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Thank you, @wakki22, for letting us know that you are leaving us and congratulations on achieving what you wanted with the dress for the wedding - that is lovely to hear.

It sounds as if this forum has helped you find a way of living which will allow you to control your weight in a way which is suitable for you and I guess that means it has succeeded in its original aim of supporting those seeking to learn more about the 5:2 WOL. It's rather like a parent who supports their child to achieve independence but then part of that is letting them go and make their own way forward.

Good luck in the future and, should you ever feel so inclined, let us know how you are getting on. Valerie. :heart:
Congrats on your success @Wakki22! Good luck going forward! We'll be here if you want to come back!

As suspected, the scale is up today. But I feel good about my new summer plan and optimistic that I will lose some weight this summer! Hopefully I'll be back down a little by next Monday to end the challenge!

I'm looking forward to hear how everyone else did!
Thanks @Wakki22 and congratulations on your success!!

Well I'm just back from the endocrinologist. I'm still up 5 lbs from my appointment in march, and my thyroid tests showed it was too slow. He tripled my medication, which hopefully will help a lot.

He also suggested some things I did *not* want to hear. But I know he's right.

Let's see, he suggested 60g carbs per day, and the website that Caro likes.

He suggested HiiT workouts instead of walking, as well as some work with free weights. When I said I was using resistance bands at Physical Therapy, he said those were great too. He said look at strength training in any form.

I told him I usually have nothing but espresso with a spoonful of cream for breakfast and he said that was perfect. He also suggested a hard boiled egg was a good breakfast, and he approved of whole-milk yogurt, unsweetened, but he said to be careful with the berries. Then he talked about fruit really not being the health food people think it is.

So this new endocrinologist is taking the things my old endocrinologist talked about and going all the way.

I shouldn't argue. I know he's right. So I just need to stick to it. And I need to show up here more often to give and get support.
Hello @Cblasz and all the July 4 team. It's weekly weigh in and I am 101.5kg (223.8lbs). Still inching down slowly.
At this rate I'll need a Halloween extension.
@Fat_Teacher - you are doing awesome in this challenge!!! You might just make it this last week! I on the other hand will not, and at the rate I'm going would need until NEXT July 4th. But again, I think I'm off to a good start for the summer and am happy that I have at least kept from gaining any weight by doing the challenge. I do hope to see some progress next week on the scale. Maybe I could meet my goal halfway!
Thanks for your thanks @wakki22! Glad that our support helped you achieve your goal. You must be very pleased that you were able to wear that dress! Best wishes. :smile: :smile: :smile:
Re my challenge, as mentioned elsewhere, it hasn't been the success I hoped but I guess I have gained some more insights into my behaviour, so that is something,

Despite wanting to just use hunger to guide my eating, this doesn't seem to work enough of the time for me. I can't seem to find alternative behaviours to eating in the evening so I think I may have to try having regular fast days to break the habit of evening eating. I am hoping that I will be virtuous for a day or two after the fast day, then only lapse a little, and hopefully the next fast day will come along before I have started to overindulge too much...!! This does also rely on me being able to tolerate fast days again. I did do okay on my fastday today - motivation was high and as mentioned elsewhere I have had a very busy day - but how long will that continue?? I guess if I find I can't tolerate a fast day, then I will give it a miss, and try again the next time I think I might be able to manage it.

Thanks again cblasz for keeping this going! :like: :smile:
Hi gang xx
@tracieknits your post is so interestingthanks for sharing x
@wakki22 you did it!congrats in getting into the dress! :victory: and good luck for the future x
@sassy1 i always enjoy yr insightful posts and i admire how you keep trying. I too find evening eating a prob. I always want to graze while watching tv so i guess i shd try turning the tv off!
@fat_teacherkeep going! Youre doing sooo well :like: :like: :like:
Stowy@stowgateresident well done! You've lost, is it eleven pounds?! I need to go to page one and count yr stars but i think you said 11. :victory: enjoy yr family time,all the girls together!
@cblaszthanks for keeping track of us all and thks for the extension til the 4 th. On 13th july i'll have BSD'd for a year! It has been a fairly easy year.,mostly.
Anyone struggling with fasting i wd suggest they give BSD a go as eating full fat really does help keep hunger at bay. My only prob these days is i can easily over do the greek yog n nuts as theyre so delicious...theres always something to tempt us isn't there!xx :confused:
You are very kind @Candicemarie, I do admire how you always stay positive whatever is happening, and are always encouraging.

I know BSD /low carb has worked very well for you, and others, but I would suggest anyone who wants to follow the 800cal/day option (especially longer term) does check with their doctor first, as this is a quite low calorie diet - depending on your energy requirements of course. Candy, I think you may have mentioned at some stage that you aren't strict with the 800 cals now, though do keep them quite low. I am curious how many cals less you are consuming than your theoretical TDEE? I have read that very low cal diets do mean that the body gets used to less cals and so needs less - not that that is a problem if your nutrition is adequate and you are happy with what you are eating, as it sounds like you are! :grin: :wink:
Hi @Sassy1thanks for your nice words!x yeh i know what you mean..i am v conscious of whether body will get used to v low cal and i wont be able to eat more normal amounts! :frown:

