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Congratulations to everyone who lost weight this week! The scale was down 1/2 pound for me from last week, but that is still up in general. This is definitely a tricky time for me. It's so busy and stressful and there are so many temptations that I just want to throw in the towel, but I'm trying not to completely go off the deep end. So I'm still planning my meals and trying my best to stick with them

If I could, I'd say I deserve probably 1/2 star. I've been mostly good with 16:8, pretty good with my 10,000 steps (I'm averaging that many but some days are less and some are more), I've been doing good with my water. But I have not been doing good with my carbs and sweets!

I'm going to keep trying. I'd love to at least get back down to 165 and stay there through the holidays. I really don't want to go up any higher than I am now. This week will be tough with Thanksgiving, but I'll try to be good the other days and the good news is that with 4 days off from both jobs, I can definitely get in a lot of exercise!!

Happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate!)
Calling out to @Matillian, @loversghost and @nycnyc2013 for updates! Hope you are doing okay - and not just with eating strategies. :smile: :clover:

@Cblasz, I did award you half a star (I couldn't work out a more interesting way to represent it). You certainly deserve credit for the 16:8, walking and water! As for indulging in all the (sweet) food around to tempt - don't ask me how to handle this... :grin:

I continue to search for a way of thinking that will help me resist temptation when it means I am eating too much. Kate Horwood talks about respecting your body - I am working out whether I can use that.

I continue to admire Stowgateresident for her discipline after a period of indulgence. :smile: The reward of losing the gain (generally quite easily) must be motivating. I do understand how the scales can help with this.

Some of fancyfinch's enthusiasm wouldn't go astray for me either! :razz:
Thanks @Sassy1! I have been thinking about eating habits. It takes so much energy for me to eat "right" and I wonder if I can ever just not even consider having a brownie or cookie that's in the teacher's lounge or whatever. I know one problem we have is thinking we are hungry when we are really bored, lonely, stressed, sad, etc.

However, I also find that sometimes even if I'm not hungry, if it's lunch or dinner time, I feel like I "should" eat. I think that's a big part of how we were raised. We make kids eat even if they say they aren't hungry! There's soooo much behavioral and physical science behind it all, it's amazing anyone can lose weight!

Just some random thoughts I've had!
Yes, Sassy, I've been following my strategies these 3 weeks! They have changed somewhat. I now have a small eating window, 21/3. I still exercise, eat low carbs and no sweets (on Sundays a very dark chocolate piece). Margot :smile:

I'm sorry I disappeared :oops: I got sick, I left my lunch out of the refrigerator all morning, I ate it but it must have gone bad because I was sick for a week, it was so bad.
About my strategies, I have exercised a little but not as much as I want to. I am drinking more water, I bring a bottle to work and drink throughout the day.
I weighed myself this morning: 77.5kg :victory: but it is probably from that week of horror. I hope I can keep it going down :grin: I have definitely been eating less after that :silly:
Dear @Matillian

Good to hear from you. Sounds like very bad food poisoning. Very unpleasant for you. Not the best way to lose weight, even if that is a bonus... :razz:

Great you are drinking more water - especially important after the food poisoning when you were likely to be dehydrated. Don't push yourself too much with fasting, let your body recover. Eat foods that will be gentle on your insides as well as nutritious.

I think you deserve a star or two - what do you think?
Wow @margotsylvia, you are being very strict! Do you intend this way of eating to be your long term strategy?
I just want to share that I went to the walking/running group again tonight and it was a great. A woman who does running/walking intervals went with me. She had to lengthen the walking intervals for me a bit, but I was able to keep up and it was just amazing! Walking/running at night is so different. And I was pretty good with my food today too!! Of course, it's all downhill from here with the holiday weekend coming!
Well my weight is the same, no movement down, which is bad, but also no movement up, which is good! I've been sticking to my eating window (16:8) and I've been avoiding sugar and flour. The problem is, I can see the carbs creeping back in, little by little. Today I had sushi for dinner, and I know that is a lot of rice. Even though I'm still proud of myself for avoiding dessert, I'm down a good 25lbs, so if I want to go lower I'm going to need to either do some longer fasts or get really strict with the carbs! So tricky this time of year, I'm always saying no to treats at work, etc. And then Thanksgiving! I'm serving lots of pie because I don't like pie! Hahaha SO I say I get one star, for not gaining!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrates!
Good to hear that the walk/run group is going well, @cblasz, and that you have been doing okay with your eating. Re the Thanksgiving weekend, what do you WANT to do re food? Do you want to place any limits on what you eat, or are you prepared to just let yourself have whatever? If the former, perhaps some sort of "plan of attack" might help - i.e. work out in advance how you want to handle all food situations.

I empathize with your earlier post about being brought up to eat even if not hungry, and feeling like you should have lunch and dinner regardless of hunger. Also such things as always finishing what is on your plate...

I was interested in your comment that you find it takes too much energy to eat well. Could you expand on that a bit?

Good to hear from you @nycnyc2013. Sounds like you might have similar Thanksgiving challenges... Re stars, these are awarded for sticking to your strategies, and are independent of what happens to your weight, but it does sound as if you have earned at least one star!

What other carbs are you considering eliminating / reducing from your diet? Weight loss should not be dependent on (severely) reducing carbs, though I know a lot of people take this approach, and it does seem to speed weight loss for many. White rice is probably something you could only have occasionally tho! But I do believe that a variety of whole grains, fruit and starchy veg have a place in a balanced diet as they contain many important nutrients - assuming no allergies etc. What is your typical diet?
Yes, Sassy, this is fairly easy. I think I might even continue it during Christmas, to control the weight gain a bit. But it is too early to say that yet. At the moment my weight is a bit stuck again.... but that is how it seems to go. :confused:
@Sassy1 - I just mean that it takes a lot of planning/effort to eat right. and I have to try hard not to eat when I'm not supposed to and to resist temptations. I will say that 16:8 has become fairly easy for me. It's mostly just part of my routine, but there are still sometimes when I feel hungry in the morning and eat anyway, but most of the time I can hold off.
I'm not particularly worried about what I eat this weekend, especially on Thanksgiving. As I said I will be able to get a lot of exercise in at least!
Today my weight was not stuck. It was 62.2 kg :smile:
Congratulations, @Margotsylvia. Your strategies seem to be working for you. Onwards and downwards! :victory:

@Sassy1, I would like to claim my two stars for this week please. I have lost another .6 of a pound so am now below my target weight for the first time in quite a few months and have stuck to my other strategies throughout the week. :victory:

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. I am on a non-fast day and allowing myself a few treats because of sticking with it this week. I am hoping not to go too mad because it only means having to be even more disciplined during the rest of the week to make up for it. :cry: I will, however, have a glass of wine with dinner and maybe a dessert! Yum! :smile:
Stars added, @Stowgateresident! You must be feeling very pleased with yourself, being able to stick with your strategies, with results as you would wish. Enjoy your treats!

Things continue well for you @margotsylvia, is it time for more stars?

How is everyone else going - it is time for another checking in the next few days.

I think I will award myself a star - at last!! I haven't mindlessly eaten for nearly a week. No fasting though...

It's now four weeks until Christmas, and we are about halfway through the challenge. Very best wishes for the rest of the time! :clover: :smile:
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