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I just want to see if starting a new thread will help me to see all the posts. Perhaps it's just that thread I'm having difficulties with. I am not even getting any email alerts now and there is a big gap in dates so I can't see your replies.

I will post this and see if it shows up on my screen... Or indeed yours! Lol.

Ps ... I'm pleased to have hit 15 stone (Thursday), fasting today and the wedding is tomorrow... I will be under 15 stone for at least a day lol.

Edit: I CAN SEE IT, I CAN SEE IT!!! :grin:
Jaye x
I can see this @jayegirl. Yay on the < 15 stone.
barbarita wrote: I can see this @jayegirl. Yay on the < 15 stone.

Well thank the forum gods lol.

Yay. Well done for both the perseverance with posting and getting sub 15st. Enjoy the wedding.
Yeh, so can you see my end of month post just following your post on Penny's summer challenge thread? :cool:
Lizbean wrote: Yeh, so can you see my end of month post just following your post on Penny's summer challenge thread? :cool:

No :frown: I can only see on the list of topics that you have posted. The last post I can see was posted 17th July by Pennyforthem!

But I can see all the posts in here, strange isn't it!

My end of month results are an 8lb loss.

Ok Jaye, here is my post.
I landed safely today at 124.4 lbs - end of the month, within my maintaining wiggle room challenge. :cool: I'm on leave from work for two weeks. Time to relax and focus on ME, my family and friends. :heart:
Lesson learnt last week - I low carb because it works for me, it makes me feel alive but a continuous 2 day serving of bread last week at a picnic and tapas hurt my stomach, it just sat there for days griping. :frown: Won't do that again in a rush, it does not make me feel good. After 18 months I don't miss bread, so I'm not sure why I chose to eat it, memory loss :?: I'll look at that :smile:
Congrats to all, bring on August :clover: :victory:
Posting it on here for you Jaye..enjoy the wedding ...!
Re: Super summer challenge: extended to end of August
by CandiceMarie » Today, 17:43

So glad you got your star @nursebean! Youre a star as well!
@barbarita no slinking off..YOU are a fab star..a special maintaineer star! :lol:
Loads of little stars for Beano and Barbo! :lol: xx
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Double congrats, @JayeGirl! I'm so glad you didn't give up! The forum needs you and your positivity!

I wonder if this new info will help @Moogie and her team solve the problem.

My weight report: 65.8kg I'm pretty sure my last trip into 68.x land was water weight, etc., from feeling bloated. I've had some good non-fast days, but I don't think it's physically possible that I lost so much true weight.
Ooh we've moved, hallo!
75.6kgs tut tut, so knuckling down to knock this on the head by upping protein and lowering fats this month.
Happy August folks :smile:
'Struggling here with this summer challenge. Though I am seriously window fasting my weight keeps going up and down. Since I went down almost a kilo in a couple of days - that scared me a bit - I am back up again for a couple of days.
52.8 kg this morning. Half a kilo to loose before reaching the summer goal. and before the new lot of guests arrive on the 13th. Not really losing weight makes this fasting window hard... :frown: It is not even one o'cloch here yet, and cannot eat anything until 15:00. :roll: :!:
:clover: Good luck to every one else here!
Go @Jaegirl go! How was the wedding?
I've lost half a stone since the beginning of the Summer challenge so am pretty pleased with that ;-)
Wendy Darling wrote: Hi all, hope I'm posting in the right place and that @jayegirl can see it. I have had a 2 week holiday, or a fabulous fortnight as it has been known in the past. I have put on 2lbs during that time. Not too bad as I did eat with restrained abandon. I didn't say 'no' to anything, neither did I go the whole hog :pig2: :pig2: :pig2:
I am the same with bread @lizbean my tummy is happier without it but I do love it so.
I will be window eating, mfp'ing, low carbing and daily weighing as I am now 4lb over target. I may also go back to 5:2 if necessary. I will take each day as it comes and change things as I need to.
Thanks to @pennyforthem for extending the challenge.

Hi @Wendy Darling, I've copied your post to this new thread as Jayegirl could not see posts on the original thread, this new thread seems to work for her. :smile: the bread I ate looked and tasted great, restaurant and picnic. I'll have a look at breadandwine's bread ...
Well done everyone ..... and for those who did not reach what they wanted to.... August is here .....
Special shout out to @nursebean cos I know it's bena tuff journey Here is your stone
untitled.png (47.21 KiB) Viewed 613 times
a half this month, and the next stone for those who are on the journey. :heart: :victory: :clover:
Wow @Lizbean what a fantastic result only gaining 2lbs! And sounds like you had a lovely time!

Not been posting as I have been so busy! The wedding was FANTASTIC a really beautiful occasion with family and friends. I had the best day, well once I stopped crying lol. It was my 'little' brothers wedding, and I was quite emotional especially because my Mum isn't with us anymore. I finally stopped with the wobbly lips once the speaches (mentioning my Mum and lots of pics of my brother as a kid) were done . I drank about 6 glasses of Prosecco lol but over 7 hrs! I had little to eat, half a dozen chicken wings, it was a buffet but I had some peanut butter on toast for lunch so wasn't that hungry. Sunday was 12 of us having chinese take out at my nieces house! God I ate a LOT and it was bloody lovely lol. By Tuesday I was managing to maintain my 58lb loss. However.... Last night was my nieces 29th and we went to Liverpool. I had a bottle of Prosecco and erm.... 2 glasses lol. Honest I don't drink that often. Once a week at best, but I can sink the Prosecco! Good job it's the least sugar content of wines (1/2 tsp). Food wise was a bit naughty, I had chicken kabab sticks with peppers, yum... But I had rice, it was pilau at least, and I ate the ramakin of coleslaw. I had a salad too!!

So today I am fasting, tomorrow.... You got it, I'm on the Prosecco again lol. It's Ladies Day at the races and ️the Kaiser Chiefs are playing. I go every year for this as its my birthday on the 12th. Should be glorious sunshine but it won't be :cry: Of course we don't take the weather into account and dress for summer regardless lol. We are in the premier lounge but would have been nice to sit at a table on the grass by the winning post outside the champage bar like last year and the year before.

Wednesday is drinks out, my birthday! So shifting my fasts again next week to fit in with my busy social life. It will drop to zilch after August lol so I am of the mind that if I can get out of August maintaing 210lbs I will be happy with that.

Btw... I am FREEZING all the time! This has started since I dropped under about 215lbs. My feet in particular but often my whole body, hands and noise! Even moving around doesn't warm me up properly. Ive got the heating on, just had a coffee and been doing housework and my feet are like ice blocks. I'm thinking its fasting (no food = no extra body heat) losing weight, my feet and legs are very slim now as I am an apple shape. Plus rubbish circulation. Anyway, I'm sick of saying I'm freezing ever day, even none fast days. Heating on in August!

Sorry about my 'book' lol it's been a while since I posted.... Oh, I danced at the weddng, first time in 2 years. The more weight I lose the more mobile I am, plus the scary cortisone injection in my hip was well worth it. I haven't wrote a word in my 'pain diary' the consultant asked me to keep and its over 2 weeks.

Good luck all and well done on your losses. Xx
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