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Lizbean wrote: Wow, some great stats and milestones being reported. Congrats to everyone :like: and if goals were not quite met, fear not we'll all be piling in back in January for the year ahead. :smile:
@Barbarita good luck with chunk 5, that final push :wink:
Juliana, many, many thanks for running the challenge and keeping me focused. :heart: I'm done! No 12 - goal achieved, to stay within my acceptable maintenance range 123-128 and this morning I'm sitting at 123.2lbs, my lowest weight recorded on 5:2. Over the last few weeks I have increased the amount of veg on my plate, just a wee bit - as it had been slipping.
This week I'm fasting Sunday and Wednesday, eating when I feel hunger, oh and checking portion sizes are real.

Well done @Lizbeanon maintaining within desired maintenance range.! It is inspiring that people that reach ultimate goal can sustain the good healthy weight, and that you do indeed continue to fast with success..
Hi, all. Member 11 here. I haven't posted an update in weeks as I was on vacation and forgot/got lazy. I've been working out regularly all month and I got down to 140 pounds at one point. But do to some major snafus, I am back up. All in all, I lost only 4.8 pounds throughout the challenge (going off today's weight of 143.2). Not exactly happy with myself, but at least I did not gain. Congrats to the rest of you with your success! Great job!
#15 here
Thank you to Juliana Rivers.
Well done to everyone!
Sorry I have been so slow to update.
I failed to meet my target but finished 1.4kg down... although I have probably put it back on since then.
I will try harder from today. Happy New Year everyone.

as I was saying to someone on FB lately.. someone must have stole the last 3 weeeks of mine!!

I will do a full group tally for the 2015 Christmas challenge just as soon as i can

Is there a new challenge happening soon? Valentines Day maybe.. just over a month away?
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