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I could suggest bringing out the wet fish.....but I definitely won't - on account of the fact that what has happened to you is not remotely funny @janeg. It is so hard to offer anything useful - not knowing your stats. All I will say is I am very sorry you are not being rewarded for your efforts..because that sucks.

At times like these, you must go with your instinct - whatever that is. Best of luck! Xx
Hi all especially @janeg. I really have not piece of advise for you other than you are giving it your best and if you don't lose any more weight, then maybe it is time to make this WOL an enjoyable one especially with the move coming on.

I used to do 4:3 last year when I was losing my weight but since I am maintaining (only want go a few pounds lower) DODO is definitely not the answer any more. I had lost a couple of pounds last week but really sabotaged this at the weekend when I rewarded my excellent fasting week by outrageous treats. I don't know what happens psychologically, but if I am very successful and have eaten very little (me thinks) during the week, I want to reward my body and say: "Here you go have a lovely cake, you deserve it, good girl"

I am doing three fasts this week knowing that this weekend, I can't sabotage my good efforts as I am going away, visiting family. But as of next week, I would rather do 2 very good fast days than 3 half-hearted ones. I find if I am hungry with 700 cals, I might as well be hungry with 300 cals or 0 cals but only once or twice a week.

I can't say that after over half a year of maintaining that I have found a single strategy I want to adhere to. How I fast dependes very much on my mood and that makes this WOL never boring. One thing is for sure, I will not give up the principle of fasting, it has become part of me.
Fasting to suit is the key. If this challenge has taught us anything, it's what our preferred fasting method is.
I'm having an ME setback big time so haven't bean fasting that well.
Hope that the rest of you are managing ok.
How's your husband Sally @Sallyo?
I must say I've bean really impressed with how you're all coping with this way of fasting. Carie @carieoates you're doing so well!
Good luck everyone. This time next week your challenge will be over! xx
My husband has been diagnosed with heart disease, @nursebean. He is still in hospital and will remain there for another week. I have found fasting while I am staying in someone else's house and while all this is going on, really hard and I have decided to stop DODOing for now. I will go back to 5:2 when I am home again. I am glad I did this challenge even though I haven't managed the full month. I am sorry you have had an ME set back. Awful illness. Do you think doing DODO has contributed to it?
My thoughts are with you Sally @sallyo, things are hard enough for you without adding fasting on top.
@nursebean hope you feel better soon and thanks for the support and giving me the push I needed. I'm still struggling to do 500 per fast but think even if I'm over a bit, its better than nothing :wink:
It's a lot better than nothing, @raggy! 500 is such a low number. If you go over by a hundred or two, from time to time, it is not the end of the world. Life does get in the way from time to do emotions.

I like to think of myself as a "work in progress"....mainly because I don't remotely understand what drives me to comfort eat. Any day that I'm not stuffing my face with reckless abandon...counts as a success in my book!'s all a matter of degrees....and, every little helps.
@Hazelnut20 thanks, you've cheered me up so much... I've been beating myself up that I just dont seem to be able to get down to 500 and feeling a bit of a failure :frown:

Thanks sooooo much your support :)
My pleasure @raggy! That's just how it works on here - I've had so much support myself from the forum members, whose perspective can be so helpful when you are stuck in some kind of rut.

Just wanted you to see how well you are doing...xx
Morning all,
Not sure what's happening with my body but I've gained for the last four days, which is a pain. Hoping its water weight
Fasting today and going ok but it's only 9.40!!
What a pain @raggy but keep strong as the scales can be a fickle friend. I have been stuck on a plateau for a couple of weeks - the scales uncannily read the same every time I got on. I even changed the batteries! Finally this morning I dropped 300g. I was ridiculously pleased! :victory:

Fasting today and going well. I had a banana at 5 on the way to the gym and have just had chicken wrapped in prosciutto with mashed sweet potato and pumpkin and steamed asparagus. Planning ahead really makes a difference and I had dinner all ready to pop in the oven when I got home. Sparkling water with a slice of lime to drink. Looking forward to having sushi for lunch tomorrow.
Been trying to get online for hours to respond @pilchards... Virginmedia has been down all day and I've got mobile TV and broadband with them so been forced to do my company accounts tonight when I thought I'd be chilling! And just worked out how to use my pho as a mobile hotspot.... Which has taken me over an hour to connect and get online
The scales are not my friend at the mo at all but measured my waist for the first time in months and seem to be two inches down.
Your dinner made me drool all over my desk... Wick woman that you are.
I've made lunch for tomorrow and it's a yummy courgette pad Thai with prawns
Just realised that Monday is bank holiday and it's not a fast day yippee.
You know what @nursebean, I like the idea of MWF then T Thur but will I undo the good over that very long weekend of non fasts or will I be able to apply the mindful eating skinny jean style.....
Getting ready to complete my MWF weeks and the end has lots of lovely morning (super fat burning) exercise classes so that helps keep me focussed
In a way Carie @carieoates this method should help getting used to mindful eating. After all, can we fast forever? Surely some day we'll be able to fast once a week and eat sensibly and only when we're hungry the rest of the time. It would be so good if food wasn't such a big part of life!
Enjoy the weekend xx
Well? Here we are...THE END OF THE DODO CHALLENGE...Yippeee I hear you cry!
So how did it go? Look forward to hearing from you
Bean xx
Hello, even though this challenge is over I will continue for a while, as I think I was starting to resent the "No food on Friday's". Which in itself isn't the end of the world but if I'm going to get to goal by my fastiversary I'm going to have to buckle down seriously buckle down.
Like I've said to many a newbie your head has to be in the right place otherwise you're done before you've started,
I'm spraying my calories over two meals, a small lunchtime salad with protein then either another larger one at dinner or a veg based evening meal. Cauliflower rice, veg curry, veg chilli, all of things I love to eat, and ,y spiral isle needs to get busy again. And carbs early in the day only. The new BBQ will also help as its a very healthy way to cook.
Good luck everyone with your results show. I'm not joining in till I've finished my own personal challenge.
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