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1 year of 4:3 - 39.8kg lost

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2014, 14:35
by TedE
Updating my previous post

Better late then never, but after 1 year of 4:3 (which was a week and a bit ago):
- 39.8kg, 87.8lb, 6 stone 3.8lb gone (or as a friend of mine put it, I've lost a 12 year old);
- BMI down by 12.28 (49.07 to 36.79 or 25%);
- My day to day clothes are even more comically loose. I threw out some big items, but still haven't wholesale replaced my wardrobe, just wearing some older stuff along with some of my biggest stuff (in this regard, my belt is my best friend);
- Clothes that fit well in 2001 (when I was finishing High School) are now slightly too big.

The second lot of 6 months has been characterised by long periods of plateau followed by sudden large loses (including around 4 kgs in one week). Funnily enough the plateaus seem to occur as I'm approaching and around a milestone (ie 130kgs & 120kgs, 30kgs lost & 40kgs lost) though I have no idea why, presume this is co-incidence. I understand plateau is fairly common around the 6-9 month mark of any dietary intervention so not terribly concerned, just a bit frustrating. Just hoping the next 6 months are a lot faster.

I feel great. Even though I'm still quite big, I feel quite light on my feet and energetic. I also feel a lot stronger and like I have more endurance.

Fasting is now so easy I usually don't eat at all on fast days and sometimes don't break the fast at breakfast the next day, carrying on til lunch time if I don't feel hungry.


Re: 1 year of 4:3 - 39.8kg lost

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2014, 10:12
by Debs
Well wow, just wow!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: