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I I've been trying to fast but the days haven't been 100% successful. On Monday it was a public holiday so I fasted Tuesday (till dinner time, then had sausages and mash) and yesterday went out with a bunch of mums from my daughter's primary school (who have ended up at different schools). I'd fasted till my first glass of wine, then had antipasto, pizzas, more wine... Scales were back to 72.7kg this morning so after all these weeks of trying I'm back to where I started. This Monday we'll have people over for dinner (work related) so I can hardly serve them our regular 5:2 'pizza'. Anyway, lots of exercise, aiming for three alcohol free days and only desert Fr-Sun. Only silver lining is that I haven't gone above the 72.7kg...
@cblasz ive lost nine pounds now
Back soon to catch up with yr news
Happy weekend all and happy challenging xx
@CandiceMarie - very impressive!!! I'll have to go back and review what you are doing, but it's probably the low carbs!

@Wmr309 - hang in there! Unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes!! But you have to enjoy yourself too! Like you said at least you haven't gained weight. I feel like if I didn't even try that's what would happen, so at least by doing good when I can, it balances it out!

I went out to dinner with my work friends last night and we had drinks, dinner and shared dessert. But I kinda glanced at this scale this morning and it wasn't too bad. I'm hoping to stick to my weekly challenge and get exercise in today and tomorrow. I have one week of school left and then I start my summer vacation and new routine. I'm excited and nervous about it!!
Well, I'm down a whole 1/10th of a pound down from last week, but I'm actually ok with that, although I'm no where near my challenge goal. Hopefully I can get a little closer by 4th of July. This is my last week of school (work), so I will try to figure things out once I can focus on it more!

It sure is quiet around here. Any other news??
I know what you're saying, @Cblasz. Here it is, the long awaited June 20 and I am still above a 100kg, not enjoying this little plateau I'm currently experiencing. Thank goodness we're going into overtime!
Official Final Solstice Weigh In today is 101.9kg (224.2lbs).
Let's see what we can do in our extension.
Well, I think you've done pretty well @Fat_Teacher!!!
Hello, fellow Solstice Challengers! I returned on Monday the 19th June from my Belgium holiday 3.5 pounds heavier than when I left (149.6 pounds)! The good news is that this morning - the Summer Solstice - and after one day of fasting (yesterday) I am now down to just less than when I left, weighing in at 149.4 pounds. :smile: I imagine that I was holding onto a lot of fluid because of all the carbs and alcohol that I enjoyed whilst I was there :pig: and the light fast day yesterday just stripped that out of my body.

I am planning to continue my weight loss campaign by having salad at lunchtimes on non-fast days, no alcohol during the week (and maybe not at the weekends either) and a substantial evening meal. I will not be counting calories but years of dieting and calorie counting have given me a good idea of what I should and shouldn't be eating, so there is no excuse for me not to lose my last 2.4 pounds before the 4th July. I must just focus on the cruise clothes and the need to fit into them! :wink:
I was a bit worried this morning as I haven't done a proper fast in a fortnight, and had pasta with chicken, pancetta, mushrooms and cream last night (and wine) but I am exactly the same, still 70.9 kg. That's still three kilograms to go but at least not five! I'll give it my best the next fortnight.
It has been a very bad eating/fasting week for me. It was the last week of school and I definitely got into that "screw it" kind of mode. And I have to say I feel fatter than I have been in a long time. There were recent pictures and I just look terrible. The scale may be down a little but I haven't been good with exercising this year, so I think I'm less toned too. So if nothing else this summer, I'm going to work on that. But I need to work on my eating too. I need to be much stricter with my eating window and my carb intake. Maybe I can shake things up in the next week or so!
Hello fellow super solstice challengers and our respected leader, @cblasz. Reporting in on my usual 'official' weigh-in day. (I have weighed on a Sunday morning for a zillion years - no idea why but probably an attempt to rein in my weekend eating when I was working!)

It is very hard for me to believe but this morning I weighed in at 145.7 pounds! :victory: That is 3.7 pounds less than when I weighed in on Wednesday and a whole 7.4 pounds since I returned from my Belgian break on Monday. I have checked the scales by getting on and off them three times and even changed the battery but the reading remained the same so I am accepting it with gratitude!

This is the lowest weight that I have been since last October and I am now comfortably back within my maintenance range. I have also achieved my 4th July Challenge a week or so early, although not the Solstice Challenge, with a loss of 10.4 pounds. Just to consolidate this loss, I will continue with my current eating plan, although next week I have my daughter and granddaughters coming to stay for a week and that always makes fasting tricky as I don't like to make a 'thing' about not eating around the children.

I apologise if this post makes some of you feel a little 'down' about your own weight loss but it may help if you consider that if a 68 year old, not very active, pensioner can do it then there is hope for you too! I am fully expecting a plateau after this but I can live with that! Love to all! Onwards and downwards! :smile:
Good for you @Stowgateresident! I think you have a very healthy and practical approach to eating and weight management and you may well be reaping the reward for that. :smile: Enjoy the time with your family! :smile: :smile: :smile:
good luck with your goal
Congratulations @StowgateResident!!! I'm very impressed! It seems to me you did meet your Solstice challenge. I will update your stars!! Good luck with your maintaining!!

I'm sure the scale isn't going to be too kind tomorrow because I wasn't trying last week. But I'm going to the grocery store today and have my plan for the week! We'll see how it goes and I'll tweak it as needed!

Anyone up for starting our next challenge??
I'm back - but only to say thank you to @cblasz, @Sassy1, @Fat_Teacher and @Tracieknits for your awesome support during this and previous challenges.

I made it to the wedding yesterday and wore the size 6 dress. I did it! but I won't do that again. Was like wearing a corset for 7 hours. My rib cage is not a size 6. I accept that. I dropped 8lb so that's good.

The reason I'm posting this is because someone said - i think it was@StowgateResident in one of the threads that people leave without explanation.

While I was away from here, I tried not to think about losing weight but just being healthy which includes fasting regularly, and I discovered that I lost weight by not thinking about it and tracking and fussing and mostly worrying about whether or not I'll be able to or not.

Well done to all of my fellow challengers :victory:
Thank you and good luck! I'll be gone for a long time, not sure if I'll be back.

May you all be happy :heart:
Congratulations on your success Wakki :) It's really kind of you to pop along and say thanks & goodbye. Here's wishing you continued success - and we're here for you if you ever feel like stopping by again x
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