaded and seeing spots. I should have known that would happen, as I normally get very weak that day.
-It's nice being able to fully enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime event (like a wedding) without worrying or guilting about calories eaten. I did still track the calories I ate that day as well as I could (more out of curiosity than anything) but didn't feel poorly about it, knowing full...

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I was at the grocery store and noticed 5 lb bags of sugar on the shelf. It's not light! And I like being able to pick something up and say, "wow I lost this much!" rather than just a number. It's pretty cool! But also like having a smaller benchmark than the whole 35 lbs I need/want to lose. So, I've decided to measure my weight loss both in pounds and in bags of sugar, lolol

I had my first weigh-in 8/21/2017 and my fasting days for the first week were 8/22/2017 (where I did not plan appropriately and ended up eating about 1000 kcals), 08/24/2017 (25% TDEE), and 08/20/2017 (another partial fast to make up for the incorrect fast on 8/22 and because it felt odd to have so many feast days in a row).

I've been using the fantastic Cronometer app to track my calorie intake and weight changes. Plus it's interesting to know what my macro and micronutrients are (which it also tracks but I don't utilize in my food planning).

I am doing no exercise and don't plan to yet. So, other...

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I've not been on here for a couple of years, what's happened? Where is everyone?! I'm sure this site used to be bigger somehow..

Anyway the 5:2 was really good last time I tried it, I got down to 9 stone for my wedding as I'd hoped, but in the 3 years since then I've slowly crept up and up and I've been just over 10 stone for a few months now. I've religiously typed everything I eat into MFP for the last month, sticking to their restrictive suggestion of 1200 calories a day and I've put on another half lb.

I'm refusing to give in and buy new jeans, so here I am again. First target, to fit the jeans comfortably.....

So today is the first fast day in 2 years. I've got my coffee and I'll not eat again until dinner because if i eat anything I'll just want more! Wish me luck....
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