i have around 1000 cals a day but i focus more on the carb count,keeping them to 50 g a day. I stayed on 800 cals/ 50 g for about 9 months and lost steadily on it. Still losing now,but much slower and hovering just below 100 lb lost. Think my TDEE is 1400, and my plan for the future when ive lost 100 lbs is to perhaps keep just below TDEE but again watch the carbs rather than cals.and throw in a fast here and there. I havent done a fast for ages but still believe in the benefits. I'll still have another stone i could easily lose but might have to forget that,as my body is now not just wrinkled but pleated!! :grin: and i dont think i can cope with any further pleating! Luckily tho my face isnt any worse than it was before losing, and i put this down to the full fat foods keeping it plumped up.
I feel that like @stowgateresidentsaid, being in our sixties and still able to lose weight must give some hope to everyone. I also have a longstanding illness so am active ( ish) but dont exercise or run etc and have an underactive thyroid. So it feels like a bit of a miracle that ive been able to do this.
Lowering carbs and upping fats has been a revelation for me! Its meant i have lost and lost without feeling hungry at all. Ok in the early months i still wanted bread and cakes but thats gone totally now.
It really does pass. Now i love the smell of fresh bread but dont want to eat it! And its wonderful to have butter yogurt and cream in my diet.
I didnt check wiht my GP i must admit,but when i saw her and was so many pounds down,and blood results and B pressure so much better,she was all for it,tho of course not in favour of 800 cals per day forever
One fly in the ointment for me is what i used to think was just fat ankles and knees is possibly oedema ....have hosp appt in july to investigate this. GRrrrrrr....theres always something isnt there! So i look a bit like two different people..a slim upper half/ reasonably slim hips and thighs - and then a pair of chunks for legs! I cant wear dresses,have to stick to trousers to hide the offending articles!XX
Have a groovy day!xx
@sassy1 hi again,was in a rush before as had to go to hosp appt ( 24 hr ecg heart monitor,just in case swollen legs is heart related)What fun!
Meant to say,dont forget, on low carb,as well as aforementioned fullfat yog,butter, can also have roast chicken with crispy skin,cheese,bacon and eggs.
Hope i dont sound horribly smug,coz im not. I still struggle with emotional reasons for eating but instead of sweets etc i will have yogurt with a few berries. I always want to eat in the evenings but i nibble on nuts..i eat too many of them really. But at least,thanks to this forum and its members,M M etc etc,i now know its not just that i' m greedy,theres physiological reasons and reasons that go back centuries for why were driven to eat. Am hopeful i can keep a close eye on my diet and never get back i to that old way of life where i was miserable a) coz was stones overweight and b) coz was trying to follow low cal low fat diets that were so dreary! :clover: :heart:
Holy Moly @CandiceMarie -- that's freakin AMAZING!!!

Well I certainly don't mean the oedema, of course. I hope you get that sorted and turns out to be an easy fix with a simple safe medication, like a diuretic.

Thank you so much for sharing all of that. Honestly, it's the sort of encouragement I really need right now as I'm kind of being a bit of a stubborn twat. Deep down, I know the advice to go low carb is correct. but I'm stomping my foot like a child and saying "I don wanna!"

That being said, I haven't lost in weeks and so far this week I've lost 2.4 pounds. I'm pretty sure that was just Monday and Tuesday, when I was low carb. Yesterday I managed 44 carbs (net, after fiber). I survived. Sure, there were things I wanted that I didn't allow, but I survived. Maybe someday I'll work up to more than 3 days a week, but for right now, I'm going to try that and see how long it works. The doctor did *triple* my levothyroxin medication as well.

I went out for lunch today at my favorite sushi place, and got two rolls. I was stuffed at the end of the meal. That's never happened before. Two rolls is usually that place Amanda Sainsbury Salis urges us to eat to -- barely ate enough/just satisfied. Of course those two rolls were 52g carbs, after deducting fiber :-( I plan to behave tonight and finish the day at about 100ish carbs. I have a chicken breast and salad lined up.

well maybe someday I'll get to the point where I can love the smell of fresh bread but not feel the need to devour the whole loaf...
Finally getting around to replying to this thread - got distracted by several other threads, as you may have noticed.

@Candicemarie, thanks for sharing all that information. Not good about your oedema, I remember you mentioned that a little while ago. Good you are getting it checked out. Does resting with your legs elevated help?

I don't wear dresses either, but that is because I can't stand wearing pantyhose or the alternative, bare thighs rubbing/sticking together!! What about wearing matching colourful or dark leggings under the dress? No good in summer though! But if you want to wear a dress, wear it - don't worry about your legs! I wear shorts a lot, despite having chubby saggy knees... comfort before looks!!

And @Tracieknits, I also don't think the time will come when I don't respond to the smell of fresh bread as you do. Luckily, I rarely am exposed to such smells!!

As I mentioned elsewhere, Tracie, you are making a good start, and we will be with you on your journey! :clover: :smile:
@Sassy1 -- these allow me to wear sundresses again, without chafing and without pantyhose. In the US they call them "slipshorts" and they are like panties that go down mid-thigh. [url]^45810122978-device^c-plaid^76121677298-sku^12390650075-adType^PLA[/url]
Thanks @Tracieknits, again! I am sure we would have something similar, must check the lingerie dept.

(Btw, the link hasn't hyperlinked.)
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