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New to forum and fasting

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2018, 02:45
by Fast2fast
Hi there!
I’m from the U.S and recently learned about fasting... like yesterday XD

I’m fifteen and looking to lose some weight, but I’m a little scared of the fast being harmful. A lot of things says it is but on forums it doesn’t seem to be bad XD
I couldn’t tell you exactly how much I weigh, it’s like up and down and I don’t often get to check it as I don’t have a scale. yesterday it was 129. I’m not comfortable with that but I’m not sure what my ideal weight is. Whatever is healthy I guess, but a 100-110 pounds is kinda what I’m thinking.

This is my third day of fasting, I skip breakfast and lunch and only eat dinner, no overeating. Only drink water which I did anyway. I don’t have any issues, the hunger isn’t bad and it doesn’t bother me. Today has been the worst day, I expected it to get better.
I don’t count calories as I don’t make my own meals...
I do have several questions.
Could this effect my overall health?
How long could this take to lose ten or 20 pounds?
Do I take breaks? Would a break damage my progress?
I don’t often exercise to tell the truth, is that a major issue?

I’ve read that you can lose weight by skipping breakfast and lunch but gain it back in muscle? There’s a lot of things XD

Perhaps I should eat six small meals a day, that has worked in the past but I find it so much easier to skip meals because once I start eating I don’t want to stop.
I might not be doing this in the right place, but I just would like to ask these questions and get answers from fasters XD
Fasting sounds great but I don’t know.
Also, if I’m going along with my fasting just fine but my mother makes me a sandwich or something, would it be okay if I ate it or would it ruin everything?
I think that’s all... for now XD

Re: New to forum and fasting

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2018, 16:32
by StowgateResident
Hi, @Fast2fast, Sorry that you have not had a reply to your initial questions but i think that I should give you a very important heads up about fasting. It is not recommended for anyone who is still growing, pregnant women and those with some medical conditions. Now you obviously come into the first category so I am afraid that I must ask you to stop fasting now. You may be carrying a few more pounds than you would like but fasting is not the way to go for you at the present time. Please stop! Now!

I have no idea of your circumstances, weight, height etc and cannot give you any advice - other than stop! If you have serious concerns about your weight, then discuss them with a sympathetic adult, who knows you and has medical training. That is my only advice to you. You seem to be fasting every day. This is not only not the way this works, it is also extremely dangerous and not what we would promote on this forum.

I am sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but I am old enough to be your Grandma, love this way of eating (for me) and have been doing it for over five years, so please take my advice!

Re: New to forum and fasting

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2018, 17:29
by ADFnFuel
I suspect that she's moved on by now due to the long delay between signing up and being able to post and get replies. We've lost quite a few newbies because of it.

Re: New to forum and fasting

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2018, 23:52
by StowgateResident
I am sure that you are right, @ADFnFuel, but I couldn't let it go without saying something, however belatedly!

Re: New to forum and fasting

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2018, 01:23
by ADFnFuel
Reasonable and prudent. I happened to notice that she was online several weeks ago and quickly welcomed her through the message link to say that the activation process was slow; for her to be patient. Presumed then (and, for our many other reading but non-interactive members) that having an interest is one thing but a willingness to commit by posting something is quite another matter, even a bit threatening? I'd joined many, many weeks before my first post. Silly really. Quite an informative and eye-opening adventure looking back.