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Re: Je maintiendrai - I will maintain: 5 years fasting

PostPosted: 14 Jul 2018, 11:24
by StowgateResident
Well done, @P-JK, for five years of successful maintaining. You are a shining example to us all! :angel: :star: :star:

I too, have been fasting for over five years although I wish that my Tracker was as disciplined as yours! Despite my gains from time to time I still think that this is a way of life which has kept me ticking along quite well without the yo-yo dieting to which I subjected my body for the previous forty-five years! And never a calorie-counted meal in all of that time - what a relief that is!

Keep up the good work and show those people who don't believe that weight lost by fasting can be kept off how wrong they are! :smile:

Re: Je maintiendrai - I will maintain: 5 years maintenance

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2018, 09:34
by P-JK
After 5 years fasting, it's now 5 years maintaining sucessfully. Speedskating season has started, which means something like 1200 additional calories burned every week, so less need for fasting. Rather busy these days, so some more reflection will come later. :cool: