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Hi all!

Well I did reasonably well. I'm not sure if I actually lost any weight during this challenge, because my scales broke and were kinda obviously wrong. But I have new scales, and I think I behaved myself for the most part over the course of the challenge. @Cblasz, I'm happy for you to host the next challenge!

I'm doing better at sticking to my doctor's guidelines. I think it's very rare now that I go over 60g carbs in a day. Yesterday I actually did want to tear into a packet of cheese puffs, but I didn't do it. I had a small square of very dark (86%) chocolate instead. I will say that I thought eating low carb/high fat would result in much faster results. But I'm eating well, I'm not constantly hungry and I'm not gaining. So these are all good things.
Finishing up on labor day! Well, overall I did really well. Except for this last week! Oops. I was going along really strong, two fasts and low carb no sugar. I lost 10 lbs in July. For this challenge I did get down another 10, but then I gained back 4. So a total loss of 16lbs for the summer. I'm very happy with that!
The problem is I went back to work and promptly gained 4 lbs. They've stuck around for a week, so I can't even blame it on a fluke or water. I think it was the stress. I felt like I wasn't eating much, but I skipped meals and had snacks and I guess those snacks really add up, even though they were low carb/no sugar.
Yes, I hope someone does a new challenge! The board is so quiet that we really need a challenge for a spot to check in. I think the checking in really helps! I need to think about what my new plan will be, I can't really do the crazy fasts I was doing (42 hours with nothing but water/coffee/broth) while I'm at work. I'm thinking I'll do 16::8 or something like that. As long as I stay away from the sugar I'll be happy.
Sorry it's been a mixed challenge for a lot of you guys. I think the key is that you still came and checked in, and you're still making plans and that will keep us going in the right direction!
Hi all, I missed last months challenge target so I'm delighted to have a success this month!

I targeted 11st 3lbs (3.5lbs down from 1st day of challenge) & this morning I was 11st 2.5lbs (so 4lbs down). And today's a diet day so I'm hoping to see an even lower number tomorrow after last-day-of-challenge today. I'll let you know if I do, because I'll be over the moon!
My only goal was to lose any amount of weight by today, and turns out I'm exactly the same weight. Lolol. However, I'm actually completely psyched that I'm exactly the same weight, because I ended up eating some 4000 calories (estimated, so probably much more) the day of my sister's wedding this weekend. Plus, I started my period, which always adds on pounds. I attempted fasting the first day of my period (the day before the wedding) and I became very lightheaded and started seeing spots, so that became a partial fast day as I went up to 1200 cals. I fasted yesterday, and am doing so again today. But already I'm calling this a win! I mean, I've never NOT gained weight during my period! I'm looking forward to the next challenge! Great job everyone! :grin:
Congratulations everyone. Looks like a lot of success.stories from this challenge. Not so for me. My average weight for the week was still in the 99s (kilos that is). Oh well. Maybe next challenge. I am on a bit of a plateau at the moment. Resolve is still solid and that's what counts. See you all next challenge!
And then I woke up this morning 2.4 lbs down! :grin:
Squeee! that's great news @Fancyfinch

@Fat_Teacher, I'd say you're still doing really well

@WarriorPrincess -- that is awesome!!! Well done!

@NYCNYC2013 -- 16 pounds down in the summer is fantastic! You should be very proud of yourself!

My new scale says I'm 6.8 pounds down from the doctors office on June 26. Sigh. I'd prefer it was more, but down is good. I've been mostly behaving *very* well. I've definitely been well below 125g/carbs day every day, and well below 60 most days.
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