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Re: Oh no, I did!
06 Sep 2017, 18:24
Hi Tracy,

I'm booked in with the physio at the end of this month. Meanwhile I will google 'clamshell' exercises lol.


cilla xxx
Re: Oh no, I did!
09 Sep 2017, 15:47
Good to see you back, @drilakila. You really have had a time of it since we last 'saw' you here but you sound as if your head is in a good place at the moment so long may it continue! Keep us posted on how you're doing and you can always come here and 'vent' if you need to!

Very good wishes coming your way from someone who remembers you from the time you first started! :smile:
Re: Oh no, I did!
16 Sep 2017, 12:33

I'm happy to report fasting is going well and I'm actually enjoying it. I've already lost a few kilos, four I think and a whopping 3 inches from my waist! Amazing! x
Re: Oh no, I did!
16 Sep 2017, 13:23
Great news! I'm glad it's going so well for you <3
Re: Oh no, I did!
16 Sep 2017, 21:52
A belated welcome back Cilla, @drilakila. :smile: :smile:

I have just briefly read through all this thread, to remind me of your situation. You certainly have had a tough time. It's great that you have returned to the forum - despite it being very quiet (and I noticed that when you started this thread the comments were that it was quiet - but nowhere near as quiet as it is now!!) I hope you get enough support to help you.

Good to hear that you are finding fasting okay - may that continue! Managing food consumption can be very difficult when you have health and other challenges in your life.

What sort of exercise are you doing now? Walking the dogs, of course, and are you horse riding still?

Anyway, very best wishes and good luck! :clover: :smile:
Re: Oh no, I did!
16 Sep 2017, 23:39
Hi sassy and thank you.
Exercise? Despite having arthritis in my hands and feet and fybromyalgia I manage to walk my dogs an hour a day, garden and DIY. I'm not quite riding my horse at the moment as my knee is still not good so we walk together too. I can't run either although I do try a few steps when playing with my horse but again my knee is too painful. Looking after her involves lifting sometimes 40kg bags of hay every day and lots of walking. It doesn't sound like much on paper but I still like to think I'm doing ok lol.
I did yoga for a while but my hands are too painful to carry on which is a shame because I loved it.
Hopefully after physio I might get my life back. x
Re: Oh no, I did!
17 Sep 2017, 21:00
Hi @drilakila, Cilla

Sounds like you are doing plenty of exercise given your restrictions! I remember before you have mentioned the very heavy bags you lift. 40kg is no mean feat! I don't think you should be doing any running with a dodgy knee.

Hopefully the physio will be able to help plus give you exercises that strengthen the relevant muscles so you can do more things. I have found physios to be excellent for helping with any back or knee issues I have had. With yoga, couldn't you just not do the exercises that don't put pressure on your hands, or find different ways to support yourself?? My wrists don't bend back very far, so I have to adjust how I lean on them - either by making a fist and leaning on that, or spreading my fingers and leaning on them (I do one hand one way, the other hand the other, if you follow!).

Btw, seems a long time to have to wait to see a physio - is that because it is the NHS? We have to go privately in Oz, but that does mean you can get appointments very quickly.

Best wishes. :clover: :smile:
Re: Oh no, I did!
18 Sep 2017, 08:58
I found consistent intense use of my hands = pain and in the end it just wore me down. Can't even use my hands to get myself out of bed some days which can be problematic lol. A lot of 'dying fly' goes on. Perhaps losing some weight will help with that!? No doubt about it really lol. I used to wear lots of rings and had to take them off because of the arthritis but the other day I found some of them and can now wear one ring that I didn't have to cut off with pliers as it fits over the enlarged joint. Joy in the small things.
I do envy you and anyone who can yoga despite problems. Might try going back to Tai Chi which I loved and was very good at but as there aren't any classes near me it will have to be using Youtube lol. Maybe the muscle memory will kick in and I will remember some of it.
I mange to do a lot some days and not others. Best of all I can still draw and paint, sew and some knitting so I am not going totally insane just yet. I do miss running in short spurts with my dogs and horse. I chased after one of my dogs the other day and almost passed out and screamed in pain when I took a big step. It could make me fearful of moving at all if I let it but that's a very slippery slope into disability if you ask me!

I should have booked an NHS physio when I had the latest misfortune but I didn't want anyone, anywhere near my knee. Then I kept putting it off.....thinking it would just get better on it's own (hangs head in shame). 4 weeks wait for an appointment is not unusual but I'm not complaining. I just can't afford to go private which obviously would have been a lot quicker.

Thank you for thinking of me and sending best wishes.

Best wishes to you too.

cilla xxx
Re: Oh no, I did!
15 Oct 2017, 12:38
Well, waddyaknow!! Since I started back fasting at the end of August I've lost 7kg, 10 cms from my waist and 9 cms off my hips!! My BMI has gone down 1.5 points too.
Some days fasting can be hard going and the temptation to eat something extra is almost overwhelming so I go to bed instead lol.
Thrilled doesn't quite cover how I feel about this success. My body is changing shape in a good way which I find interesting as my response has been to like myself a tiny bit more than I usually do. I bought new knickers recently only to find they were too big! I may have to go down a size to 14's. yay!
I'm sure my knees are happy with my progress too and the physio exercises are really working although it's slow progress healing my body.
I also find it a relief to not eat on fast days and there's joy in what i do eat on non fasting days. Must say a lot about my relationship with food. Marvelous. x
Re: Oh no, I did!
16 Oct 2017, 09:59
Wow, @drilakila, you should be feeling very pleased with your weight loss! You have really been working hard at your fasting to have such a good result and it can only help with your mobility difficulties. Well done to you! :victory: :victory: :smile:
Re: Oh no, I did!
16 Oct 2017, 11:20
Thanks!! I am feeling very pleased with myself x
Re: Oh no, I did!
23 Oct 2017, 17:38
Although I have gained a kilo this week I was astonished the other day to be able to fit into some clothes I haven't worn for a year or three lol. How fabulous to be able to wear my waterproof trousers and jacket to the yard or dog walking again and stay dry for once.
I feel strangely. but wonderfully, different body-wise. It's like I have a different body all of a sudden. I can see my feet when I look down!!! Not to mention feeling lighter lol. Bits of me have stopped continuing to move when I stand still! My knees seem to be appreciating the loss too.
I'm still getting the odd feeling of nausea on fast days but it's brief and passes as quickly as it came.
I have quite a few things I have stashed away that I'm looking forward to wearing again one day, all the dresses I made three years ago and of course my four+ pars of size 14 jeans.
Happy days!
Re: Oh no, I did!
24 Oct 2017, 03:02
It's great to read how pleased you are with your progress. :smile: :smile: :smile: Wonderful for you to be fitting into (favourite) clothes again and to be feeling comfortable with your body. Best wishes for continued success. :clover:
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