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Tuesday May 8
Weight: 168.4 :smile:
Eating Window: 9-7 :frown:
Calories: ???
Net Carbs: ???
Water/tea: 4 :frown:
Steps: 10,153 :smile:
Other Exercise: none :frown:

So, as mentioned I was undermined by donuts yesterday and it went somewhat downhill from there. But they say if you track something, even if you aren't doing well with it, just by tracking it, you'll start to do a little better. If I just say "screw it" and chalk it up to a bad week it'll be even worse. So, I'm checking in and hoping again to do better today!

I am pretty happy to have gotten 10,000 steps in. I will continue to do that for the rest of the week!

Today we are getting lunch for teacher's appreciation day. I have to go to a meeting, so I won't have much time to eat it, which is probably good!
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Wednesday May 9
Weight: 169 :frown:
Eating Window: 11-7 :neutral:
Calories: ???
Net Carbs: ???
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 8044 :neutral:
Other Exercise: none :frown:

Well, I thought I did sort of ok yesterday, but I guess not really. We had lunch provided to us yesterday, which was very nice. Then I won the daily raffle prize which was this big box of fancy chocolates. I received it on my way out to a 3 hour meeting and they sat in my car and became a melty mess!! Which I guess is good. I had no intention of eating them all myself though and was going to bring them to school, but I really can't now. I put them in the fridge which salvaged them a bit, but I will mostly likely end up throwing most of it out, which I feel a little bad about.

Anyway, I did get a short walk in around school, but only one time around and since we had a half day of school yesterday and I was in that long meeting, I only got 8000 steps. Not terrible, but not 10,000 obviously!

As far as I know there shouldn't be any major food obstacles today. I've made my lunch and I'm planning to get a salad tonight when I work on my college class. And I hope to get a good walk in today too.
Another Monday, another fresh start!! I feel very motivated and determined now. Teacher appreciation week is over and by the end of the week I felt kind of gross from all the junk I ate! The scale not surprisingly is up again this morning at 169.9, just under the dreaded 170. I have 6 weeks left of school and I'd like to be at 160 by that time. Probably a stretch, but I'm going to try!

I will be trying to meet all of my goals this week (I've already walked this morning!) but my main goal is going to be too keep my sugar at 50g or less. About 1/2 of that will be from natural foods, so hopefully just 25g of added sugar. I'm supposed to donate blood on Saturday, so I will also be trying to get in a lot of iron.

I'll be back tomorrow with my stats! Have a good week everyone!
I read (on the internet, so it must be true) it takes 600 calories to replace a unit of blood. That's one thing I'm looking forward to again, donating blood, 6 months with no angina and I can start donating blood again. A free t-shirt, usually a sandwich and a bag of potato chips and a soda for donating and they test for cholesterol and of course BP ... I usually just got the bottled water and a few cookies when I donated and ALWAYS the t-shirt.
That's good to hear!! It's got to help a little anyway. They test our BP, pulse, and iron level (which I am often just short of.) But it's good to see all of those things. We get some water too and cookies or raisins or something. Luckily I'm able to donate blood with no issues, so I usually just have the water!

I looked it up myself to see and thought this last line was kind of funny...
"People burn approximately 650 calories per donation of one pint of blood, according to the University of California, San Diego. A donor who regularly donates blood can lose a significant amount of weight, but it should not be thought of as a weight loss plan by any means." :grin: We can only donate every 56 days here, so it certainly wouldn't be a very good weight loss plan for me! But every little bit helps!
Monday May 14
Weight: 169.5 :frown:
Eating Window: 12-8 :neutral:
Calories: 1177 :neutral:
Net Carbs: 110 :neutral: (Sugar: 45 :smile: )
Water/tea: 6 :smile:
Steps: 11084 :smile:
Other Exercise: none

Well, my first day went well and I feel like I am definitely back on track! Working on college class tonight and definitely getting a salad while I do it! And no chai latte, just regular tea.
Tuesday May 15
Weight: 169.5 :frown:
Eating Window: 12-9 :neutral:
Calories: 892 :smile:
Net Carbs: 99 :smile: (Sugar: 62 :frown: )
Water/tea: 7 :smile:
Steps: 10604 :smile:
Other Exercise: none

Had an unintentional low calorie day yesterday, but my sugar was a little high. I had my girls computer club afterschool and didn't get to eat my banana. So instead I got a chai latte! That's logical right? :geek: But, it was my last night of work for the college class and I decided it would be ok. I was pretty hungry when I got home, but resisted eating anything else.
Weds. May 16
Weight: 168.2 :smile:
Eating Window: 12-9 :neutral:
Calories: 1112 :smile:
Net Carbs: 112 :neutral: (Sugar: 41 :smile: )
Water/tea: 6 :neutral:
Steps: 11127 :smile:
Other Exercise: none

