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New to this tribe

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2017, 08:40
by Vronskydog
A friend recommended this forum, so here I am! I did one 24-hour fast last week and am on my second today. Although I've been walking for 4-5 days per week, 45+ minutes each for the past, my weight is going up. Menopause has been setting in and I've just discovered my blood pressure is really high and have started medication.

So I'm eager to initiate some positive changes and to report them here! I look forward to my journey with forum members. :clover: :like:

Re: New to this tribe

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2017, 22:29
by Sassy1
Welcome @Vronskydog! Interesting that a friend recommended this website/ forum. :smile: It is fairly quiet here in terms of the amount of forum discussion, but generally there is someone around to respond to your posts (maybe not immediately) and there is a wealth of information in the LEARN pages and in various discussion threads that is well worth reading through.

Tell us more about yourself and your weight/ eating challenges. You mention that you have fasted for 24 hours - do you then follow with keeping the calories to 500 for the rest of the day (as per the 5:2 method) or do you allow yourself to eat whatever you feel you need? And how often do you plan to do such fasts? Just curious!

Metabolism does slow with age and with changes in hormone levels around menopause particularly - as you seem to be finding - though increasing activity, through interval and strength training can help. Maybe the walking isn't quite enough? Do you do any other form of exercise - what is possible for you given your other commitments? And are there any less healthy eating behaviours that you have and are willing to change?

Best wishes and good luck and do keep us posted on your progress. :clover: :smile: