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Re: Your weight loss success stories!

PostPosted: 15 May 2014, 07:47
by philxjr
WOW! what inspirational posts. I love to read these and see the transformations in your pics. Well done to you all and thanks for posting. Whenever I feel like giving in stories like these give me the motivation to carry on.

Re: Your weight loss success stories!

PostPosted: 17 May 2014, 10:04
by Margotsylvia
I don't have the questions here. But I've struggled with weight gain all my adult life. I have gained and lost in the past. As I got older the weight slowly crept up. previously low carbing had helped. But it did not help any more. Food was becoming such a dread for me...
I discovered 5:2 on the Internet. The biggest change it has wrought is my attitude to food. I can eat without guilt. I can enjoy food. I can socialise. I can LIVE.

I joined this Forum in January 2013. I am about 5.3" and small boned. I weighed 55.9. I had set my goal weight to 51.7 kg.
At first when fasting I thought I was going to die. I was really scared. After a few fasts it got easier and easier. Until I lost my appetite altogether!!!
I studied weight loss, and decided to diet only 6 months. At 6 months, my weight was 52.6 kg. I was happy with that.
I next planned to fast before Christmas 2013. But absolutely everything went wrong.
In January 2014 I was back to 55.9 kg.
At Lent 2014 I decided to try again. At first I did 5:2, then 5:3. Then Alternate day Fasting, and the last week before Easter I fasted 4 days in a row.
March 6 : 55.2 kg
March 13: 54.9
March 21: 53.2
April 1 : 52.8 I thought it was fairly easy to loose those kilos that came at Christmas.
April 11 : 51.8
April 16 : 51.1
Started to maintain, sort of
April 23 : 51.2
After a trip to the UK, and a daughter's wedding
May 9 : 52.3
Dieting again 5:2
May 16 : 51.8

Today is May 17 2014. I really, really feel that I now have the tools to control my weight. Tonight we have summer warm and I think we'll have Ice Cream and fruit for dessert.
Cannot figure photos and adding pictures to posts.
Thank you 5:2 for giving me my life back. Can enjoy life again, when that big weight gain monster has been slain. !!!

Re: Your weight loss success stories!

PostPosted: 20 May 2014, 16:57
by Hazelnut20
Thanks so much everyone for posting your success stories! They really do give the rest of us hope for the future......

Keep 'em coming, I say!!!

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