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Re: June Solstice Challenge
19 Apr 2017, 10:48
Welcome @StowgateResident! We have a nice little group forming here! Good luck to everyone!!

There's still room for more, if anyone else is interested!!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
19 Apr 2017, 12:31
Welcome aboard @StowgateResident! I was hoping we might have enough to form a basketball team. Now we have seven! That's enough for ... hmmm ... [quick Google search] ... Oh of course ... a Rugby Sevens team. Let's try for a full rugby team of 14!
Fasting tomorrow ... that came around very quickly.
Re: June Solstice Challenge
21 Apr 2017, 11:01
How is everyone doing this week?

I'm doing pretty good. I had one slightly high carb day, when I ate some pizza during a 12 hour day of work, but besides that I'm mostly sticking to my plan. I'm hoping next week will be even better, since it should be a more normal week at work. I have peeked at the scale and it's down a little. I won't weigh in officially until Monday. I have to be careful not to spoil it this weekend!!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
21 Apr 2017, 22:12
Good for you, @cblasz, you must be pleased with your start. :smile:

I started well, not quite so "good" last night... Didn't have my usual salad lunch, as went out to lunch (which was yummy but lots of carbs) and not sure whether that had implications later on...

We now have a 4-day weekend, we were going away but a change in circumstances meant we have decided to stay home. I want to still treat it as a holiday weekend, and of course we have no formal commitments as we were going to be away. May be much harder to stick to my challenge strategies unless I keep very busy...

Saw an interview last night with Robert Lustiq, who is visiting Australia. This reminded me about viewing sugar as addictive, and may go some (all?) of the way to explaining why I gradually eat more and more milk chocolate if I have it every day. Which is why one of my challenges was to only have chocolate every other day. But that hasn't been happening, maybe also because of the addictive properties? Oh dear...
Re: June Solstice Challenge
23 Apr 2017, 16:54
Hi gang!
Stowy@stowgateresidentand @rawkarenso glad youve both joined us!X
and @fat_teacheri love yr radio station idea!that is so creative!
Hope all doing ok x i am one pound down from last week X onwards and downwards folks! :like: X
Re: June Solstice Challenge
23 Apr 2017, 17:59
Reporting my first weigh-in since the start of the challenge. 2.5 pounds lost since last Sunday so a good start! Sadly, had my weigh in day been yesterday, I would have lost even more but I had wine, cake and rhubarb crumble and custard last night for dinner so I only have myself to blame!
I am away in Spain next Sunday visiting our daughter so will weigh in the Sunday after that.
How is everyone else doing?
Re: June Solstice Challenge
24 Apr 2017, 00:30
Congratulations @CandiceMarie and @StowgateResident - on successful first weeks! I'll be weighing in tomorrow AM.

Enjoy your time in Spain, Stowgate!!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
24 Apr 2017, 11:03
I'm down 1.6 lbs this week. Not bad, even though last week I was up. But still moving in the right direction! Let's hope I can keep it up!

How is everyone else doing? I can give out stars on the first post reflecting everyone's progress! (I wish there was a sun, but a star will have to do)
Re: June Solstice Challenge
24 Apr 2017, 11:06
Wow. Some great results for Week 1 @CandiceMarieand @StowgateResident. I am weighing in tomorrow with @Cblasz, so hopefully we can do as well as you both!
I fasted for 24 hours straight (not through any design or intention -I just didn't get time today), so I am wondering if that will affect things on the scale tomorrow one way or another.
Tonight's fish, however, was the best meal I have had in ages - just because I was sooooo hungry. The pot of gold at the end of the fasting rainbow.

Glad to have tomorrow off for ANZAC Day here.

Watch this space for tomorrow's weigh in, and @Sassy1, get that chocolate OUT OF THE HOUSE! :grin: If I had KFC in my fridge I'd be done for. It's not so I can't be tempted.
Re: June Solstice Challenge
25 Apr 2017, 00:01
Yay. End of Week 1 on the challenge and I am down to a new record low: 105.7kg (233 lbs)(This means a loss of 1.2kg or 2.65lbs since last Tuesday). This is my lowest weight since May last year!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
25 Apr 2017, 11:17
Congrats @fat_teacher!! Keep up the good work!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
26 Apr 2017, 00:49
You must be feeling as pleased with your weight loss as you sound @fat_teacher! It is of course great to see a loss as the result of your efforts, but the real reward should be for being in "control" of your eating and making healthy choices. As cblasz says, keep up the good work! :smile: :smile:
Re: June Solstice Challenge
26 Apr 2017, 21:36
Well, I have to say I'm fairly proud of myself. It has been a very stressful day/week. I decided that I needed to get out of the building at lunch and I went to the post office to mail a package. I felt like getting a horrible lunch while I was out. But, I didn't. I did splurge a little and got a chai from Starbucks and ended up only eating part of my lunch. Then in our meeting this afternoon there was candy - m&m and reese's and I consider eating some, but I did not!!!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
27 Apr 2017, 14:41
Thank you so much for starting this @cblasz!!

I am back from Paris, and my excuses are gone. I was not doing as well before the trip, because "there's no point in cutting sugar and doing all that work to curb the addiction when I'm just going to eat all the sugar in Paris!" Such a bad attitude!! As expected, I did gain weight in Paris, and my scales showed me at 210 when I returned. BUT I've already lost three of that and this morning weighed in at 207.1 I do suspect much of that was water retention from the air travel.

So, my plan:
- keep on with the hybrid ww/5:2 system. Mondays and Thursdays are light days where I don't eat all my points. Wednesdays and weekends I can indulge in uneaten points and the bonus weeklies. watch/limit carbs. Eat more protein and vegetables.

- Alcohol 2x per week (not more than 3x per week, all points counted)

- Desserts/sugar - not more than 3 points worth per day, (basically one small square dark chocolate) although I may have a proper dessert up to 2x week if I count all the calories/points - aim for dark chocolate/lower sugar desserts.

- exercise - 10K per day, no excuses. I did 16k-25k daily in Paris (ok, 25k was once but still). No excuses now - weather is mild and we can do 2 miles after dinner because it's light out now.

As for my goal by June 20- I'm not sure what is realistic or achievable. There is about 7 weeks left. I think I'll set my goal as 195lbs, which means losing 12 pounds by June 20 and curbing my sugar addiction.
Re: June Solstice Challenge
27 Apr 2017, 21:04
Hi @Tracieknits

Good to see you back - I had been wondering when you would return from Paris.

Best wishes for sticking with your plan and for curbing the sugar addiction! It really is a hard one to beat, isn't it? It seems to me that the only people who are successful with this longer term are those who weren't great fans of sweet things to start with. We don't often hear of people who love all things sweet being able to cut these right back permanently - though of course there would be some.

Any new insights or thoughts you have on how to curb the sugar monster will be appreciated! (My solstice plans in this regard worked for a few days and then I just fell back into the usual bad habits.)

Good luck! :clover:
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