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Visualise weight gain prevented
03 Jun 2015, 05:03
Thought I would revitalise this old idea of making weight gain prevented visable. The trouble is: you can't see something that is not there. And still we all prevent weight gain. Those that are maintaining succesfully (of course), but also if you are struggling in the wobble tent, you know that things would have been worse without fasting. But how to calculate the weight gain prevented. Here is a method that is not too complicated (just try):

One way of indicating results during maintenance is to calculate your weight gain prevented:
We can do that by comparing our current TDEE with TDEE at the start of using 5:2. You can find current TDEE at the progress tracker. For the TDEE at start: enter a new ‘weigh-in data’ using your weight at the start of 5:2. Check the tracker home and you see the TDEE at start of 5:2. Write it down and delete the new data.
Take the difference between TDEE at start and current TDEE (for me that’s 200), divide it by 1100 and you get the weekly weight gain in kg. It is the weight gain that you would get in a week if you would today have been eating according to you diet at the start of 5:2. So, it is the weight gain that you have prevented by your current successful maintenance strategy (for me that’s 0.18 kg.). In case your weight at start of 5:2 was not stable, but was rising: add the weekly weight gain that you had at the start.
Of course you can do it for months if that is more easy: for me for one month: 4*180=720 grams). Total weight gain prevented is number of weeks/month on maintenance times the weekly/monthly weight gain prevented.

If your weight is going up and down, simply take the lowest weight you achieved to do the calculation and the number of weeks/months since then and compare it to your actual gain.

Did the actual calculation just now and discovered it is a bit above 12 kg, which would take me just over my starting weight :grin:
So how to visualise this? Thought a wet fish might do the trick
Better ideas welcome: show your weight gain prevented
Thanks @P-JK for referring me to this from the June Maintenance thread. I have done my maths and if I hadn't been maintaining (more or less!) since July 2nd,2013, when I hit my target for the first time, I would have been 30 pound heavier and therefore six pounds heavier than my starting weight in Jan 2013. It makes the occasional fasts, which I need to maintain, seem very worthwhile!

I still haven't mastered the art of posting pictures on here but I have a sack of chicken feed which weighs 25 pounds and I can't lift it. My poor body was carrying nearly all that around all the time and if I hadn't been maintaining it would have been 20% more than that! :shock:
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