Hi all,
Just found this site and registered, so hope I am doing this correct.
I have been doing the 5:2 diet since August and have lost 46lbs, (222lbs - 176lbs) dropped 3 trouser sizes and 2 shirt sizes. I fast on a Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm the previous night to 7pm the next day. During the fast days I drink lots of water, black tea and coffee.
I feel really great and for the first time in many years don't get out of puff when walking the dog up a hill!! My BMI is drastically reduced although still in the 'overweight' section.
Blood pressure also come down from 160/120 to around 120/76. Reckon I have another 14 or so pounds to go which I hope to achieve before my summer holidays.
looking forward to reading all the news and talking to like minded people.