Still doing good! It's a very busy time of year, with lots of evening events, so sometimes hard to stay inside my eating window. But I am still planning and not eating anything outside of my plans (like cookies at the awards ceremony last night!) Hopefully I can keep up the good work this weekend. It's very rainy here, so I hope that won't impede my ability to get my exercise in!
Thurs. May 17
Weight: 168.3 :neutral:
Eating Window: 12-9 :neutral:
Calories: 1167 :smile:
Net Carbs: 169 :frown: (Sugar: 81 :frown: )
Water/tea: 5 :frown:
Steps: 11,088 :smile:
Other Exercise: none

Yesterday, was a very long, exhausting day. I had kids in my room all day, then had detention duty, then helped at the school concert! The steps I got...that was just from my regular day, I didn't not take a walk!! Did I mention that they are replacing the HVAC system in my school? So, there is no A/C and we have no windows!! Add 26 computers and 25 kids and it is very hot!!!! Today there is a breakfast for a girl getting married at work. I will have to resist eating any of it. Wish me luck! :clover: I'm getting a burger tonight to boost my iron for the blood donation tomorrow!
Friday May 18
Weight: 168.5 :frown:
Eating Window: 9-7 :frown:
Calories: ??? :frown:
Net Carbs: ??? (Sugar: ?? )
Water/tea: 4 :frown:
Steps: 10,525 :smile:
Other Exercise: none

Well, I got derailed by the breakfast yesterday and it all fell apart after that! But, I did really good with my steps all week! It is raining right now, but I'm planning to go for my walk before I donate blood. I don't mind walking in the rain, as long as it's not pouring, so I'll probably go soon. My school's track meet is competing today, so I might go watch it for a bit. The rest of the day, I'll just be working on getting things done. Tomorrow I have breakfast/brunch plans with my friend, so that might be a bit precarious. But I'm going to try to be good this weekend and walk both days. Combined with my blood donation (if I pass the iron test), I should hopefully see a good number on the scale on Monday!
Happy to say I got my 3 mile walk in, in the rain. Luckily it wasn't too bad when I went, because now it's pouring. And I'm happy to say my hemoglobin was at 13.4, well over the 12.5 needed to pass! Also, I was happy because my blood pressure was down from the last time I went. It wasn't necessarily high last time, but high for me and I realized it might be because I hadn't been exercising. That's when I made a point to start walking again and apparently it helped. 108/72! Oh AND I did not eat a pack of Oreos they offered afterwards!
Good for You! Keep doing what you've been doing, the magic will happen.
Sun May 20
Weight: 169.2 (weekly WI) :frown:
Eating Window: 8-7 :frown:
Calories: ??? :frown:
Net Carbs: ??? :frown: (Sugar: ??? :frown: )
Water/tea: 5 :frown:
Steps: 9489 :smile:
Other Exercise: 3 mile walk

Well, my weight is down a little from last Monday, but up from where it was during the week. I still need to do better on weekends! The good news is that I'm definitely back to being committed to get my walking in. Both days this weekend I walked in some rain and had to really make time to do it! So, I keep at it this week. My goal is going to be to keep sugar <= 50 g again, since I didn't quite make it with that last week and I really want to cut back on the sugar more.
Mon May 21
Weight: 168.9 :neutral:
Eating Window: 12-8 :smile:
Calories: 1126 :neutral:
Net Carbs: 99 :smile: (Sugar: 50 :smile: )
Water/tea: 5 :frown:
Steps: 11,015 :smile:
Other Exercise:

Pretty good day yesterday. Feeling kind of lousy with allergies, but should be ok too. Busy day with my girls computer club after school. Was going to try to walk afterschool, but looks like rain and I didn't sleep great, so I think I'll just come home. I'll try to walk at lunch if it's not raining.
Tues. May 22
Weight: 167.6 (168.8 trend) :smile:
Eating Window: 11:30 - 7 :smile:
Calories: 1274 :frown:
Net Carbs: 122 :frown: (Sugar: 53 :neutral: )
Water/tea: 4 :frown:
Steps: 7261 :frown:
Other Exercise:

Not a great day yesterday. It was raining and my allergies continue to be bad and it was a long day with the Girls Computer Club after school. I ended up eating an extra small bag of Cheez-its instead of my banana and had a snack that wasn't in the plan after dinner. But still my numbers weren't too bad and the scale is still down today. Hopefully today will be better. Even though I'm done with my college class, I'm going to go to Starbucks to do some work for my regular job. I'll get a salad for dinner and will try not to have a chai!! :bugeyes: Oh and a whole bunch of our students are on a field trip, so I should have some extra time in my day to get a walk in!
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