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Pernelle, you're so lovely, you made me fill up a bit reading that :heart: . I think I'll be staying for a while yet. I don't think I could go back to how I was eating, even if I wanted to. You're so right about how food used to control us but no longer does. In the past if I hadn't lost anything in 3 or 4 days on a cal restricted plan, I wouldn't still be on plan at this point.
The scale didn't move again today. How can it stay exactly the same for 4 days? Even with water weight you would think it would change a little (up or down). It's not bothering me, I'm just interested to see what happens. So, because no change on scale again I decided to check the tape. Since day 1 it's down :) somewhere between 1/2 an inch to a whole inch, all over. I measured everywhere and everywhere is now measuring less.
Got to go, will check in later.
Thanks for your kind words @Hazelnut20, you're a :star:

PS. I've been having trouble getting on the forum, last night/this am,,, anyone else?????
@Justdee I think that sounds like a fantastic plan!! Congratulations on doing so well and figuring out how to incorporate it into regular life :-) That's what we all need to be doing, realizing how we can live on a more sensible way of eating.
hello ladies :)

I too have only just managed to get back on the forum. thought it was me. even turned my laptop off & on again as thought it might be that!

so have just read through a couple of pages of posts & had some questions answered. was interested to see if either of you had lost inches around your waist & you both have. great news. its my belly that I really dont like anymore. I just cant understand where the belly weight has come from as Ive never had it before. had been blaming it on my age & was ready to accept it as one of those things then came across this BSD. I downloaded the book & have read it now. I loved the science of it all. it also indicated that the first place you would lose weight was from the middle/waist :) my understanding is that you have to keep to about 800 calories & go low carb with good carbs. I have been looking on the BSD forums re being veggie & the advice I read there was to keep the carbs to around 60g per day & that by doing this your calories average over the week would average out at 800 per day so think that this is where I will start. will be using MFP as a guide.

life is busy here. daughter hasnt had baby yet. baby was due on 7th so is well overdue. have not long heard from her that she has had period like pains with back ache & braxton hicks every 15mins since about 12.30 so maybe she is on her way. lets hope so :) nanny wants a cuddle. had last week off work so am back to work also at 4-8am 5 days a week.

Ive decided that this week will be a week off worrying about food. there is just too much going on. Im not doing 5;2 this week but I have set myself monday as my first day of BSD.

there, I am now commited to this.

sunday is fathers day & the kids & boyfriends & hopefully baby will be here for big family lunch.

got to go now & make dinner. will check in later if not at hospital. shelley xx
Best of luck for a happy and healthy grandbaby today Shelley!!! I think it's a great plan to wait until Monday
Great to read your post @justdee and thank you so much for your kind words, which mean a great deal to me.

Well, trailblazer number 2 - we are about to be joined by TN3 - how utterly fantastic will that be?! I quite agree with @tracieknits, Shelley, you have so very much going on that you will be far better waiting until things subside slightly so that you can throw yourself wholeheartedly into the BSD! Dee and I will be waiting to welcome you on Monday then - and will be very excited to see how it works for you too! Hope you thoroughly enjoy the family get-together on Sunday. For so many reasons, it will be lovely. I found that my last day before starting the BSD felt quite significant. I promised myself a whole family bag of Maltesers in the evening...for old times sake....and then promptly forgot to eat them....blow it!!! Since then, nothing sweeter than a strawberry has passed my lips and if I'm honest (which I always am!) I seem to be coping fine without all the cakes, biscuits, puddings and chocolate. Long may that last!

We're all thinking of you @johns...and your daughter too. We'll look forward to hearing your news when you get a moment...

Take care of yourself xx
So glad you'll be joining us@johns, unfortunately the place I seem to be losing the slowest is around my bellybutton area. I wanted it to go from there first but it doesn't look like it will. Everyone is different though and I have read that others do. Got my fingers crossed that your daughter is now in labour and has a speedy and easy birth.
**** sneaks in ..... confesses....... and sneaks back out before anyone is here and has time to react....****
Hi all, thought (for the record) I'd better come in and tell you about yesterday. DD was eating mini cheddars. No excuses. I helped her with the (200g) bag and didn't even count what I had. There is still about half a bag left and I won't be having anymore. Then, because I'd had carbs, we said we'd go out for dinner (I'd already had carbs, so may as well have the dinner out too, right?). An hour before we were going out I realize I wasn't even very hungry. I ask DD if she was, turns out she wasn't. We decided to leave the meal for another day and had baked fish and salad instead. In the evening I did have some chocolate cake though. It was lovely, I enjoyed every bite. Would you believe it took me 3 hours to eat it. Usually I would inhale that cake within a minute. I'm taking all the plus points for yesterdays carb eating. 1. I changed my mind about going out to dinner because I didn't feel hungry enough. Usually I would just power through. 2. I took my time with the cake and enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed anything sweet in a long time.
This morning the scale moved down a lb and a half. I know it's not because I had carbs, I have been slowly losing it all week. Very nice to see though.
I take my hat off to you @Hazelnut20 for not having anything sweet for almost 6 weeks. You're a superstar.
Have a lovely day everyone.
There was a song way back that featured the line "Confession is good for the soul, it is said" (think it was called "Who, What, When, Where, Why?" by Manhatten Transfer - though I may have got the artists wrong) consider yourself duly purged, dear Dee!

What I loved about your funny post was all the triumphs running through it:-

1) Fancy taking that long to eat the cake! I too, in the past, would have literally inhaled it!! Gobble gobble and it would have been gone in a thrice.....What is happening to you???

