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I fasted for the first time yesterday and was dreaming about what I was going to eat today... This morning came around and I ate normaly I didn't want any of the things I was craving the night before. Usualy Im eating at this time of night, and even though Im a little hungry Im not interested in eating anything... I even have a chocolate bunny in the cupboard and have no desire to eat it... Hopefuly it continues like this:)

ps is fasted a real word?? lol
Hi krista4bis, great start! It's funny but your experience is not that unusual, lots of us find our appetite is quite suppressed on the day after a fast day. The danger comes (for some of us) when we do start eating again, and those chocolate bunnies (or squares or eggs) are particularly evil. I would definitely break the fast with something else!

If a prolonged fast works for you then great, but in general the 'system' is to fast for two non-consecutive days and to eat normally otherwise. It's more sustainable and we all want a way of eating that we can follow (in some modified form perhaps when we reach our target weight) for the rest of our lives. I almost make myself have a normal breakfast on the post-fast day to get back into normal eating and to avoid a 'binge' later. But that's just me.

And yes 'fasted' is a word!
lol fasted just sounds funny i guess:) Ive sure got my appitite back now, although I notice Im getting full and listening to my body alot more.... Are people realy eating normaly on feasting days and still losing weight or do you kind of have to be careful??
Hi krista4bis,

I eat at or near my TDEE on my normal eating days and I allow one meal a week where I can eat whatever I want regardless of TDEE.

Having said that, on my normal eating days I watch what I eat but if I feel like a treat and I still have room under my TDEE I will probably have it. So basically nothing is forbidden provided I haven't exceeded my total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). I think this is what I love about this way of eating. I can have pretty much everything in moderation there are no forbidden foods.

I personally don't like the term "feasting" because for me that means just go crazy and eat whatever you want in whatever quantity you want. That is hugely dangerous for me. I prefer to think that I am eating normally on my eating days so staying within my TDEE is great for a foodie like me. I can eat it but not in ridiculously huge amounts.

Good luck with your fasting.
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