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PostPosted: 04 Aug 2019, 18:44
by Bythesea
I've been doing the 16:8 fast for 3 weeks now as the older I get the harder it is too loose weight.
It seems to suit my lifestyle and so far I find, it quite easy to do,
Looking forward to reading others progress as I find it helps when I can read how other posters are gettig on.
Until my 40's I was always around the 11 stone mark (I'm 5ft 7) but since then -I'm now 51 I've been around 14stone.
I started the menopause aged 42 probably didn't help.
When I started 3 weeks ago I was 14stone 4 and I'm now 13stone 12.
I work 9.45am to 8pm 4 days a week , lunch is at 3pm so have been eating from 3pm to 11pm , I would prefer to have an earlier window but as I am unable to change my lunch have been sticking to these hours 7 days a week.

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PostPosted: 19 Aug 2019, 03:07
by ADFnFuel
Hello Bythesea ! @Bythesea

Congrats on your current progress! Consistency is so important!

While this site contains a vast resource of very useful but aging posts, its day-to-day interaction is now almost non-existent. Suggest that your consider and also the blog at for extensive information on the effects of fasting and menopause.

Finishing the last meal of the day by 3pm has actually been found to be ideal for weight loss because it takes advantage of a biological circadian rhythm.

3pm to 11pm defines an 8 hour eating window, often identified here and elsewhere as 16:8. A fast day could be easy if you considered your lunch to be "dinner" - the last meal of the day - because you could sleep through most of it (from 11pm to the next morning). Deciding when to eat your "feast" day meals would be interesting; many fasters have found that they can easily skip breakfast.

OMAD - one meal a day - (even every day) is another option that might be useful.


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PostPosted: 09 Mar 2020, 18:15
by Fanwear
congratulations on your progress!