2) You listened to your body when it said "Nah, can't manage dinner out tonight". Say that again? Fan blooming tastic!

On top of that, the scales are your friend this week - so it's win win win all round! Am so pleased for you...

Have a great day & I'll check back later xx
Justdee, we all mess up sometimes but it sounds like you made the best of the situation and handled things very well. The important thing is the ability to get back on track, and by not going out to the restaurant, I think you proved you can do that! :-)
Finally got back in to the forum and caught up with you fab people.
Much in awe of your new powers to enquirer of your body and respect its reply, just perfect response.
I want to be able to refuse biscuits, always my downfall, I will keep trying, honestly :bugeyes: :confused: :oops:
Good luck and much respect to you my dears :grin:
hellooooo @azureblue I think the trick to giving up biscuits is giving up cups of tea!! I love a cuppa & a few biscuits (I say a few but its always more than that ~ an open biscuit tin is a nightmare in our house. luckily the kids are all skinny :) so dont have to worry)
no news on baby front. saw midwife today. 1cm dilated & 3/5 engaged when midwife did the sweep. my grand-daughter just doesnt want to make an appearance yet. that suits me as am full of cold & feeling dreadful. gave in & went back to bed this afternoon & woke up hot & cold. must be all the crap Ive eaten this week :)
@justdee well done on your confession. seems like you made the right choices. it would have been so easy to have gone out for a meal & eaten for the sake of it. you should feel very proud of yourself :)
have been looking up low-carb bread recipes. think Ive found one. cloud bread. luckily I really like eggs so think that Im gonna go for the 2 meal a day option with breakfast about 10-11ish & dinner at tea time with the family. being veggie I can get away with quorn & salad or mediteranean roasted veg whilst the family eat meat. will just have to tweak things a bit. will get a bit more adventurous once I get bored with my meals.
@hazelnut20 I cant believe how good you have been. how on earth did you manage to forget a bag of sweets on your last day of eating what you wanted. have also read that red wine is good for you & low carb so may have to incorporate that into my diet, although only get a wine window twice a week due to getting up at 2.45 for work at 4am. am researching food whilst I work. I am on online shopper for a supermarket so do the shopping for the delivery vans. have been picking up food & looking at the carb content to see which is better. had a bit of a revelation today. on slimming world I used to reach for snackajacks when I was hungry as a low syn treat. a packet of the caramel ones is 88g of carb!!! more than the allowance I am gonna try & keep to from monday onwards.
anyways, have gone on & on so bye for now. shelley xx
Ooh, what a shame about the Snackajacks, @johns - the caramel ones were my favourite! They're light as air too - so 88g of carbs is shocking really.

Sorry to hear you're poorly at the moment. Drink lots if you can and snuggle down & rest if poss - you've got a granddaughter to meet want to be tip top!
Hi all, only tomorrow to do and that will be 2 weeks (ignoring the minor blip hehe) . Thought I'd better write something now in case I can't get on here later. Hate it when the forum isn't playing nice.
Not much else to say (for a change), the last few days have been easy and uneventful.
Hope all is well with you @Hazelnut20
Hope you're feeling better@johns
Oh my goodness, JD, how quickly have the last 2 weeks gone??

How amazing that you have found the past couple of days "easy and uneventful"! You wouldn't have put money on it..would you? I'll await your Sunday weigh-in with great interest...not to mention hope that you will be suitably rewarded!

How's the job going? Good, I hope!

I'm OK thanks - just really tired this evening after finishing another catering job this afternoon. I made some shortbread yesterday for it and today, I made chocolate brownies, some mini-Bakewells (but without the almond flavour) and Rice Krispie cakes (containing Mars Bars, marshmallows, butter, chocolate and golden syrup...ooh and RK's...obviously!) Stood around watching everyone eating all the goodies this afternoon...having had precisely all of 112 calories (strawberries and natural bio yoghurt). My friends had made fresh cream meringues and profiteroles too! Normally, I would so have troughed in (forgoing the savoury table no doubt!) but I am a reformed character theses days it would appear! Instead, I drank 3 mugs of tea in quick succession...

I've been thinking:- shall we be radical and start a new BSD thread on Monday when @johns joins us, @justdee? Think that might be nice! We will all be at different points along the road so there'll be something for everyone else to I think we need some fresh excitement & space to all wax lyrical....

Ooh, sorry, I can't keep my eyes I'll have to check in again tomorrow. If I stay any longer, I'll start writing complete gobbledegook.....

Hope Saturday is kind to you, JD!
I will be joining you on monday. that's a definate :) baby still not here. daughter is booked into hospital at 8.30am tomorrow (fathers day) so hopefully she will make an appearance later in the day. am off shopping in a mo so will stock up on "good" things ready & have been looking around for ideas.
monday is a good day to start. I have signed up for overtime from 12-3.30am then will work 4-8am normal shift so expect that unless we are collecting daughter from hospital monday morning, or Im still there with her, I will be back in bed shortly after arriving home. have planned to have eggs for brunch, although hubby made me a lovely omelette with peppers, mushrooms & cheese this afternoon, served with salad & as this is the first thing I have been able to taste since this rotten cold appeared, may well be having that again :) sweet man.
@justdee am looking forward to your next weigh in. how are you feeling? are your clothes sitting better & do you actually feel better/healthier doing this?
@hazelnut20 you have the willpower of a saint. I envy you. how are you not tempted by such nice things? are you experimenting a bit more with your meal choices??
have to go shop now & get final bits for tomorrows fathers day lunch.
take care. shelley xx
Oh, had problems accessing the site yesterday. very annoying :( xx
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