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New Guy On The Block
24 Sep 2013, 21:24
Hi All

Back in 2011, I weighed 19 stone with a BMI of just over 40 and a waist size of almost 50 inches, which put me in the morbidly obese category. I was struggling for breathe and I found even the easiest of tasks very tiring. I had tried to take up cycling in order to lose weight, but ended up in an accident which led me to spend 2 weeks in hospital with a broken arm.

A friend then offered to pay for a gym membership for me as she was concerned that I might not live for much longer due to the fact that I was so badly overweight. I went with that, as I had to do something but at this stage, I was just getting into the way of healthier eating and began with the traditional calorie controlled diet.

During 2012, I did a lot of walking and have since gone to do an RPM session (which is a spin class) once a week, along with a bodystep session, an Aquafit session and two gym sessions consisting on a full body workout where I burn over 500 calories in cardio exercises, and also do some strength training. The result of this was that I went on to lose over 7 stones during last year, and had got down to just under 12 stone by Christmas.

During this year, I have struggled to lose any more weight than that and have got increasingly bored with the traditional calorie-controlled diet. Sometimes, I would take a break from that but on one occasion where I did so, I gained a massive 12 pounds in just two weeks, which took a while to shift.

I also got fed up with juggling about with my calorie intake on a weekly basis as I struggled to maintain the weight which I had got down to. Furthermore, the weight which I have been maintaining during this year still gave me a BMI of around 25 which makes me still a borderline case as regards to being overweight, and that is what I want to end.

Later on, the same friend who pays for my gym membership mentioned the 5:2 diet. I discovered that my life kind of follows the 5:2 pattern anyway because of my two rest days away from my fitness activities. On further analysis of my calorie intake during last year, I also discovered that I was usually limiting myself to 1200 calories per day and so, I know that this wasn't too far above the 600 calorie limit on a 5:2 diet fast day.

As the traditional calorie controlled diet felt a bit restrictive, I therefore decided to give the 5:2 diet a try by fasting on my rest days which are Tuesdays and Fridays. I weigh myself once a week on a Monday and that is also when I take a complete break from my diet by consuming most of my special treats and enjoying a few beers at night.

I then eat fairly sensibly during my other non-fasting days. When I started this diet, my weight has crept back up to exactly 12 stone following a failed experiment with my calorie intake over the entire week. I have started every week in the same manner which would previously have resulted in massive weight gains and yet, I ended up losing weight during the first few weeks of this diet, to the point where my BMI was now just below 25, meaning that I was no longer officially overweight.

Fasting wasn't too difficult, but I found that I was walking up at 3am on the morning after the first couple of fasting days, and unable to get back to sleep. That has improved over time and on the week before last, my weight had dropped to its lowest level since the 1980s when I was only a teenager (I'm now middle-aged and approaching 50). My performances at the gym were poor to begin with as my body adjusted to the new regime.

However, those have now become better than ever over time, and I'm already feeling much more alert, sharp and I have a lot of energy which I have never had before. My previous weight loss had also meant that the other health issues had disappeared. At that point, my weight was down to 11 stone 9 pounds, but I got a shock at my last weigh-in when I discovered that I had gained a couple of pounds, to send my BMI back up to just over 25, and make me officially overweight once again.

That was a real bummer because although I don't want to lose much weight, I don't want to be on that borderline of being overweight/normal weight any more. However, that just taught me the harsh lesson that you can't just each as much as you like on the non-fasting days and so, I have reined in my calorie intake by a small bit this week on my non-fasting days, in order to prevent any further weight gain. Despite the shock of that increase in my weight though, I am really excited about what lies ahead for me on this diet and am really looking forward to it.


John S.
Re: New Guy On The Block
24 Sep 2013, 21:42
Welcome to the forum John! 19 stone to 12 stone! Fantastic! Lots of information available here, browse around, ask questions. I think you will find the last few pounds coming off over the next few weeks/months and an easy way to maintain that loss with fasting. Read around and you will find a method that will work with you. Keep us posted of your continued progress. :)
Re: New Guy On The Block
24 Sep 2013, 21:47
Welcome John!
You have done so well. I hpoe t
You love this Way Of Life (WOL) as much as i do.
good luck on reaching and maintaing your goals.
Re: New Guy On The Block
24 Sep 2013, 21:48
Firstly welcome to the forum John. Well done on your successful weight loss and ultimately your improved health. We are a mixed bunch here with many very experienced 5.2ers and newbies alike. Check out the coloured buttons at the top of the page as these will answer many of your questions. Recipies, FAQs and 5.2 forum rules. Some people love their exercise, and some have learnt to love exercise due to a new found energy released by being more able to move more. There is a fitbit group, which many of us are a part of, which enables us to keep a check on our activity levels and also gives us healthy competition and goals to reach on a daily/weekly basis. So put your details into the progress tracker (private or we can see, if you want) and see how you are doing visually on a beautiful graph. Good luck with your continued journey.
Re: New Guy On The Block
24 Sep 2013, 22:18
Hi John and Welcome :like:
Wow that's one hell of a massive weightloss well done indeed :victory:
Congratulations on taking control of your life : :heart:
I took control of mine earlier in the year so I know how hard you've worked i'm sur you'll do very well with 5:2 and still keep your treats and beers for other nights its actually quite easy when you get the hag of it.
I'm doing 4:3 simply because of the amount I need to lose.
I eat evening meal only on fastdays its actually easy to do as once I ate lunch/snack I became more hungry so now do a 2 course eve meal by way of a reward for going the 24 hrs :heart:
Coming ypup towards 6 months and almost 3 stone down
BMI down a group and 3 sizes down in my clothing I'm well chuffed as you can imagine because no other diet has given me this staying power that this WOL has done for me. So I know how hard you've worked to lose 7 St on basic calorie counting :heart: that's my main goal to lose 7 st
Then take stock because at my age etc I believe I will be very happy at that weight whatever my bmi says.
Good Luck to you with the ''tiny'' amount you now want to lose.
:clover: Sue. :clover:
Re: New Guy On The Block
24 Sep 2013, 22:36
Hi John,
I am also a newbie to 5:2 started last week and have lost 2lb. I started calorie controlled diet last summer and lost 43lbs. Am at a BMI of just under 30. I'm hoping this new WOE will get me down to my target of BMI of 27.
Good luck x
Re: New Guy On The Block
25 Sep 2013, 10:59
Thanks for all of the comments and encouragement. I forgot to mention that my waist size has also come down to 31.8 inches from that previous high point of nearly 50 inches back in 2011. Years ago, it would not have been possible for me to buy trousers from a normal shop because my waist was just too big and shops tended to only sell up to a size 42".

