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This is my second day of fasting on my present ADF, and post guests regime. I weigh myself every day. I lost 200 g though I ate yesterday normally, well, had leftover Fruitcake with Afternoon Tea and blueberry apple pie with custard for dessert, after dinner. And I lost weight. Yea, these fluctuations. Today I am fasting again. I very much doubt whether I'll reach my goal for this summer challenge by the end of the month. But since my last lot of guests only left on the 21st, there is not much I can do about it. The great thing about this 5:2 way of life is that I've stopped worrying unduly about my weight gains. What a relief. :-D .
We still have lots of sunshine here and it is great to have the summer here finally. :smile: I hope you're all enjoying your 'weather' and all.
@candicemarie , it's awful, isn't it? Darn hunger monster. But I haven't fasted in about a month and a half. I took a break when I joined my current gym because my trainer had me on a new eating regimen. I'm pretty sure it's just the stress and lack of sleep that is throwing me off. Yesterday I was down 4 pounds from Saturday and today I am up 2.6 from yesterday. This is utterly annoying! It's been a while since I measured myself. Going to do that tomorrow morning to figure out what's really going on. I had planned on returning to fasting today but I was invited last minute to a baseball game and I cannot resist ballpark food. lol. So I'll return to it tomorrow.
Hope you feel happier when youve measured @sammyiam..yes i feel sure that stress and definitely lack of sleep can make it harder to lose,tho you wd think the opposite wd be true!
Its not easy at all is it :confused:
Hope you enjoyed the baseball and associated goodies! :razz: xx
Final weight before the end of the challenge: started at 63, currently at 62, at the lower end of my range, so mission accomplished (maintenance) :smile:
Well done P-JK! My mission is NOT completed yet. My computer was on the blink yesterday, so could not report yesterday's weight then : 52.9 kg Today after a day of eating (including fruit cake, pie and custard) my weight was 53kg. So I begin to think there is light at the end of the tunnel. It'll be a real nail-biter, whether I will be able to reach my SSC goal by the end of August or not. I am fasting today, nothing but water and black tea and a little bit no calorie fizzy drink. 900 g and two more fast days to go, after today. I will not eat anything until supper tonight. Low Carb. Quiche Lorraine, I.e., the 'crust' will be of Courgette, Summer Squash or whatever you call that vegetable from our garden. Zucchini? Only 4 days of this challenge left. :shock:
64.8kg! GOAL! And it's about dang time.

I'm definitely in 'why is maintenance so hard?' land, but glad I'm finally in my maintenance zone, just!
@Margotsylvia er what's 4 four days, goal girl! :like: :heart:
@MaryAnn congrats to you too - goal is a successful period of time when maintaining. And rising to any challenges, um like gaining a fabulous position :grin: :heart:
Happy days to all x
:lol: Amazed report after my fast day yesterday:
Super Summer Challenge GOAL reached today: 52.3 kg.
I lost 700g overnight! I cannot figure this. Before I was really struggling with my window fasting, losing 100 g at the time.
Now I have lost 1.7 kg in 5 days!!! Has my body got used to fasting or what??? I said I had two more fast days left. I think I'd still try those. Because my Forum Goal Weight is 51.7 kg. It wold be nice to reach that as well, since the going seems to be easy. Then I will NOT fast in September, October or November, other than maintenance Thursday fasts. I keep weighing myself daily to keep an eye on the weight. Thank you Lizbean, and others for your support! :smile: :clover: :heart:
@Margotsylvia SSC goal congrats!!! You are really rocking ADFing ......
Thanks again Lizbean. Maybe I crowed too early. this morning I weighed back 52.9kg :confused: So I am fasting today. and I am grateful that there still is Sunday for me to fast. I thought this thing was going a little too easy. It is never too easy, this fasting, is it? :doh: Fluctuations :curse: In an hour's time I can have tea with a bit of milk. :grin:
Sorry to say I have failed miserably on this challenge, just too much life getting in the way I suppose.
Getting a grip on a dead boiler and dead car has lost my grip on food control, too much nibbling!
You are all wonderful and I'm a goof :victory:
Today is eating day and I weighed 52.5 kg. I am glad there is Sunday yet as a fast day for me in August. Maybe I'll reach back to 52.3. :confused:
@Azureblue what a drag :pissedoff: , however things will pick up :rose: :rainbow: :sun:
I got really :pissedoff: yesterday when a cash till gobbled up my debit card, so I went to the bank to withdraw money (had to go home from work, pick up passport and then go to the bank a few miles away .... they would only allow me to withdraw £50 a day till my new card comes .(felt like bursting into tears :cry: .......... how ludicrous especially with it being bank holiday. Then I remembered the beauty of online banking, transferred money to DD's account and she has withdrawn.
Hey, what's happening on 1st September - are we challenging again .... :?:
The penultimate day of this challenge, and my last day of fasting. Those of you who have been following my progress on these pages (add nausea um?) know how easy it was for me to fast this third time this summer AT FIRST. Then as soon as I reached this SSCh goal, everything turned upside down :frown: . These last few days it has been really hard to loose ANY weight. WHY??? I haven't changed anything. OK, I was happy when I lost weight :smile: , and frustrated :curse: when I stopped. Is that the explanation??
Anyways, after a day of eating yesterday I was up 300g, 52.8. This means that I will have to lose half a kilo to reach my ssch weight again!!! If it does not happen I would have to fast on Monday as well. I do not really want to do a back to back fast at all. So I've decided to just have a small snack tonight, while hubby has his supper. Fingers crossed. This last fast day is proving to be hard, so I am glad I can while away the time here. There was no "fasting today" page for today :confused: . At least it is sunny outside!! :smile:
Last fast of the Challenge for me today. A SSC half-stone loss and the achievement of a personal goal are both within reach ... if I can clock up another half-pound loss tomorrow morning! Good luck all - esp. those like me who are taking this one to the wire!
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