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Dear all,

Today I started the 5:2 diet, which I have combined with the 16:8 intermittent Fasting window. And today was successful! I did a lot of cleaning in my house to distract me from food, and I also drank a lot of black coffee. Yesterday I tried the one meal a day method of Fasting, and man....that went so wrong. But today I started intermittent fasting again (fortunately I found my motivation again), but not as strict as that OMAD fast. I hope this is something I can live with.

Here is what I ate today, and what I will probably eat all fast days:

Around 1-2 o'clock: A cup of cottage cheese (around 200 calories) with 1/2 cucumber (23 calories)
Then, a few hours later I ate 4 eggwhites with a little bit of mayonaise. (104 calories)
For 'dinner' I drank a Cambridge proteïn shake (153 calories)
Then I was somehow still a bit hungry, so I ate 2 celery sticks (13 calories)
I drank 3 cups of coffee containing a total of 24 calories.

I am so glad that today went well without experiencing ...

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I see that I am classified as being a new member despite joining the site in 2014 - how long do you have to be a member to qualify as not newbie?
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Hi everyone

I have been a member of this forum for a long time although have no idea how to start a new post, so glad to find this blog option. Whilst looking at the 3 courses on offer, I read the sample 'personalised plan' and noted a reference to a post called "Are you addicted to being busy" - I have searched on all of these words and just 'addicted to being busy' without success. My calendar is very full any many of my interests are on different days of the week so a regular fast on specific days does not suit me and I wondered if one of the Courses would help.

If anyone can let me know where I can find the 'busy' post, I will be most greatful

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First fast I broke down and ate way too much. My calorie count was 1000. It was much lower them I would normally eat.. so I guess it is a start.
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I admit it :frown: life got in the way! In 2014 I started 5:2. I enjoyed fasting but of course people have opinions. I started believing them and stopped. No more! I am excited to begin :victory: This is my plan. My fast days will be Tuesday and Thursday. Sundays will be a medium day.
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