As the levels of obesity have got greater though (I live in the UK which is statistically, the world's second fattest nation behind the United States of America), these shops started to sell those larger sizes of trousers and so, I was then able to buy those larger sizes, but I didn't feel proud about having to do so.

Nowadays, I don't need to worry about that, and am able to fit into trousers of a size 32" which I previously hadn't been able to do at any time since the 1980s. That gives now gives me a waist to height ratio of just above 46% which is well below the upper limit which is recommended for good health. That means that I don't need to lose anything more from my waist which if anything, is actually very small for someone of my height (I never thought I would see the day where I would be able to say that).

As far as I know, the shops that I've looked at won't sell anything smaller than a 28" waist size so if my waist size were to drop by another two sizes, I would then have been through every single size of trousers that these shops sell. The comments that I have seen on these forums from people who have mentioned their body shape have come from people with a larger waist size but a lower BMI and so, I guess I might be unique in being the around the around.

In my case, the additional weight might be due to muscle gain as a result of all of the gym and fitness activities that I do. However, the medical profession tends to go by BMI for assessing whether or not a patient needs to lose weight and with my BMI being just above 25, it is technically possible for a doctor to say that I could still do with losing a bit more weight as I am still in the overweight category.

Luckily, my doctor knows me quite well and would probably just say that I'm fine as I am. However, I am so close to getting my BMI below 25 that it would be nice if I could get my BMI to remain below that. That way, it won't even be possible for any doctor to say that I could do with losing a bit more weight as I would no longer be in that overweight category. That is why I'm trying to get rid of those last few pounds anyway, and I'm hoping that the 5:2 diet will do that for me before I move onto the 6:1 variation for weight maintenance.
Re: New Guy On The Block
25 Sep 2013, 11:24
Hi John

Congratulations on your really brilliant achievement, you must be very, very proud!

I just wanted to say that I don't think you should worry about whether your BMI is a bit over or a bit under 25. There is no scientific evidence that truly supports a BMI of 25 being some kind of magic cut off point where you go from healthy to unhealthy! In fact, the stats show a higher mortality for those with an apparently normal BMI than those who are overweight (BMI 25-30). Further, the cut off between 'normal' and 'overweight' in BMI was arbitrarily changed from 27 down to 25 back in the 1970s with no real scientific proof. There are several studies showing that the highest mortality risk is for a BMI under 18 or over 40. Further, depending on your build and age, a slightly higher BMI may be normal for you. As you say your waist is well into the healthy range, then your BMI value is pretty meaningless as it is the waist measurement that is most important. And last, I recently found a study that looked at mortality risk based on change in weight which found that being overweight but stable had a much much lower risk of death than being overweight and increasing or even having a normal BMI which was decreasing (probably due to people of normal BMI with decreasing weight having some kind of disease causing weight loss).

So, I'd like to recommend that you continue 5:2 for weight maintenance and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Any doctor who makes a judgement on whether someone should/should not lose weight based on BMI alone should be ashamed!
Re: New Guy On The Block
25 Sep 2013, 12:28
I fully agree, which is why I said that my doctor would never solely go by my BMI. I would probably say that the best indicator for whether or not a person is overweight is probably your body fat percentage, but that is very difficult to measure accurately unless you are prepared to pay for some very expensive underwater testing for that.

There are ways of obtaining the body fat percentage, but none of those give anything better than a rough estimate. The scales which I use to weigh myself also give a reading for body fat percentage. These scales are consistently giving me a reading of around 24% which is considered to be quite high. However, all of the various formulae that I have found on-line for that gives me a result of just over 14% which is considered to be rather low. From that, it is difficult to know what reading to actually go by but given my low waist size, I believe that the lower reading is probably closest to being correct.
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