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25th of November. that means 1 month to Christmas.

How are you going on the challenge if you have joined.

About 3 .5 weeks left as the challenge finishes December 20.

Step it up if you feel you need to. You have time to look and feel good on Christmas week! And if you are in Oz, look great on the beach!

cheers all.

heres the link about the challenge. 5-2-diet-chat-f6/preregister-to-join-the-christmas-2015-supa-challenge-t14546.html
Well I just joined the challenge as of yesterday, so will see just how much I can lose personally in 3 1/2 weeks (I still can't believe how close it is).

The next month looks to be plenty busy (chaotic) with work and other things, so if nothing else I'll certainly be getting my exercise in. Best of luck to everyone else on the challenges (and slightly jealous of those in the Sourthern Hemisphere and sunny beaches. But then I'm from England and we never really have sunny beaches anyway lol).
Awful! I was doing so great up until this past weekend when I went off to visit a friend for a mini vacation. I was up 4 pounds as of yesterday and 6 pounds as of today! Yikes. I know a lot of that is water, but it is still disheartening to see on the scale. And Thanksgiving is tomorrow so I don't plan on that number going down at all this week. BUT, I refuse to continue with the trend of weight gain during the holidays. I decided this year was going to be different and I'm going to stick to that, dagnabbit! No stuffing my face tomorrow. I'm telling myself that it's just another day. Sure, there will be massive quantities of food, but there's no reason why I need to eat like there's no tomorrow. Moderation, moderation, moderation! And I'm working out in the morning to help.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow (and for the rest of this challenge)!
I haven't been active much on the forum, but I've been plugging away at the 5:2. I haven't been terribly strict over the calories...but the fast days have come in at 500 to 650 ish, although one reached 1000! I do have "issues" with calorie counting, as it became an obsession when young and only 9 stone. If only I could tell my younger self how light that was! Anyway, I use Lifesum app on phone and and iPad which has proved really useful. They also have calorie counts for a lot of European products which helps.
Anyway, looking at the data for September and October to compare with now, I've lost a kg in each month, and 5 cm round the waist, so I think I can read that as progress! It's difficult to feel elated, because I joined in the early days, so my progress reflects the many months I didn't do anything. On the current rate from the start, I should reach my goal in about 2056! Yet the charts all have a downward slope.
I think I'm pleased. The run up to Christnas involves a lot of baking for others, such as our International Bazaar, where all the countries represented in Luxembourg get together and sell goods and foods from home for charity. It raises huge amounts and is great fun. It is this weekend, so I've made four dozen mince pies, 12 lbs of marmalade and 3lbs of lemon curd. Yes, I am a bowl and spoon licker too! I intend to patronise most of the stalls. Tonight we shall visit the Christnas market in town , where the ruinous Grompererkichelcher will be available, in their potatoey, deep fried glory! These are Luxembourgish potato cakes. I eat them twice a year.
Might fast on Sunday...
So, making progress. It's slow, isn't it, and up and down. Will keep on in the New Year this time, to reach my goal of only two stone above that weight I fretted about so much at 21.
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