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My three year anniversary!
07 Mar 2016, 13:43
Unbelievable that it is now three years. I'm still fasting twice a week, and recently did my 300th fast! (Yes, I keep a record!)
This forum helped so much in the early days, when fast days were hard. Now they are just a part of life. I'd prefer it if I could eat whatever I fancied on every day of the week, but doing this 2 days a week is something that works for me, at least at the moment.
Losing the weight has been great. I've taken up (slow) running, which I wouldn't have done before as too much strain on joints, and of course that has helped keep the weight off.
Clothes shopping is infinitely easier. If you told me to go and buy a dress to wear out tonight, I could go and get one this afternoon. Before, it would take alot more hunting to find something flattering. I have two bikinis now! And it must be said a slightly wrinkly tummy, but hey....
But most of all, I just feel better. It looks like me in the mirror. I can nip upstairs, and walk quickly up hills, and bend over.
So if you are in the early stages of this way of eating, I'd encourage you to keep going!
Re: My three year anniversary!
07 Mar 2016, 14:41
Happy Fastiversary :victory:
Re: My three year anniversary!
07 Mar 2016, 15:33
Thanks for prompting me- mine was last Friday!
Re: My three year anniversary!
07 Mar 2016, 17:45
Congratulations and well done both of you. Do not forget to celebrate in style :cool: :grin:
Re: My three year anniversary!
08 Mar 2016, 03:38
Congratulations @Annurca! I too started this woe three years ago but unlike you I didn't stick with it even though I was getting the results I wanted. I am back with a vengeance and am now on track to reach my goal weight in the next few months. I can't wait until I can join a Maintaining tent! You are an inspiration to those of us who think we know best even when the results show otherwise.
Re: My three year anniversary!
09 Mar 2016, 02:03
Wow, that's encouraging! It's great to hear from someone who has really made this a way of life! Thanks for sharing!
Re: My three year anniversary!
09 Mar 2016, 06:03
Hey, this week is mine too! I hadn't thought about it. @Annurca, your post could almost have come from me (but I don't keep a record!). I lost about 20 pounds in 2013, sailed through 2014, gained a few in 2015 which I'm buckling down to lose now. But I've never even approached overweight again, and I'm quite confident I never will. I fast twice a week when I'm trying to lose and once a week when I'm not. I started running at the age of 59, fell off the wagon, and am determined to climb back on this year.
What a way of life!
Re: My three year anniversary!
10 Mar 2016, 02:06
Hey @Annurca@Merlin [tag]WendyJane[/tag] wishing you all a happy 3rd anniversary, three for the price of one :wink: :wink: :wink:
Congratulations, I'm so pleased you are living and feeling health. It's heart warming. :like: :clover: :victory:
Re: My three year anniversary!
11 Mar 2016, 17:21
Woohooo! And well done wonderful fasting folk, we are invincible :smile: :lol: :victory: :like:
Re: My three year anniversary!
12 Mar 2016, 23:45
Congratulations to the Anniversary Club! You are truly inspiring. It helps me see myself doing the same. Thank you!
Re: My three year anniversary!
13 Mar 2016, 21:47
What a great achievement Annurca! Also @merlin and @wendyjane
This WOL has reaped great benefits for you all,both seen and unseen! X :like:
Massive congrats! :heart: x
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