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Hello I am new! Any tips alcohol!

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2017, 14:23
by applesandpears
Hello all! So today I began the 5:2 diet and currently sat at my desk in my lunch break writting this.

So I have always been active and sporty and weighed around 9.5 - 10 stone. then in march I found i had a degenetative condition in my spine which causes lots of pain and now and prevents me from being as active as I was. Neadless to say since march I have gained weight wahhhh!!! I am 5ft 5 and as of this morning weigh 10 stone 12!

So i thought right I am doing something about this and as It is too painful to do usual exercise and I now have a desk based job I need to find a diet that will work for me.

So I began this today I have downloaded a calorie counter and I am monitoring my calories.

Today I had x2 cups of instant coffee with Soya
x3 glasses of water

Lunch was an apple and a green tea.

I got really hungry so made a beef stock cube drink - wow its worked amazingly! the Hungry has gone!

This evening I am going to have a lean small piece of beef with broccoli and peas.

I am drinking lots of water too.

Now then I am aiming to lose 1 stone 5 to 2 stone ideally within 2- months. Has anyone down this successfully?
One my feast days I am only going to allow myself 1300 calories, the only thing is I do enjoy a few glasses of wine at the weekend ( or a bottle) What is the best thing to do? swap for something else? if so what or just make a spritzer?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Re: Hello I am new! Any tips alcohol!

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2017, 04:23
by Sassy1
Welcome @applesandpears!

You sound full of enthusiasm for giving 5:2 a go and you seem to have been managing your first fast day well. :smile:

How upsetting it must have been to find out you have a degenerative condition that impacts on your life, particularly the activity you can do. What type and level of activity is now possible for you?

Have you spoken with your doctor about an appropriate diet for your medical condition? It would be wise to check that IF is okay.

You raise a number of queries in your posts - I will only reply to this thread, not the other one you started (actually, it would be easier to have the two threads combined...).

First, I can understand your wish to lose the gained weight quickly. However, the general advice with the 5:2 way of eating is to only cut the calories on fast days, and eat "normally" on other days, and hence expect a loss of about a pound a week. This does seem to be the average experience - though Fancyfinch has achieved about double that rate! Have a look at people's trackers (not everyone shares these) to get an idea of different experiences.

You may be able to lose weight more quickly than the average, but there is evidence that slower weight loss is likely to be more permanent and that if you reduce your calories too much, you will also slow your metabolic rate. (Mind you, there are always exceptions to these, and you may be one of those. Having put on the excess weight quite quickly there is a chance it will come off quickly??) How much less than your usual calorie intake is 1300 calories?

Re the wine, I don't think you need anyone else to tell you what to do there! I am sure you know the implications for weight management of imbibing more than an odd glass or two. It is your choice how much you have, and whether you have less food to compensate!! :grin: A spritzer may be a good compromise - or maybe forgo the wine totally and just have the soda water with a squeeze of lemon or lime. That being said, quite a number of people who are "dieting" still include some wine in their diet.

Good luck and best wishes! :clover: :smile: