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PostPosted: 03 Jan 2019, 13:51
by gorba
Hello! The last time I was on this forum was in May 2014, so the tracker says. My journey with fasting started when I saw the Michael Mosley Horizon documentary about fasting in late 2012. I fasted 5:2 style for about a year and managed to lose the weight I wanted. After that time I couldn't fast any more. I just couldn't complete a day of fasting without eating my heart out at the end of it. A child-birth, a couple of years and some + kg later my interest in fasting has been rekindled by the work of Canadian doctor Jason Fung. His website ( provided me with more knowledge on the subject including strategies to cope during the fasting day. At the same time I started researching the LCHF/Keto diet which also should help with fasting and also gives a clear eating strategy. So, here I am to try out 42 hour fasts while being on a low-carb diet to find out how that is working for me. I have been on LCHF for about a month and felt great on it. I also have a couple of 42 hour fasts behind my belt which went surprisingly well for me. My strategy is to have some stock cube and some bone broth at the end of the day to help me sleep as I can't fall asleep on an empty stomach.

See you around!
Good luck! :clover:

Re: Re-introduction

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2019, 13:59
by gorba
Oh, forgot to add, it was really nice to find out my "old" fasting forum is still here, like an old friend! Thank you Moogie xxx

Re: Re-introduction

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2019, 10:07
by Margotsylvia
dear Gorba,
I also tried KETO before Christmas. People wondered how I could fast whole days. I found it so easy on Keto. LCHF. I think I will try it again after Christmas. At Christmas time I allow myself to eat all kinds of things, My weight gain is obvious. but then there is the long period of Lent to face which I will try with KETO again. I never thought I could go a whole day without eating. But with KETO it was so easy.
good luck to your efforts : Margot Sylvia :smile:

Re: Re-introduction

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2019, 17:32
by CandiceMarie
Hi @Gorba! I remember that cute avatar!
Jason Fung is fab isnt he..!great info there.
Good luck with yr long fasts..i have done 42 hr fast once only,but i was surprised how easy it was! However,not sure i want to do it again just yet..for now,16:8 and low carb,hopefully keto for me