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CRIMBLE QUIZ ROUND 8 - the Noughties!

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2014, 17:33
by Silverdarling
2000 – 2013

‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here’ first aired in 2002 and was won by Tony Blackburn; name three other contestants from the series

Billie Piper played the Doctor’s assistant in the returning series of Dr Who in 2005 – what was her character’s name?

Which book won the Man Booker Prize in 2012?

Who married Ross Kemp in 2002?

Name the actress who starred in a well-known 70s TV series who has had success since the milliennium with a series of memoirs and travel books.

Who said ‘Now that the votes are counted, it's time for the votes to count’

Who won the first series of Strictly Come Dancing?

Who is Stefani Germanotta?

Tallest building in the world built 2010

Tallest building in Britain

Please PM me with your answers - click on the link below my avatar - by Saturday 11th January

Any Mods around - please lock this thread (and sticky it) so that answers can't be posted inadvertently - thanks!