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Happy Easter! :bunny: What better time to start a new challenge. The June Solstice challenge will start this week and go through the week of June 20th (the June Solstice!) You can decide which day of the week you want to start and end on.

Update: we will go until the 4th of July (even though that's only a U.S. holiday!)

Here are our challengers so far:
#1 @cblasz - lose 10 lbs. :star: :star: :star:
#2 @CandiceMarie - lose 6 lbs. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
#3 @Fat_Teacher - lose 15 lbs. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
#4 @Sassy1 - control her overeating
#5 @rawkaren - get back to healthy BMI
#6 @MaryAnn - get to 65kg (lose about 4kg)
#7 @StowgateResident - lose 9lbs. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
#8 @Tracieknits - lose 12lbs. :star: :star: :star:
#9 @Wmr309 - lose 5kg
#10 @nursebean
#11 @wakki22 - lose 13 lbs. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

I hope we can get a few more people to join us!!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
16 Apr 2017, 11:51
I am gearing up to start tomorrow and will have my starting weight then too! I'm planning my meals and going to the grocery store. I've splurged a lot this past week and am ready! Here are my strategies to reach my goals:

1) 8 hour eating window at least 5x a week.
2) No sweets 6x a week.
3) Track and keep carbs under 100g 5x a week (the other days still try to make low carb choices)
4) Fast 1 day a week
5) Glass of water in the morning and evening (iced tea in between)
6) Cup of green tea in the evening
7) 15 minute walk each day (I'll be adding more exercise later)
Re: June Solstice Challenge
16 Apr 2017, 21:13
Hi @cblasz and everyone. :smile:

My challenge is (still) to find ways to help limit overeating, including eating when not hungry, with the overall objective of not having to think so much about my eating behaviour.

I think I know many of the strategies one can try to prevent overeating - I cheerfully provide such advice to others :grin: - but either these are not sufficient or I am not willing to adopt them...

What I am going to try is:
- writing down the details of any snacks or less nutritious food I eat, before I eat
- only having a small amount at each serving
- not reading while I snack
- having added sugar foods with lunch rather than in the evening
- only having chocolate no more than every other day.

If I am successful with my strategies, I expect that one outcome will be feeling more comfortable (I know how much better I feel if I haven't overeaten, but that doesn't seem to help me stop) and, yes, a bit less padding around my tummy, hips and thighs.

Good luck to all challengers! :clover: :clover: :clover:
Re: June Solstice Challenge
16 Apr 2017, 22:42
Glad to have you join us Sassy!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
17 Apr 2017, 00:52
Yup. I am in. I'll be starting tomorrow with a weigh-in after a much needed fast day today. My goal is to get under 100kg. After Easter and a visit to my mum's yesterday, my weight headed north this morning. So finally, I am going to get something back from my gym membership today and make an appearance! Thanks @cblasz,again, for organising this. Here we go.
Re: June Solstice Challenge
17 Apr 2017, 10:41
I'm going to wait until tomorrow for my official WI too, @Fat_Teacher, after a week of vacation and the Easter holiday the number on the scale was not pretty for me today either. I'm hoping it's water weight and will be back down to something more reasonable tomorrow! But I am starting my plan today!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
17 Apr 2017, 14:12
May I be a late joiner? I only have one goal and that is to get back to my healthy BMI zone
Re: June Solstice Challenge
17 Apr 2017, 14:33
You're not late at all, we are happy to have you!!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
18 Apr 2017, 08:19
Good luck Super Solstee Challengees! X
Re: June Solstice Challenge
18 Apr 2017, 10:40
Well, I weighed myself again this morning and it did not help. I'm disappointed to say that my weight is higher than it was at the beginning of the year. It's so frustrating how hard it is to lose it, but how easy it is to gain it. So I'm at 170.6, therefore I will be trying to get down to 160. I had a great day yesterday and am ready to really do this! Let's just hope my body cooperates!!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
18 Apr 2017, 12:34
Sorry to hear that @cblasz. I am sure that now the challenge has begun you will start to lose again.
I am pumped but not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in after linguine boscaiola for dinner. It wasn't a huge serving but big enough. I think I had your carb limit for a week in there! :oops: Nom nom nom.
Re: June Solstice Challenge
18 Apr 2017, 19:16
@cblasztomorrow the scales could tell a very different story! I always remember @fatdogsaying the scales can go four pounds either way.
I do understand yr frustration tho,it IS so easy to gain but remember often its just water weight gained not fat so dont be elast the water goes faster than the fat drops off! If that makes sense! X
Re: June Solstice Challenge
18 Apr 2017, 21:30
How's the start of the challenge going for everyone?

I am happy with my first 2 days, am sticking to the plan, but it's of course very very very early days!!

(As I have written many times, I feel so much better for not having overeaten - why doesn't the memory of this help before I end up choosing to overeat??!)

Good luck everyone! :clover:
Re: June Solstice Challenge
19 Apr 2017, 03:33
Well ... despite linguine biscaiola for dinner, I came in at 106.4 kg this morning. For anyone who's bothered with my blog you'd know that means I can now change to the next radio station down the dial (106.5FM) on my car radio. Yay. So sick of 2SER FM. Only someone in Sydney would understand.
Call me a hypochondriac, but I always get worried when I lose weight on a non-fast day. I suppose I was reasonably well behaved yesterday but still ...?
My goal for this challenge is to get under 100kg. That's under 220lbs. I'm now 234lbs. Exactly 15lbs from this weight to crack it! So, health being good, I am right on track. :cool:
Excited about my BMI today as well. 33.96 is still a 33 in my books!
Re: June Solstice Challenge
19 Apr 2017, 09:25
I'm in! I don't usually join in challenges because i don't really respond well to them but am very happy to join the plucky few! I weigh on Sundays so please could my starting weight be 156 pounds on 16h April? My challenge is to get back down to 147 pounds by the Summer Solstice ie lose nine pounds.
:clover: :clover: Good luck to everyone! :clover: :clover:
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