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Nearly 5 years, my how time flies. My current weight is 135, and I have decided to start fasting more often to get to my goal of 128. Anything between 128-132 is good these days. I have been around 132 lately but think I gained a little or it’s the salty foods, time will tell.
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With two big holiday events in the past 10 days, my eating parameters have suffered a bit to say the least! For some reason I just could not get myself to fast this past week AT ALL, plus those two events of pure indulgence, and here we are a pound up this week. Oddly enough, I don't feel too very poorly about the rise. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and apparently my body wanted a bit of a break.

But we do not allow this to continue on for long! That would be ever so dangerous, and I would end up back where I started in less time than it took to shed the pounds. Back to keeping on keeping on!

What I've learned these past 2 weeks:
Our relationship with food, ourselves, and the best ways for us to continue reaching our goals are not static, but rather dynamic. I'm all for sticking out with one way of eating to let it run it's course and to actually see results. So, please, don't think I'm saying to get your head turned by some other way of doing things after having only done things one way...

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I feel like I've entered the doldrums of weightloss, where everything goes sooooo sloooowly.... But I've finally touched the 152's! Yay! And I went clothes shopping this past weekend (my body was looking so frumpy in my baggy old clothes) and I now wear 8's and mediums (USA) instead of the 12/14's and L/XLs I was wearing before!!! I felt fantastic, to say the least! And I'm only just over halfway to my goal weight! When I was 142 lbs, I remember being able to fit into 6's, and I imagine when I get to 136 lbs (my goal) I'll be fitting into 4's, which I've never done in my whole life!

My progress is reminding me of my friend who first told me about 5:2 three or four years ago and successfully lost a significant amount of weight on it over the course of 6 months. I'm so delighted to be following in her footsteps!

Going back to the subject of slow weight loss, I realized that the reason I have been so frustrated with the slowing pace of it has very little to do with this method of eating...

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Popped back up to the 155 range this morning (10/30/2017), but feels like this is the ceiling instead of the floor this time, which is encouraging. Besides, my monthly cycles appeared today, so must allow extra variations this week in the wrong direction. I had meant for today to be a fast day, but now that's not such a good idea. The Christmas Challenge has started, but I wasn't going to begin my new goals until wednesday, November 1st, anyways, which works out quite well with the fatigue and weakness of my monthly visitor. No exercise for me today! The couch calls to me! :razz:

I did get in plenty of fiber, though (good to have lots of practise before my real daily challenge begins), equalling to about 35g of fiber for the day of 1715 calories -- well over my 25g goal.

Things I've learned this week:
-5 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder contains 10g of fiber! And when mixed with 25g of sugar and...

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I'm currently shifting a lot of my mindset and methods this week, so I'm jumping off the weeks and switching to days. This is, after all, a whole life kind of thing, right? Besides, I don't like having to wait a whole week to post something, lol :razz:

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you just can't seem to get through a number on the scale? That was my past couple of weeks. Could not break 155 for the life of me, would drop down close then jump back up and so on like a bouncy ball. Well, I finally made it through today. Which just goes to show that you really cannot predict what your body is going to do whether you do things 'right' or not. Case in point, I ate well over my calories this past weekend (like half a package of cookie dough over -- no small beans) and fasted one day less this week and here I am just sliding down past that little block.

It does help that my constipation...

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